Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seeking Totally Dysfunctional Co-Dependent Disaster of a School District Leader To Become Next Superintendent

Please apply to the Greece Central School District if you are:
  • Emotionally needy
  • Financially greedy
  • Manipulative
  • Egocentric
  • Deceptive
  • Experienced diddler preferred, but willing to train
  • Must love studies, consultants & committees!
  • Discriminating, literally
  • Fluent in Edu-Speak
  • Talented at "rescuing" your BOE and/or administrators
  • Skilled at juggling multiple lawsuits
  • Desperately seeking your next district to victimize*

* Prior experience NOT required ;)

The More Dysfunctional They Get ...

... The more pageviews SCATS gets!

Thank you Greece Town Board
Greece School Board!

Without you, there'd be no need for SCATS ;)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ballooning Salaries In GCSD's District Offices

Lou Alaimo (Finance) made $50,985 in 2008.
His salary jumped to $134,189 in 2010.
(A change in job title from School Business Administrator (Dept of Finance & Support Services) where he made $105,793.00 to Asst Supt of Finance & Support Services (Dept of Finance & Support Services) with a pay raise to $132,000.00 was BOE approved 6/9/09.)

Lynne Armstrong (BOE Clerk) made $65,040 in 2010.
According to the 2011-12 Supt's Budget Book pg. 63, she will get a raise to $69,555.
(In 2006, the BOE approved an increase in her salary from $45,694 to $56,500. Oberg, Boily & VanOrman were on the BOE.)

Kathy Binn made $59,508 in 2009.
Her salary rose to $62,326 in 2010.
(In 2006, the BOE approved an increase in her salary from $50,322 to $55,000.00. Oberg, Boily & VanOrman were on the BOE.)

Deb Hoeft made $122,183 in 2008.
Her salary rose to $135,101 in 2010.

Don Nadolinski (Deputy Supt) made $136,091 in 2008.
His salary rose to $146,941 in 2010.

Carol Pallas made $135,199 in 2008.
Her salary rose to $145,476 in 2010.

Unless otherwise noted, salary info is from

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Plea To The Greece Town Board

Anonymous said...
I hope that Town Board Members read this.

You are in a position where you can do the right thing. Doing nothing confirms to many of us that you are indeed Auberger's rubber stamp. Each of you probably have the idea to forward your political career. How can we have confidence to vote for anyone of you if you are not going to stand up for what is right and good for our town.

Be a hero in our books and at the next town board meeting ask to speak and request that Auberger resign. Do the right thing and many will follow behind you, support your efforts and remember to vote for you at election time because of your leadership, morals and values.

PS. I am not a democrat writing this!  3/29/2011 4:34 PM

SCATS ~~ We're halfway to the time when the report on the investigation by Speranza is due to be completed. The SCATS poll results show well over 85% of respondents believe this investigation is just wasting our hard-earned money. Do the right thing. Get Auberger out now!

To The Greece Board of Education ...

Do The RIGHT Thing!

Cut Bussing & Close Buildings!
Don't Cut School Day Or Academics

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Greece School Budget Study Session Tuesday

6:30PM ~ Apollo 3rd Floor

Frank Oberg's 2011-12 Budget Facts

1.What do we know?

Monroe County leads the nation in property tax burden (D&C 9/29/2010)
Social Security recipients get a ZERO increase in 2011 (D&C 10/11/2010)
Local Unemployment rate is 8.3%.
Home foreclosure rate is 1.63%.

The GCSD 2010/2011 budget was defeated by 4,546 No votes to 2,824 Yes votes ultimately resulting in the adoption of a "contingency budget". The defeated budget required increasing the tax levy by 7.59% to $97.8 Million despite position reductions totaling 77.3 and an overall decrease in spending. This significant increase in the tax levy was a direct result of a $9.0 million decrease in State Aid.

The adopted 2010/2011 contingency budget reduced spending to $193.6 Million. It required a tax levy of $94.4 Million, an increase of 3.83%.

When asked "Why did you vote as you did?", 1151 voters responded to the exit poll (16% of total). Of these, 552 respondents told the BOE "taxes are too high ". A total of 265 respondents told us "not enough was cut from the proposal" . Only 61 respondents indicated "too much was cut from the proposal."

The NYState Senate has voted affirmatively to impose the Gov's proposed 2% tax cap on real estate taxes. Action is pending in the Assembly. This will cap future increases in the tax levy to the lesser of 2% or CPI, which could be 0%.

GCSD prepared a 2011/2012 "rollover" budget which would account for all projected wage/benefit increases and all other operating cost increases. This would increase the district's budget by $7.65 Million to $201.3 Million, a 3.95% increase over the current contingency budget level of $193.6 Million. This incremental cost in the budget alone would result in an increase in property taxes by 7%. Our experience last year tells us that this is unacceptable to the community.

*The district recently completed a building condition survey. This study certified by an engineering firm (mandated by law) projects the capital demands for the district to exceed $170 Million in Capital Improvement/Repair cost over the next 10 year period. (SCATS ~ What Oberg is NOT telling you here is that it was RECOMMENDED to the BOE to have a separate vote on this & a bus proposition in the Fall!)

2. What do we face?
Salaries and benefits are fully 75% of budget expenditures.

The district has consistently reduced certified administrative positions since 2006. Total spending on administrative positions has been reduced by a total of 3.6% over this period. Administrative positions total 55.6 currently in the Proposed Budget. There are also 5.8 FTE administrators that are funded by Grants.

Administrative costs now represent $5,720,454 ($5.7 million) or 2.92% of total spending. Building administrators are the "instructional" leaders and are also responsible for scheduling, building planning, professional development and overall coordination.There were a total of 7,118 recorded disciplinary referrals from teachers through the period September 2010 through March 11, 2011. Each referral required some level of an administrative response.

The district negotiated labor agreements with most of our unions which contained total cost increases at or below 3% (salaries and benefits). The district was also able to reduce payments for health care cost to 70% for employees hired after the date of contract approval. Existing employees would continue to receive health care contributions ranging from 95% for our hourly staff to 85% for our managerial staff.

