Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chewing Tobacco: Drug of Choice @Odyssey?

From the news page on the GCSD website:

March 07, 2011
Chewing Tobacco
Good evening. This is a message from the Odyssey administration regarding the use of chewing tobacco. Students using any tobacco product, cigarettes, chewing tobacco or electronic cigarettes, are subject to the exact same consequences. There has been an increase in the amount of young men who are using this product in school this year, and it has resulted in many suspensions. Please talk to your child about the dangers of chewing tobacco, and remind them that absolutely no drug, alcohol or tobacco is allowed on school grounds.


Anonymous said...

And these kids are supposed to be brighter? lol

Anonymous said...

Dear GCSD,

We the members of Unified Congregations of Greece are very close to our limit of tolerating your lack of tolerance.

First you got all over Bubba and Kooter about their patriotic shirts with the Stars & Bars printed on them.

Then you jumped on little Veejay about his dagger and headwrapping. For the love of Budah or Vishnu or whoever, the kid is Siik and wears his dagger to defend some damn thing.

Lets not even discuss all the problems you overpaid dullards caused with that Day of Silence supporting homosexuals.

Now you have the guts to go off on baccy chewin in school. Just why do you think all those combination spitoon/drinking fountains were put in those buildings to start with? Marylizbeth has already switched to Mint Chew and Bubba Jr is giving it a go. I strongly suggest allyall just back off. You really don't want 10 or so of us rednecks coming by for a discussion on the subject. Some of the ladies can lay a brown streak across your desk right well when they get upset.

Quit messing with our kids. You're being paid to teach and it's damn time you started.

if yall weren't passing out rubbers and stickin yer noses in people's Christian business you just might have time to teach!
BillyBobClem & Sissy

Anonymous said...

WHAT is going on in them Greece Schools?

No wonder the children ain't learning with all the teachers and administrators running around worrying about who's working a good chew of beachnut or plug. Good lord with the lack of humidity in them buildings what's a child to do to keep his saliva flowing?

Every one of our 7 children, including the boys was taught right before heading off to kindergarten to carry an empty dang milk box or soda can and use it as a spit cup. Why do the schools sell milk and soda if they don't want the kids using spit cups?

And what's the idea with banning electronic cigaretts? Don't we pay a whole technology department to encourage kids to use electronics?

I'm thinking we got us a bunch of weenies running that school system, not real people who know how to work a chew proper. Dangbuildings are falling down before the paint wears off them, and nobody knows who did what wrong, we got paid perverts on the payroll messin with little kids, and these fools got nothing better to do than worry about some kid dipping?

I've been in them schools and I have yet to see where anybody spat a streak on the wall or floor.

Maybe GCSD employees ought to get to teaching and forget about who's chewing and dipping. That just might get GCSD off the bottom of the list for passing Regents scores. Probably wouldn't hurt to put Skoal in them bookstores too.

Tell you what, I'm just about ready to run for that School Board thing and you can bet you'll see me with a good chew in my mouth when I get elected. I'll be the one speaking understandable English up there too.

Anonymous said...

ya got a little sumpin' drippin' from yer chin, there.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced 1:03 AM was completely drunk while writing that. An impressive feat when you think of it...

Anonymous said...

Lots of people believe that chewing tobacco is safe and gets rid of the health concerns surrounding smoking. One of the life skills our schools should be teaching is that some behaviors are not safe and should be avoided: use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs. No one can say they never heard the rules. Hopefully the other schools will repeat this message and all the students in Greece will learn this lesson.

SCATS said...

To 8:37AM ~~ Why are you picking on 1:03AM? I think the comment is on par with 10:27PM's. Even if one or both were drunk, they are well constructed. I guess we can be relieved in knowing they were too well written to be a Greece student ;)

To 8:46AM ~~ Here's a lil secret about Greece schools: They are SUPPOSED TO TEACH HEALTH but many of them barely scratch the surface of anything meaningful on that topic. Don't believe me? Ask your kids what they do in health class and have them show you the work.

Anonymous said...


The wife read what you posted on that health class, and now she's madder than a wet hen.

Little Buffie is only in 5th grade and she headed right to the refrigerator to get a zucchini. Then she stands in front of the TV where I'm trying to watch basketball with the boy and asks her moma where we keep the condominimums.

EdEarl the boy in 7th grade is off the couch before the Amstel stopped spewing out my nose headed for his room to fetch up a school issued rubber for Buffie to show her work with.

Now just what in the hell are them so called teachers teaching my children? I tell you I just may take a half day off tomorrow, grab myself a 6pack and a plug of Cannonball and accompany the little woman over to that school for a talk with them so called educators. Beth and I want the kids to know about rubbers we'll teach them ourselves thank you very much.

EdEarl says he had to sit through some class where they had pictures on the TV of some disease that makes your thingus look like a foot with a bad toe growing off to the side. I said thingus cause this ain't the place to say the proper name. Good Lord, we never had any teaching like that back in Pike County, Ky, and people call us backward hillbillys.

WHAT is wrong with these so called teachers? Ain't no wonder they all promote that there homosexuality if they're showing little children how to roll a rubber on a dang squash. You'd think a teacher would know where a rubber goes and what to use one for.

Anonymous said...

I want the next spittoon contract. Who do I call?