Monday, February 07, 2011

When Did Greece BOE Vote On Senior STAR Exemptions?

It's long been my understanding that the Greece Central School District's Board of Education is expected to decide each year what, if any, changes they might make to the Senior Tax Exemptions, income ceilings, etc. related to enhanced STAR reductions. I also have held the belief that they are expected to hold a public hearing on this topic each year, as well.

In Dec. of 2008, I made note in the BLOG that they left things unchanged for 2009.

In Jan. of 2010, I made note that the district's public hearing on the subject was scheduled to occur before a BOE meeting. They just barely finished things up before a deadline for 2010 (in Feb. as I recall).

Strangely, I find NO REFERENCE TO ANY HEARING, DISCUSSION, or VOTE on the Senior STAR Exemption (enhanced) for the 2011 year!! I've listened to most BOE meetings, checked through this BLOG, posted meeting agendas & minutes on the GCSD website, and find NO REFERENCE AT ALL.


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Anonymous said...

Nope, no one knows, not even the BOE