The district is operating under the GTA teachers contract that had expired June 30, 2006. That contract remains fully operative under state law until it is succeeded by a new agreement. That contract contains 23 salary steps. A teacher moves up the "step" schedule after each year of service. The range of increases from Step 4 through Step 17 is 4.1% to a maximum of 7.5% (The actual percentage varies by step). Projected teaching salaries for 2010/2011 exceed $68.5 million. Salaries under this contract for the 2011/2012 budget year were projected to increase to more than $71.1 million. This would represent a $2.6 Million dollar increase. This amount alone would exceed the 2% tax cap. The district also pays for 90% of an employees health care cost under this contract. In fact, when the contract expired on June 30, 2006, there was more than 530 teachers between steps 5 and 12. To the extent these teachers are still employed by the district, each one's salary has increased $15,000. That is a $3,000 increase in base pay each year of the expired contract.

The proposed GTA contract was narrowly approved by a 527 to 480 vote (47 votes separated the yes and no votes) by the teachers union. The BOE had provided guidance to the previous superintendent to achieve a contract with no more than a 3% increase in total contract cost.The new contract would have increased spending on salaries by $692,000 ( a 1% increase) in addition to the current step schedule increment cost in year 1. This amount would have been offset by savings of $384,000 accruing to a change from the current health plan to the Value Plan. This would be a resultant increase of $308,000 for the first year. The district would continue to pay 90% of the employees health care cost. The proposed contract did not achieve the 3% cost guidance primarily due to the increases generated by the existing step schedule. The proposed contract was subsequently declined by the BOE on a 7-1 No vote since it clearly exceeded the board's cost guidance. The district will therefore continue under the older contract pending new negotiations.

The Governor's proposed budget will result in a net decrease in total state aid for the 2011/2012 year of $2.1 million, a 2.70% reduction. Subsequent years will result in additional reductions in state aid to the district. The reduction for the 2012/2013 budget is projected to be $3.8 Million. With reductions in state aid, a possible cap on taxes, and rising costs that exceed the rate of inflation forces, this board of education will have to make many difficult decisions.

3. What the future holds!

The BOE directed the Supt to develop a budget that limited the increase in the tax levy to a maximum of 2% in anticipation of the proposed tax cap.

The Board of Education approved the Superintendent's recommendation to extend retirement incentives to virtually all district employees. This yielded a number of retirements including 21 teachers. This will help to reduce the total number of involuntary reductions (layoffs).

The Supt's proposed 2011/2012 budget increases spending to $195.87 Million. This represents a reduction from the aforementioned "rollover" budget of $5.25 Million. The proposal continues to offer a balanced program of all subjects and courses including Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB). Some reductions in the amount of offerings are necessary including sports, music, library and art.

The budget provides no money for the purchase of replacement buses. (SCATS ~ So they will have a separate vote on a bus proposition along with capital repairs in the Fall ... i.e. ANOTHER TAX HIKE!)

*The budget proposal represents an increase in total spending of $2.25 million or 1.16%.

*The budget will require an increase in the Property Tax Levy of $1.86 million or 1.97%.

*Under the impending tax cap, the district would be permitted to increase the tax levy by only $1.51 Million (based on January 2011 CPI level of 1.6%) The cap provides for an increase in taxes by the lesser of 2% or the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

*Given a slight increase in projected property values, this results in an estimated tax rate of $22.92 per $1000 of assessed valuation or a 1.68% increase.

The proposed budget is projected to carry a cost for teachers salaries and stipends (including coaching) of $69.2 Million. This represents 66% of total salaries and 35% of total spending. In addition, teacher health care is projected to cost another $10.4 Million.

The proposed budget will reduce 84 teaching positions. Retirements will hopefully reduce this number by 21 positions to 63. In response to the economic conditions of our community and absent any increases in State Aid or changes in the cost drivers that are impacting our district, we are going to have to make changes to our educational program. These will impact our students, parents, and staff.

* All such items will be impacted by holding a SECOND VOTE, probably late next Fall (i.e.December) because "historically, these things pass then." Interpreted it means that when the senior citizens are in Florida, they can get enough uninformed parents to the polls to accomplish ANY spending they want.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will Greece "Swap" Supts With Pembroke?

Coincidental? Maybe Not ... 

It's caught SCATS' attention that one of the candidates for GCSD Superintendent lives in a community very near Greece's own Deputy Superintendent Don Nadolinski who plans to retire in June. After serving Greece Central for many years, Nadolinski has decided to take his pension, ending a lengthy daily commute from his home in Corfu and back again. For some reason, Don never invested in Greece by buying a home here. Maybe the schools weren't up to his standards ...? Whatever the case, he's leaving just as we face hiring a new top dog.

Enter Gary Mix, who is currently the Supt. for Pembroke Schools and also lives in Corfu. At $232,307/yr. he earns the second highest salary of any public employee in Genesee County. He's gone on the record publicly and loudly about his opposition to Gov. Cuomo's idea to cap salaries of folks like him - superintendents. Now, he's on the short list of people eyeing a cool $250,000/yr. in chump change to lead Greece Central out of Monroe County's basement on test scores, shortened school days, lowered graduation rates and other educational ills.

What SCATS can't help but wonder is:
  • Do Mix & Nadolinski already know each other?
  • If so, did Mix get any inside help from Nadolinski to get onto the short list to become Greece's next supt.?
  • If chosen, will Mix insist on accepting Cuomo's proposed salary cap thereby recognizing Greece is in dire financial shape? (If he stays in Pembroke, he'd take a huge paycut under the cap!)
  • Or would he insist on a 5 year contract to ensure he gets his $250K starting salary plus benefits grandfathered in for as long as he can, possibly just in the nick of time?
  • If chosen, will Mix move to Greece and buy a home here?
  • Or will he opt for a 1 hr. commute each way like Nadolinski did?
  • Will Nadolinski really retire?
  • Or will he pull "an Achramovitch" and  try to become Pembroke's next resident Supt. should Greece hire his hometown boy, Gary Mix?
Yes, I know this is all very speculative. But we live in Greece, a place where reality is stranger than most movie scripts ever will be (who could ever dream up that our Supervisor would be having an affair with a woman murdered by her mentally ill son and discovered by her other son, an EMT?).

So, stay tuned kiddies. The next installment of "As the School District Churns" will be coming soon ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

How Hard Can They Make Meeting The Supt. Candidates?


They schedule the interviews at a time of day (4:30pm) that few residents (other than district employees of whom many are NOT residents) can be available. They tuck the meetings away in a Forum Room at a school (Athena) where you can walk 1/2 mile to get from your car to the building door and still be a long ways from the meeting location!

