Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Greece Sued Over Planning Board Decisions

Three lawsuits filed against Town of Greece challenge Planning Board's decisions related to sewer line, environmental impact and rezoning at Hampton Ridge Center project.

Benderson Development Co. alleges "a blatant conflict of interest" concerning the Planning Board's decision and claims "the attorneys who appeared and advocated for site plan approval before the Planning Board were simultaneously representing the Town of Greece Town Board in pending litigation involving the Hampton Ridge Project."

SCATS ~~ Imagine that ... A conflict of interest in Greece Town govt??? Benderson just "Discovered the Promise"  ROFLMAO


Anonymous said...


They wasn't supposed to mention that.

How will Hairburger funnel money through Bernie now?

Anonymous said...

Who is Bernie?????

Anonymous said...

Da Hairburger's problem solving lawyer, Bernie Mr Soccer Complex Iacavangelo.

SCATS said...

To 12:01AM ~~ I had a feeling it was him, but wasn't certain.