Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Your Child's Bus Stop Near A Sex Offender's Home?

In light of the Paul Kinney sex abuse cases, it has come to my attention that the Greece Central School District's Transportation Dept. sometimes still places bus stops IN FRONT OF or NEAR the homes of several sex offenders in the Town of Greece. In at least one such case, it was a level three offender!

Apparently, GCSD employees believe it's NOT their responsibility to use discretion in locating stops!

This link provides info regarding sex offenders locations searchable by last name, zip code, etc. as well as an alert should someone relocate near your home.

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Anonymous said...

Look, we at GCSD haul more rugrats and curtain climbers to say nothing about love trophies Monday through Friday in any week of the school year than the average city bus line, and we do a pretty dang good job of it.

You just stuff 5 of the little monsters er I mean darlings in the back of your momvan and haul their sorry dumb buts to a crappy building they don't want to be in and see how that works for you. Ever hauled a vanload of love trophies on a vacation? Were you happy behind the steering wheel? Your dang van probably even has a CD player and TV. We don't have that luxury on the big yellow bus. We can't show them porn on the way to sex education.

Quit picking on how we do our jobs. We're Civil Service employees, we aren't really expected to do more than show up and drink coffee.

OK, 1 perv got hired, that decision came from HR, not us kidhaulers down at Transportation.

For the love of Civil Service, we give in on where you want your monster picked up next thing you'll want us to drag the kid out of bed and dress him, not that we couldn't do a better job than some of you do on your teens.

Do you realize how early we get up in the morning? We can't even party into the night, gotta be sober for that early bus run or some parent gets his/her shorts all up in a knot. Get off our backs!

You breed em, we haul em. That's all you get for the cheap money we get in wages. You want more, give us more. That's the American way. We want Godiva chocolates too.