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks like they really don't want the community to go to the forums!!!! Who is ouu of work at 4:30?? Who wants to go to Athena's forum room?? What an out of the way location!!!   3/24/2011 12:55 PM

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that whoever set up these meetings is trying very hard to keep the public away. They could not be scheduled at a worse time. Most working people are not home from work at that time, housewives, retirees and students are usually beginning to prepare dinner or get their kids from school or taking their kids to after school activities at that time.

We need an opportunity to listen to and ask questions of the people who will be taking our tax money and running the schools our children attend. Everyone should email board members and demand that these meetings be scheduled at a proper time. This is too important to just take this lying down.

My guess is that this is probably just a formality and they have already decided. That's how they do things on the Greece School Board.   3/25/2011 2:23 PM

SCATS ~~ Just another day in Greece Central where the powers that be enjoy torturing the few residents who care.

Who's In Charge? Good Question!

Anonymous said...
Who's in charge? Is O'Rourke still calling the shots from his hospital bed? Are we till paying him $800.00 per diem? Has the board appointed an acting super from senior staff? I don't think any member of the board could answer.

Here's a fact to reflect on. State Education Law stipulates that in the absence of a superintendent or acting superintendent, the board president assumes that position. That's right, acting super Frank Oberg. Digest that one if you can.   3/25/2011 2:52 PM

SCATS ~~ God help us all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

3 Supt. Candidates Chosen

Jana Carlisle
Dr. Carlisle has more than 10 years of educational and consultant experience. Her past work experience includes working for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and she served as the chief planning officer for the Rochester City School District from 2000-2008. She is currently a self-employed consultant working in the education field.

Barbara Deane-Williams
Mrs. Deane-Williams has more than 20 years of education experience. During her career, she has served as assistant principal, director of student learning and deputy superintendent for student learning and accountability. Since 2005, she has been the superintendent of Lyndonville Central School District.

Gary Mix (2010 salary - $232,307)
Mr. Mix has more than 25 years of public education experience. He has served as principal at two area high schools. Since 2002, he has been superintendent at Pembroke Central School District.

The finalists are scheduled for daylong visits in the district, which will include several school visits, final interviews with the Board, and a community forum, which is open to the public. The schedule is as follows:

- Tuesday, April 5 – Dr. Jana Carlisle

- Wednesday, April 6 – Mrs. Barbara Deane-Williams

- Thursday, April 7 – Mr. Gary Mix

The community forums will be held at 4:30 p.m. in the Athena High School Forum Room.

SCATS ~~ It appears a couple of these candidates went to great lengths to remove their photos and/or other info from the internet prior to becoming a candidate.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

History DOES Repeat Itself ...

Is Clarkstown School Board Trying To Oust Meg Keller-Coagan?

Both sides hire lawyers. The Clarkstown school board hired outside counsel for advice should it attempt to terminate the superintendent's contract before it expires in June 2012.

"We are certainly not aware of anything in her work that would be grounds for dismissal. The superintendent absolutely intends to fulfill her contract. There are no grounds to dismiss her." ~~ Michele V. Handzel, Meg's atty.
SCATS ~~ If she leaves will she get a financially punitive clause in her termination agreement to silence all of their officials like she did Greece's? Stayed tuned!

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

The Greece Central School District's Board of Education isn't talking about a lot of very important things the Greece community needs to know. Personally, I'm sick and tired of the dysfunction these secret-keepers are bringing to the local headlines. Since people appear to be paying attention, at least momentarily, (400 attended a BOE hearing!?!? Holy crapple! That's UNHEARD OF IN GREECE!), I'm going to go out on a limb here and air some dirty laundry.

The Interim Supt. is VERY seriously ill and unlikely to return to work in Greece. My understanding is that he has been under treatment during most of his time as our Interim Supt. He has cancer, so those treatments have included chemo and/or radiation therapy. I'm told he has missed work at various times. He is NOT at work currently due to the need for surgery ~ thus, the quotes to reporters by Deputy Supt. Don Nadolinski yesterday. Again, no one is sure of when or if he will return to work in Greece. (While I heard this weeks ago, Sean McCabe verified that with a statement he made at last week's BOE meeting.) All of this is understandable and I'm sure that everyone wishes him well.

It's also true that during a serious illness and while being treated with some very toxic therapies, this man was given the daunting tasks of : 1) developing a budget that held tax hikes to less than 2% AND 2) crafting changes to the School Choice/School Option programs.

When SCATS hears of ideas like not offering Social Studies or science for a full year to elementary students, or the suggestion to cut 30 minutes of instruction time from the elementary school day, SCATS can't help but wonder if chemo-brain might be an issue for this poor fellow! Even if that were the case, it does NOT explain why the BOE hasn't challenged some of these ideas with tough questioning in the board room with the public listening in.

Onto the subject of the school district budget ...

 If you think the 1.65% tax hike is low, or too low perhaps, you need to understand another reason about why that is the case. Although it was stated in public, it has only been mentioned once that I'm aware. During the presentation of the budget to the BOE, it was "recommended" that the Greece Central School District have a second vote next fall to cover: 1) the need for a bus proposition AND 2) a capital repairs proposition, an item that exceeds $170 million in cost to fully cover!

Yes, you heard that right. They were told to consider holding another vote seperate from the budget vote (because history shows they are most likely to have a successful vote if held in December ... i.e. the seniors are in Florida!!). Clearly, their intent is twofold: 1) to keep the tax rate low to get the budget passed in May AND 2) to take advantage of the best opportunity they have each year to get a "yes" vote out to the polls a second time.

Interpretation: They are using you!
They are playing you!

They think you are too stupid/naive/ignorant to understand what the

Now you know more of the "truth" than this BOE has told you at one time in a very long time. Vote accordingly. But don't let them make you vote again in the fall.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Student Learning Is the Goal?"

Or is it "Fuel Over Academics"?

Budget hearing speakers question school board's choice to cut school day, classes & arts/music programs over sports programs, transportation costs & salaries.

Tonight's mantra: "Don't cut _________!"

