Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kinney Indicted On Additional Sex Abuse Charges

UPDATE (8:25pm) ~~ WHEC-TV reports that Kinney faces a total of 35 charges & is accused of subjecting four children to sexual contact almost everyday from Nov 9th - Nov. 24th, 2010.

YNN reports that the Grand Jury added to original number of charges against former Greece Central School District bus monitor, Paul Kinney;
Kinney arrested by Greece Police Wednesday evening;
He was originally charges with one count of sex abuse in November of 2010;
The Greece Post reports Kinney now faces 32 counts of sexual abuse

SCATS ~~ Everyday for more than 2 weeks? How did no one SEE this happen? Where was the bus driver?


retiredschoolbusdriver said...

PLEASE don't start blaming the bus driver. The bus driver most likely was DRIVING THE BUS!! Do you really think this pervert would do anything while the driver (or anyone else) was looking? The blame rests squarely on Kinney, no one else. And is it a fact that all 32 counts happened on a school bus?

SCATS said...

To 11:06AM ~~ The mention of 32 counts comes from the Grece Post headline on this story. They haven't explained the details of where that figure came from but what we were told previously is that the police were going to be examining around 300 hrs (I think that's around the number given in Nov.) of videotape. Presumably, that was tape created by the camera in the bus.

Asking where the driver was when this occured is a logical question, like it or not.

Anonymous said...

The story says the grand jury was shown bus tapes which led to the further charges. So it would seem the activities were on a bus.
Was the bus moving? Was the bus parked? Was the driver on the bus? These are valid questions. Since there was possibly a felony taking place it is pointless to assume that having 2 adults with the children will avoid exploitation of those children. If the retired bus driver is correct the driver cannot monitor what is going on inside the bus.
If that is true what about buses with no monitors such as middle and high school buses. Are the children at the mercy of classmates that may want to attack?
And this arrested monitor is not that young. Was a background check done on him before hiring? Are there random substance abuse checks done on these people. Many sex offenders start their crimes much younger than this man. And alcohol can decrease inhibitions.
And if there were 32 instances , the driver should be held accountable too. How could someone be that clueless?

retiredschoolbusdriver said...

The fact that this man is 68 years old and has no prior record of this behavior shows he is either a late bloomer or a master at hiding his 'craft'. As a former bus driver, I may overreact to accusations towards drivers (Isnt it ALWAYS the drivers fault?) but, of course an investigation is in order and that includes what the driver may have seen. But believe me, contrary to popular belief, bus drivers do not have eyes in the back of their heads. After all, a monitor is on the bus to control behavior so the driver can concentrate on driving.

Anonymous said...

Why is there so much defensiveness on the part of the drivers ?
"a monitor is on the bus to control behavior so the driver can concentrate on driving."
How do you know the driver was not aware of what was going on? There must be an investigation.

What kind of behavior was the monitor controlling? Seems like he was making the children behave for his own gratification. Sounds like a good job for a closet pervert since the other children could not tell what he was doing and according to the protectors of bus drivers they have no idea what is going on behind them. Maybe we need a monitor for the monitor.
And do they ever look at those videos if there is not a claim of abuse? So as long as the child is too scared to say anything the crime could go on and on. How many years did that man have this job?

The 32 counts are from the videos. How many other acts could there be with some children that might be older now?

And these were very young children. Do all of the buses have monitors? Even the high school buses. Or are the monitors for the students on the younger special ed buses?

Anonymous said...

5:03 Do you honestly believe that people/ ie bus drivers, are so bad they would knowingly cover up a monitor molesting kids on his/or her bus?

Really what we should be asking is if we have security tapes why are they not periodically being reviewed to look for this type of behavior? ALl the money we spend at DO and on security and police in our schools and this slips through the cracks? Sick

SCATS said...

To 8:58PM ~~ As bad as this case is, it IS possible to have help from others to cover-up, so I think your attack on the other commentor is a bit out of line. Who would have EVER suspected something like this could go on over 2+ weeks involving FOUR kids EVERY DAY and no one would see, hear, know? Makes me wonder what's on the videotapes that got recycled/reused.

Anonymous said...

Scats what I wonder did they really see something on those tapes conclusive, or is it far reaching, because like you I find it hard to believe that it happened that many times in just over a week to 4 girls. Now I am not blaming the bus driver, I am really skeptical that this even happened, OR it has been happening longer and DO does not want to let it out as parent will go nuts.

Anonymous said...

We here at Greece Central would like to remind everyone the purpose of a bus monitor is to watch and hopefully control your deamonspawn er I mean little darlings while they ride to and from school.

You rabble should be satisfied no little darling was harmed by another little darling while being monitored by Mr Kinney.
Mr Kinney had amassed an outstanding safety record in his carear with the District, and we had no knowledge he was a perv. OK, we didn't look to see if he was a perv. That's not our job. We have a strong union to protect us from not having to do the job right.

Do you rabble realize the District will be forced to fork over hard gotten tax dollars to settle up this matter, and that means less money is available for us District employees? How do you think that makes us feel?