(Blank can be filled in with your choice of: art, music, marching band, library, teachers, gymnastics, length of school day at elementary, the sibling rule for SOCs, school options/choice ... )

"This budget is going down!" ~~ Former BOE member, Joe Moscato
"I think the biggest concern with the budget that they have is that it's kind of a take it or leave it presentation." ~~  Marching Band Director Robert Schreib

“The money we could save by closing just one school could maintain music and art for years.” ~~ Parent Judy Rosenthal

Monday, March 21, 2011

Auberger's Affair: Have You Been Polled?


I received a phone survey about 6:30pm tonight. Asked if I would be interested in taking a survey regarding Auberger. I said absolutely!!! She asked if i felt his affair was private business or a public one. Asked me to pick my top choice for issues facing the town.....taxes, jobs, or the scandals at town hall. also asked me to rank Robach and Releich and if i felt Auberger should resign. Of course I told her Auberger should resign.

Once this became a murder investigation our supervisor who is a public official by the way, had a duty to contact the police chief and come clean ASAP. I also told her I low marks for Releich because he will not deal with this issue. The I asked her WHO was conducting this survey???

Long pause. She stated some survey company. I then said yes but WHO requested this phone survey? Republicans, Democrats?????? She then said she would ask her supervisor and then said he left for the day. So I asked how I could get in touch with him. She had to look it up and told me it was a Law Firm out of Buffalo and gave me the phone number of 855-1614.

Perhaps you ought to ask on SCATS if anyone else is getting these interesting phone surveys!

SCATS ~~ Gee, I hope the taxpayers aren't footing the bill for this no-brainer!! The phone number given belongs to Barry Zeplowitz & Assoc. Their home page states: "Whether it’s a candidate seeking public office, a company in the private sector seeking answers to challenges they face or a public policy issue which needs to be better understood, Barry Zeplowitz & Associates has been providing those answers with accurate, timely information at a price everyone can afford.

When you call Barry Zeplowitz & Associates you deal with Barry Zeplowitz, founder and owner of one of the premier consulting and survey research companies in America. For the type of personal service every client deserves, call us today."

Getting the GCSD Budget Under Control

Instead of decimating academic programs & the school day,
this is what the Greece BOE must do:   

Close 3 school buildings ~ will bring economic relief over the long haul

Eliminate schools-of-choice ~ MUST BE DONE to enable closing of bldgs & to reduce bussing costs

Return Hoover Dr. School ~ the bldg is old, give it back to the family that owns the land

Sell old DO bldg (Latta Rd.) & Barnard School ~ provides some $$ while reducing spending
Reduce transportation ~ we MUST reduce this service due to the skyrocketing cost of fuel!
Streamline sports  ~ this really is a "no-brainer" ... we can't be everything to everyone any longer!

Eliminate stipends ~ find volunteers or discontinue the service due to lack of interest.

Cut administrative staff ~ by closing 3 schools, the number of principals, VPs, AD's, etc is reduced

Reduce teaching staff ~ we must  "right-size" for number of students attending

Oust free-loading students ~ it's time to get serious about students who attend Greece schools illegally.

Eliminate staff development, conference & travel funds

Eliminate BoardDocs, the PO Box, courier service for BOE

Sell $100,000 piano kept in storage ~ no one has ever seen it anyway!

Focus on providing quality,
essential academics & services

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Look For The Union Label ...

Thanks to an alert Facebook friend, I've discovered that alumni of GCSD's music programs are planning to do the union's bidding for them at Tuesday night's BOE budget hearing. They created a Facebook event page titled: Greece School Budget Might Dismantle Music Program and state that "We are reaching out to any Greece Central School District High School Alumni who can speak on the importance of art's education in their lives. For those of you who don't know Greece's next proposed budget, in the words of Don Palozzi, president of the Greece Teacher's Association, "...virtually dismantles the music program..." So far 157 of them "plan to attend." Should be fun to spectate at.

NOTE TO BOE ~~ If these folks show up, be sure to ask each speaker if they own a home and are paying property taxes in Greece! I'll bet you that few are ;)


Your March 15 editorial titled "Business as usual won't work long term for schools" spoke to how Greece school leaders must determine how to handle the budget challenges facing the district. The proposed budget for the 2011-2012 school year in Greece calls for the reduction of 70-plus teachers. The president of the Greece Board of Education tells Greece teachers that these cuts are necessary because teachers won't make "concessions." On Sept. 28, 2010, after nearly five years of negotiations, Greece teachers ratified and presented to the board a successor agreement, in which we guaranteed concessions in health care and other benefits. This agreement, voted down (7-1) by the board on Oct. 12, 2010, would have saved the Greece Central School District nearly $500,000 a year.

We offered the president, and the rest of the board, concessions and their answer was a resounding "No." Greece teachers requested, but never received, an explanation of the vote. So, is this business as usual or just bad business?
Executive vice president, Greece Teachers Association.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chewing Tobacco: Drug of Choice @Odyssey?

From the news page on the GCSD website:

March 07, 2011
Chewing Tobacco
Good evening. This is a message from the Odyssey administration regarding the use of chewing tobacco. Students using any tobacco product, cigarettes, chewing tobacco or electronic cigarettes, are subject to the exact same consequences. There has been an increase in the amount of young men who are using this product in school this year, and it has resulted in many suspensions. Please talk to your child about the dangers of chewing tobacco, and remind them that absolutely no drug, alcohol or tobacco is allowed on school grounds.

Budget Meeting Double-Speak

The Greece Central School District website provides some confusing, if not conflicting messages about an upcoming "Preliminary Public Budget Hearing, Tuesday March 22nd, @6:30 pm. (Sign up to Speak begins at 6:00 pm.)"

A look elsewhere on the GCSD website takes us to the BOE Calendar for the 2011-2012 Budget where the aforementioned meeting is the ONLY meeting listed where the public may give their input.

Question: Is this truly a "preliminary" public budget hearing? Or is it the "only" public budget hearing?


Friday, March 18, 2011

Greece Central Schools Perform Poorly On Regents

Business First provided the cumulative regents ranking for Rochester area school districts, ranked according to their cumulative performances on 2010 Regents exams. In the list, Greece Central Schools ranked 51 out of 67 schools. In Monroe County, Greece Central ranked 17th out of 18.

Why is it that rural poor areas can have a higher ranking than Greece Central? In the Superintendent’s proposed budget to the Board of Education he indicated that the number Greece families below the poverty rate is 6.3%. While 1% is too many, the excuse that we always hear is that Greece is changing and becoming a city. This certainly is not true with the 6.3% number.

Remember, with the Superintendent’s proposed budget 79.5 teachers are being cut, while knowing the low academic ranking of Greece Regents results.

Cut the teachers while keeping three elementary schools open that could be closed to save money.

Trivia Questions:

Why are our Regents scores so low?

Why is it more important to cut teachers than save money by closing elementary school?

Why is it that 13 suburban school districts can rank in the top 22 districts while Greece ranks 51st?

What keeps the excess elementary schools untouchable?

Doug Skeet

SCATS ~~ You asked some great questions. Unfortunately, our school board members have shown us they don't have a clue about WHAT they are doing, WHY they are doing it, or even that it is THEIR JOB TO DO!

Better Late Than Never?

YNN News reports that: Greece Police are searching for a man involved in an altercation on Saturday night.

Police said the male suspect took part in a fight at TC Hooligans on West Ridge Road that resulted in a victim suffering a laceration.

Police said the man is black, around 5’10” or 5’11” tall, about 160 pounds, has short black hair, and a black mustache with gray in it. He was wearing black jeans, a long sleeve black shirt, and a belt with a silver buckle on it at the time of the incident.

According to police, the suspect introduced himself as Rich and is known to frequent Hooligans on Thursday nights. He is believed to be 40-years-old.

Greece Police ask anyone with information on the suspect or the incident to call 585-581-4000.

SCATS ~~ Why did GPD wait a whole week before publicizing this? This man could be anywhere by now!

Shifty Eyes ... As Speakers Ask Auberger To Resign

Auberger reads his statement, then residents speak asking him to resign.


Pot ... Meet Kettle ...

It is despicable that the Greece Democrats are using the death of Monica Neusatz, allegedly at the hand of her mentally ill son, and the destruction of the Neusatz family for political posturing. (March 16 story: "Greece's Auberger: 'I have no plans to resign'") The Greece Democratic Committee should dissolve until they can attract people with a sense of decency, a sense of community and a strong moral compass.


SCATS ~~ The author of the editorial fails to mention he is related to Sen. Joe Robach, a man with troubling similarities to Auberger in his not so distant past. On the other hand, Dave Garretson & Charles Ennis did a great job explaining why Auberger MUST go.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Point ... Counterpoint

Atty. John Parrinello alleges Bob Neusatz was stone-walled by TV & print media, GPD & others so he retained John Parrinello on the advice of a friend.

The D&C defends going with the Auberger story ... after the story was already out.
(Can you find the reference to comments left on this BLOG even though they are not attributed to the specific source?)

< ===  NEW POLL

Greece Dems Rally Before Town Board Meeting

Greece BOE Needs Fundraiser To Buy A Clue

I listened to the Greece school board study session Tuesday night and learned how little our school board understands about their jobs! After they asked dozens of questions of the interim supt., and only about half were actually answered, one board member who sounded puzzled by it all wondered aloud, "Is this plan going to be implemented all together, or a la carte?" O'Rourke gently reminded him that it was the school board's job, not his, to decide that! Clearly, these folks have no idea what they are doing or what they want.

A friend pointed out to me that O'Rourke is NOT earning his salary. He had no answers to most questions, but reminded the BOE that they should act on this by June. Under former Supt. Steve Walts, it would have been unacceptable to not have the answers! He would have demanded them of staff right then and there.

Another friend lamented that"schools of choice were put into place to alleviate boundary changes – we are now proposing boundary changes ‘to keep’ schools of choice."

Common sense died in Greece Central long ago. Who wants a candy bar? It's only two bucks and the proceeds are for a great cause!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


SCATS ~~ I consider that proof that he reads this BLOG ;)

Auberger's statement: "Prior to getting to tonight's town business I'd like to read a brief statement in response to the board's actions last night.

First, I would like to apologize to everyone who has been hurt by recent disclosures - specifically the Neusatz family, the people of Greece, the Greece Police Department and those dearest to me.

I had no connection whatsoever to Monica Neusatz's death nor had any useful information concerning her death. Notwithstanding, upon request, I voluntarily met with the District Attorney's office and the Greece Police Department.

This is a personal matter and I am continuing to fulfill the duties I was elected to perform and I intend to continue to serve as Supervisor of the Town of Greece. I have no plans to resign. I will decline further comment on this issue until the Town Board concludes its review." (WHEC-TV)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Greece Is A Laughingstock

Frequent comments left on this BLOG and in the comments areas of other web sites call Greece a laughingstock. Are we? I think so! Over the last decade or so, our town and school district have become synonymous with scandal, corruption, politics rum amok, wasted tax dollars on spurious investigations, consultants, studies, committees ... well, I'm sure you get the picture.

Who is to blame for this?
  • Our elected leaders who show character flaws larger than the GCSD budget once they utter their oath to office?
  • Or those who vote them into office, you and me?
  • Or the masses who fail to get out to vote at all?
  • Or those of us who make excuses for the bad behavior, time after time, allowing the same scoundrels to abuse their power by turning our heads away as the train crashes one more time in the local headlines?
In the midst of our town's most recent embarassment, the Greece Town Board convened today to hire another lawyer for yet another investigation - this time into Supervisor John Auberger's role in the investigation in the murder of his late paramour, Monica Neusatz. This move by the Town Board raises more questions than it answers. Here are a few that come to mind right away:
  • WHY is it that Auberger isn't on suspension during this investigation. That is the way the investigation into Rahn, Ball, Mackin & others was handled. What makes John Teflon, when Rahn wasn't?
  • WHY hire an attorney NOW when the story has been swirling through the community for well over a month? Are they afraid too many people read a certain BLOG & might demand action (i.e. Auberger's resignation) Tuesday night, as that BLOG has called for?
  • WHY should we believe that this wasn't Auberger's own idea to hire Speranza, since it's unlikely our gutless Town Board members would ever go against him?
  • WHO is John Speranza? (A MAJOR contributor to Monroe County Republicans!)
  • WHY should we trust him?
  • WHY don't we know anything about the cost of this investigation?
  • WAS Speranza given a blank check?
  • DOESN'T this move potentially provide Auberger with the opportunity to avoid confronting the angry throng at Tuesday night's planned meeting?
  • WHY should we believe the outcome will be any different than the $1,000,000 Loszynski report which exhonerated Auberger of ALL wrong-doing in the GPD scandals?
  • WHY should we believe that giving the attorney until April 12th to investigate is anything other than a ploy by Auberger, Deputy Supervisor McCann, the Town Council members and Republicans behind the scenes to let things cool down so they can get back to "business as usual?"
  • WHERE have the Democrats been on this latest issue with Auberger's character and suitability (or total lack of it) to hold office?
  • WHERE have the Republicans been on this latest issue with Auberger's character and suitability (or total lack of it) to hold office?
  • CAN anyone give us one good reason why Auberger shouldn't resign first thing in the morning?
If you've had enough, it's time to get active. Get vocal. Get out of the house and head to the meetings. Speak out. Hold these folks accountable for their behavior and for how they spend our money! That is the only way Greece can regain a reputation as a great community to raise a family in!

Doing anything less makes 

Town Board Meeting Tuesday 6pm




13WHAM TV reports that the Greece Town Board has convened a Special Meeting at 5PM today to discuss Supervisor John Auberger & the police investigation into the murder of Monica Neusatz.

Rachel Barnhart reports that the Greece Town Board went into executive session with Atty. John Speranza going with them. She now reports that Greece town board hires John Speranza to examine Auberger's communications with Greece police department regarding Moinca Neusatz.

Meeting Notices


  • Greece Town Board  @6PM in Greece Town Hall  ~ ~    BE THERE ~ Ask Auberger to resign during the Open Forum

  • Greece Central School District's Board of Education Study Session @6:30PM ~ School Choice ~ NO FORUM FOR RESIDENTS ~ Only BOE members get to talk  

Saturday, March 12, 2011



Auberger's "Score" Card?

SCATS ~~ There's a Town Board meeting Tuesday night at 6PM in Greece Town Hall. Show up. Bring signs. Tell him you've had enough!

Anonymous said...

I met Mr. Auberger for the first time while I was a Juror on the Meritt Rahn Trial. His responses showed a great deal of character flaw and I was disgusted with myself for ever voting for this worm.

I spoke out as much as I could about Mr. Auberger needed to resign and that he too had a great deal of going on with some of the charges against Meritt.

I also mentioned that sooner or later he will come up on more news in the future because this is the type of man he is.

Well a year later and Mr. Auberger once again is showing what a great Politician, religious, character,creditable, honest man he really is and I was right again.

He should of resigned last year and did not, he should resign now and more than likely will not. Maybe we all need to get focused as Greece residents and protest this guy out of office.

By looking at the voting results, it looks like 75+% of Greece residents could actually show up on The Town Hall Sidewalks to voice their opinion on having this side show come to end with Auberger's resignation.

Chuck Male    3/12/2011 1:37 PM


Baxter Urged Auberger To Talk To Bob Neusatz About His Affair

"I told Mr. Auberger that Mr. Neusatz had some questions that law enforcement couldn't answer." ~~ Greece Police Chief, Todd Baxter regarding the Supervisor's admitted affair with slain Monica Neusatz

"This has derailed my grief and damaged me emotionally."  ~~ Bob Neusatz

"She was under terrible stress with this mentally ill child and a husband that's working seven days a week trying to come up with a thousand dollars a month in health insurance and $6,500 a year in Greece taxes." ~~ Bob Neusatz

"He didn't even show remorse for doing it."~~ Bob Neusatz, concerning Auberger's public admission of the affair


Friday, March 11, 2011

Editorial: What has happened to Frank Oberg?

What has happened to Frank Oberg? This is a most perplexing question for me personally.

I first met Frank in early 2005. I had decided to run for the School board. It was suggested that I meet with Frank and Charlie Hubbard for the possibility of running as a slate. I agreed and we met. While we each had differing political views, we agreed that changes needed to take place on the School Board as well as within the District as a whole. I decided to join with them and we adopted the HMO theme.

Charlie Hubbard’s agenda was value based education as well as his well-known disdain for unions. To this day Charlie remains true to his convictions, without apology, very admirable in my opinion.

Frank Oberg was concerned with taxes, student performance and a champion of our music and arts programs that were alarmingly sub-standard when compared to other district programs. For three years Frank resisted any cuts to those programs, saying that music and art were an important part of the educational experience and that budget cuts should stay away from the classroom and, instead, should come from administration and our over-the-top busing costs.

That first year, 41 unneeded administrative positions were cut by our then interim Superintendent, Dr. Kehoe, who at the same time warned the board that unless we got our busing costs under control, future cuts would be painful and would reach the classroom. This was very prophetic on her part, but still ignored to this date.

So here we are with our children’s education being further eroded because of poor administration of tax dollars and lack of any oversight by our elected board and their inaction in cutting non-educational spending in other areas.

With this thought, I go back to my opening statement – What happened to Frank Oberg who was once a voracious advocate for music and arts programs and is now helping O’Rourke throw them “under the bus.” Why the change? I can only conclude that Frank’s position on these programs has been altered in some way, either by outside influences or other circumstances affecting his thought process.

Also troubling to me is his current position supporting the starting salary of $250,000 for our next superintendent. This is in stark contrast to his position expressed to me two years ago after the Achramovitch experience when the board majority hired him for $204,000. He stated then that our next superintendent’s salary range should be no more than $180,000 to $210,000 over three years and raises should be granted by performance standards and achievements. I totally agreed with that philosophy, the rationalization being that paying anyone short of Superman over $200,000 to start would attract mercenaries content to sit back, collect their $1,000 per diem with no incentive to correct the numerous problems confronting Greece Central.

I have lost confidence in Frank. I believe he has capitulated to those intent on stifling any change that would benefit our children’s education. Recently, Frank has expressed to me and others, and I quote, “You could throw 500 million dollars at this district and it wouldn’t change a thing.” To me, it sounded like he was raising the white flag. I couldn’t be more saddened by Frank’s current position.

Joe Moscato, Former Greece School Board Member

SCATS ~~ Re: “You could throw 500 million dollars at this district and it wouldn’t change a thing.”  Sadly, that rings true! It's NOT about money, it's about the people steering the sinking ship ;)

Editorial: Greece BOE Breaks Promise

Greece Board of Education Breaks a Long Standing Promise to the Greece Community

For decades the Greece Board of Education, including the current BOE, has promised the Greece Community that when cuts to the budget had to be made they would be made as far a way from direct instruction as possible.

The Greece superintendent's proposed budget, throws that promise out the window without a bit of public discussion. If the proposed budget is implemented direct instruction would be affected in the following:

  • Reduce 32.2 teachers in the area of General Education, Art, Math Intervention, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Speech.
  • Reduce 6 Librarians
  • TOTAL 38.2 Direct Instruction Teachers

  • Reduce 30.3 teachers in the Core Subject Areas, Special Subject Areas, LOTE, Literacy Coaches, Instrumental Music
  • Reduces the school day by a half hour
  • Makes social studies & science a teacher option course grades K-5
  • Increases class size at all levels
  • Caps WEMOCO at 166 students. This is illegal!

If Greece Central's test scores were high and something to be proud of maybe, just maybe the above cuts could be justified. In the Superintendent's Proposed Budget he reports:
  • Last year 41% of 4th grade students FAILED to be Proficient in ELA.
  • Last year 29% of 4th grade students FAILED to be Proficient in Math.
  • Last year 47% of 8th grade students FAILED to be Proficient in ELA.
  • Last year 39% of 8th grade students FAILED to be Proficient in Math.
  • Last year 20% or one out of five seniors failed to graduate.
  • Unexcused absences increased 352% since 2007. This is almost four times more students are skipping school.

The Superintendent could have recommended:
  • The closing & selling of 3 elementary schools.
  • The closing & selling of the old district office building on Latta Rd.
  • Increasing walking distance at all levels.
  • Eliminate the BOE, teacher, administrator conference funds.
  • Eliminate teacher staff development.
  • Move 6-8 Odyssey to Apollo.
  • Move 9-12 Odyssey to Olympia
  • Have Hoover Dr. return to the Hoover family.
  • Use more of the fund balance to make up the needed difference.

There is so much more that could be done other than cut DIRECT instruction and cutting the school day. This is another all time low for instruction in Greece Central.

Thank you SCATS for making the proposed budget available.

Doug Skeet

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Greece Central School District Budget

(This shows what's in, what's out
as per Tuesday night's BOE meeting)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Blackout At The Start of the BOE Meeting

Don't Try To Criticize Or Question The Greece School Board;
They'll Censor You For It

I thought I was confused when it suddenly seemed like the regular monthly meeting was well underway March 8th ... "in progress" by the time it began airing on WGMC Tuesday night. Resident's Forum, Student Leader remarks and some Union Reps had already had their chance to be heard, unless you were listening on WGMC, the district-owned radio station. Now we know the reason why ...


Yesterday, at the last minute, I signed up to speak at the public forum. I told Lynne Armstrong the subject of my discussion was going to be the School Reorganization Committee and that I planned to ask Oberg if the charge to the committee squared with my motion that created this committee. I was going to read my motion and ask a number of questions not addressed by the committee's report as well as who selected the committee members. I told her I would press Oberg for answers because under the new policy, board members may respond to a speaker. I was the only speaker to sign up last night and, as you know, there have been no speakers for the past several meetings.

Unfortunately, my back was acting up last night and I was prevented from going to the meeting. Now here's the kicker, several people who knew I was going to speak informed me that the first several minutes of the meeting were blacked out and that the meeting was well underway when the broadcasting started. It is my belief that they were afraid of any controversy at their sterile meeting and conveniently decided not to air the forum portion of the meeting so that those listening would not hear me. Sound familiar? Of course, they will probably say they had technical difficulties, but isn't it strange that this would occur at the one and only time in a long time that someone was scheduled to speak at the forum.

Frank is a big disappointment along with the rest of the gutless board.

Joe Moscato
Frank Oberg Is The SAME Man
Who Likened This BLOG to The KKK

BOE Meeting Highlights

The budget:
  • $195.5 million
  • an increase of $1.9 million
  • a 1.68% tax rate increase
  • - 89 FTEs
  • Referendum recommended in fall for capital projects and bus replacements
Some resulting changes:
  • Increased class sizes (to 25 primary; to 27 intermediate; 115/FTE @ grades 7 &8; HS changes planned, too)
  • Elementary instruction reduced by 30 minutes/day
  • Eliminates 4th grade music, reduces instrumental music & vocal music; marching band becomes part of Continuing Education
  • Barnard School closes; Bridges moves to Arcadia; Continuing Ed moves to mall
  • Some school buildings closed during Summer to save on utilities
  • Elementary art & library cut (I'm not sure if it is completely eliminated, but I think so)
  • Gymnastics cut; tennis consolidated; hockey reductions; end of season awards no longer supported by district for sports
  • SROs reduced & redistributed along with GCSD security
  • 6 credit hour requirement eliminated at HS for seniors
Stupid quotes:
  • "It is an utterly, colossally, stupid idea ... It IS chump change when you look at it against a $200 million budget." ~~ Frank Oberg, BOE Prez. who doesn't realize some people only make the $30-75K/yr in salary that he derided as "chump change" related to Cuomo's Supt's salary cap.
  • "John is going to be out of commission for a couple of weeks ... and that's with everything going very well. " ~~ Sean McCabe regarding the interim supt's upcoming cancer surgery
  • "I will once again ask the staff if there is ANY WAY to help us with this ... " ~~ Julia VanOrman,  attempting to illegally negotiate union business at a BOE meeting.
Other news:
  • Retirements announced include Dick Snyder, Don Nadolinski & Ann Mitchell
  • This budget includes "no significant changes to transportation programs." ~~ Lou Alaimo
  • Study Session on School Choice to be held March 15th despite 25 minute discussion
  • 7 BOE members discussed changing study session date to after Supt. selection is made ... an illegal meeting of the BOE to conduct business that should be discussed in public!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

BOE Meeting Sham Tonight @6:30PM


Come watch as their sacrificial lamb (the Interim Supt.) unveils another MONSTER BUDGET!

The Attendance & Communication Committee Reports disappeared off of Greece Central School District's website days ago ~~ They have NO intentions of doing what needs to be done ... again!

Auberger & Parrinello ... and Payback?

  "Do Two Rahns Make A Right?"

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that John Parrinello appears to be a common denominator, though on  the sidelines, during many of the scandals that have rocked Supervisor Auberger's administration in the Town of Greece over the last few years? Currently, it looks to be more than mere coincidence that Parrinello is representing Bob Neusatz at a time when Mr. Neusatz appears to have no need for a criminal defense lawyer to begin with. Or does he ... ? Maybe he will sue Auberger in the weeks ahead ... stay tuned ...

The scandal involving John Auberger's affair with Monica Neusatz comes virtually on the heels of the end of the court case against Merritt Rahn's son, Chad. In fact, only last week sentences were handed out to Frank Arena and Matt Montrois, two men central to the case against Chad Rahn. Originally, Chad Rahn himself was also represented by Parrinello, just as his dad had been during the investigation and trial that ended with the senior Rahn serving prison time. Chad's case, like dad's was linked to the Greece PD.

What does all of this mean? Someone asked in a comment left on this BLOG earlier on Monday, "Do two Rahns make a right?" I don't think so, but that's just my gut feeling. More likely is that Bob Lonsberry's prediction in April of 2009 was accurate afterall: "The last time I spoke to Merritt Rahn, he told me that if he went down, he was taking John Auberger with him." I think we may be seeing that now. Stay tuned ...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Auberger's Arrogance Revealed

While Things Are Crumbling All Around the Greece Area in April 2009 ... Supervisor John Auberger Is Beginning An Affair With Monica Neusatz!

Also in April 2009 ...
  • Chris Cervini killed by homeowner
  • Roderick Scott Indicted by Grand Jury
  • Auberger Defends His Accessibility to Residents
  • Steve Minarik Dies
  • Firkins Declares "I am him!"
  • James Smith Resigns County/Greece Rep. posts
  • CSX Train Parks In Greece Neighborhood
  • Boily Defends GPD in Joseph/Pignato Cases
  • Rahn, Mackin & Ball Suspended from GPD
  • Greece Democrats Unveil Full Slate of Candidates
  • Loszynski Hired To Do Internal Investigation of GPD

Supervisor John Auberger, It's Time To Resign

<===== TAKE POLL
    Oct. 28 (2010): "Bittner and Antinora meet with Auberger and Spoto at Spoto’s office at Gallo and Iacovangelo in Rochester. Also attending is Investigator Robert Siersma of the District Attorney’s Office. In the interview, Auberger said he had know Monica Neusatz for 10 years and had a sexual relationship with her for the past 1 ½ years. He also said he did not tell police he knew Neusatz because he felt their relationship wasn’t germane to the homicide investigation."
(Rest of timeline posted inside)

Auberger Admits Relationship With Neusatz ...

WHEC-TV : Monday afternoon, Auberger issued a statement saying, “Monica Neusatz and I were involved in a relationship at the time of her death. I was interviewed about this relationship as a part of the investigation of this tragedy. Despite claims to the contrary, I fully cooperated with the Greece Police Department and the Monroe County District Attorney’s office and I am sorry that the Neusatz family is having to relive this tragedy.”

YNN: According to the Republican Party, John Auberger is not married, and has not been married for several years.

Translation of Republican Party Statement: "Auberger wasn't cheating because he wasn't married ..."

SCATS ~~ It's not like he didn't know she was married or that her hubby was away playing piano with Len Hawley at the Senior Center while he was banging Monica at home.


"I dunno ... I can't recall ..."
Greece Supervisor
John Auberger
Questioned By Police
Following Murder
of Monica Neusatz

Review of phone records shows the two exchanged "numerous" calls


RADIO INTERVIEW of Chief Todd who divulges that Johnboy was the ONLY interviewee who lawyered up to answer questions about his calls with Neusatz.

Chief Todd's Press Release

SCATS ~~ Hmmm ... he's been such a busy guy ... and I thought he was planning to "Spruce Up Greece!" Maybe he should start by cleaning up at Greece Town Hall ...  Makes us wonder if this is payback for two Rahn's convicted ... hmmm ... has Chief Todd been helping to cover this up?

Friday, March 04, 2011

PREDICTION: Greece BOE Lacks Spine Needed To Tackle School Choice Issue

The Tuesday BOE meeting agenda item "Discussion on Board Study Session on Schools of Choice Study" appears to confirm rumors that they will NOT deal with the School Choice issue, skyrocketing transportation costs ($5/gal for gas coming soon!) or the need to close buildings to get control of the runaway 2011-12 budget. Why would they plan to discuss the need for the study session if they were planning to have the study session anyway?

The agenda also shows they plan NO discussion about the ongoing health issues of the Interim Supt. which will require him to go for surgery later this month and NOT return, according to many rumors I've heard. Those rumors include word that Don Nadolinski will fill in as Acting Supt. until a new supt. can be hired in the months ahead. Why is it that in Greece Central we hear the names of seriously ill students in all sorts of postings, press releases & fundraising efforts, but when the Supt. gets seriously ill, it's all hush hush, because it's a "personnel issue" that can't be discussed?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bill Gates Calls Out States & Educators

Gates challenged some long-held assumptions about education. He said the U.S. spends $50 billion a year on automatic salary increases for teachers based on seniority, but, according to Gates, "Seniority seems to have no effect on student achievement."

Gates also questions spending $15 billion a year on salary bumps for teachers who get advanced degrees.

"Such raises have almost no impact on achievement," he said. ( ABC News )

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

NYSUT Lawyers: "Why We Defend Triborough"


History & Impact of Triborough explained

How Greece High Schools Ranked on Regents Exams

Various links show how area school districts performed on 16 different Regents Exams in 2010.

Greece Central School District scored in the Top 10 for Italian (3rd place) and German (10th place).

Olympia ~~ Italian (3rd place)

Athena ~~ Italian (4th place)

Arcadia ~~ Italian (5th place)

Odyssey ~~ Global History & Geography (4th place); Earth Science (5th place); US History & Govt (6th place); Living Environment (8th place); Integrated Algebra (10th place)

SCATS ~~ Nope, there's absolutely no discrimination going on at our most notable school-of-choice ... those randomly chosen lottery winners only appear to be better at mathematics, science and Social Studies ;)

Greece Sued Over Planning Board Decisions

Three lawsuits filed against Town of Greece challenge Planning Board's decisions related to sewer line, environmental impact and rezoning at Hampton Ridge Center project.

Benderson Development Co. alleges "a blatant conflict of interest" concerning the Planning Board's decision and claims "the attorneys who appeared and advocated for site plan approval before the Planning Board were simultaneously representing the Town of Greece Town Board in pending litigation involving the Hampton Ridge Project."

SCATS ~~ Imagine that ... A conflict of interest in Greece Town govt??? Benderson just "Discovered the Promise"  ROFLMAO