Thursday, February 03, 2011

An Idea Whose Time HAS Come ...

Tom Kackmiester said...

I am a Cuomocrate:

What is a Cuomocrate?. Well this "Cuomocrate" is an independent voter who leans republican. I am also an independent voter whot has been unsatisfied with both the republican and democratic parties particularly in New York State.

Governor Cuomo has proposed the most common sense budget that has been proposed for New York state in at least 30 years. Furthermore the Governor has shown the courage it is going to take to fight this budget battle to the end. I wish him a lot of success as he battles the many lobbyists and special interest groups and his fellow democrats in the weeks ahead.

Cuomocrates are out here ready to support the Governor any way we can. I hope this new "party" expands rapidly so the full force of New York State residents will finally have a real say in the way Albany works.

If you agree, I hope you will send off a note to the Governor and let him know that you too are on board, ready to help him succeed .

Go Gov ,Go!

Tom Kackmeister

You can reach the gov. at    2/03/2011 10:37 AM

Anonymous said...
Thanks for the e-address Tom, I'm sending them a summary of how this district wastes money on bussing for our open enrollment-lottery schools, in addition to the demographics of those schools. Being a Dem., I got a feeling he's going to be floored. Anyone willing to help out, please do the same. It would be great to have him include our district's wastefulness in one of his future speeches, as a 'what not to do in school district'.

Your all done Oberg!   2/03/2011 12:06 PM

SCATS ~~ Yes, let's write to Cuomo and tell him Greece Central is a MESS and that the local BOE refuses to make ANY tough decisions. Let's help Cuomo fight against the special interests (unions!) and get his help in fighting against them in Greece, too. We MUST start closing schools, reduce transportation, eliminate discrimination via a privately held lottery, decrease spending on wages & benefits, but still ensure our kids get educated.


Anonymous said...

All this emphasis on GCSD problems lately. Uncle Auggie is going to start feeling left out!

SCATS said...

To 2:56PM ~~ Uncle Auggie is on notice ;) Along with Aunt Maggie lol

Anonymous said...

According to Huff post story on 9/26/10

"The income gap between the richest and poorest Americans grew last year to its largest margin ever,"

"Three states – New York, Connecticut and Texas – and the District of Columbia had the largest gaps between rich and poor. Big gaps were also evident in large cities such as New York"

"Millions of people are stuck at home because they can't find a job. Poverty increased in a majority of states, and children have been hit especially hard," said Mark Mather, associate vice president of the Population Reference Bureau.

The economic "indicators say we're in recovery, but the impact on families and children will linger on for years," he said.
This is just one of a many articles pointing out the inequities of our current economy.

Tax reform means tax fairness.
Not reducing taxes on the wealthy and breaking the backs of the working people to and cutting services. We can't create tax fairness without sacrifice by everyone and restoring balanced taxing

Cuomo's answer seems to be just that. Many people are suffering due to economic conditions. So let's cut services and programs to make suer it is harder for them to get out of difficulties.

SCATS said...

To 3:28PM ~~ How does reducing salaries of NY school superintendents, etc. fit into what you just said?? 'splain it please!

Anonymous said...

I am please that you are addressing the financial struggles of New York State. I ask that someone in your office look at the "schools of choice ", with in our school district. The Greece Central School District has 3 schools that operate like charter schools and are by lottery only and serve only a small percentage of students in Greece. Our community has high school taxes, an aging population and declining median income, yet our Board of Education refuses to look at ways to save money. We have declining enrollment yet have closed zero schools, we bus kids all over our district so that the "haves" can goto an elite school of choice. We no longer have neighborhood schools and it has torn our community apart and is finically a burden that we all share for a few select students. We are in a public school system, it is immoral that students are not afforded the same education as the kids in these 3 select schools when the tax payers are funding these schools. The schools are successful because kids are picked in a secret lottery, look at the stats. These schools have the lowest percentage of minorities, special education students and lowest free or reduced lunch recipients. If kids mis-behave or don't preform they can be sent back to their home school. When kids in other schools misbehave, act inappropriately there is no where to send them. This in itself is part of the reason the success of these schooled can not be duplicated in ALL the schools of Greece. In regards to the selection for said schools it is a lottery that some how BOE and teachers students win, statistically not possible. We have conflict of interest on our BOE, member shave family that are principals of said schools, have children and grandchildren in these schools. I hope that some one looks at this and speaks directly to our BOE, it is wrong that our school taxes are paying for the likes of a private education for a select few while the rest just get by.

Just sent this!!!

SCATS said...

From ~~ Area school districts face some tough choices as they prepare their budgets for next school year. The governor proposed cutting $60 million from Monroe County Schools. The funding reduction comes after millions of dollars in state aid was eliminated this school year.

“Over the years I’ve been through three significant recessional kinds of situations,” said Greece Interim Superintendent John O’Rourke. “This is without any question in my mind the most severe.”

The governor cut school aid statewide by $1.5 billion, or 7.3 percent.

Greece faces a budget gap of $7 million. That amounts to 4 percent of its budget. One million dollars is due to increased pension costs. The rest of the gap is mostly made up of increases in salaries and health care and a loss of state funding.

Greece eliminated 81 jobs this school year, many of them teachers. Class sizes went up and some programs were eliminated.

O’Rourke expects there to be more layoffs, class size increases, reduced instructional support, and possibly school closings.

“I have to say that everything is on the table,” O’Rourke said. “It’s been made very clear to me that I have a free hand to look at everything…There are no sacred cows, nothing is off limits.”

“I would hope that they don’t cut out the art and the music, especially the art and music for the younger kids,” said parent Colleen Taylor, who has two children in elementary school.

O’Rourke will present his budget on March 8.

The state funding cuts are still subject to approval by the state legislature, which has traditionally restored some school funding.

WHERE HAVE I HEARD O'ROURKE'S COMMENT BEFORE? Oh yes! Last year from Steve & our BOE!! If you believe EVERYTHING is on the table, then you are delusional.

Anonymous said...

Before they cut programs, they need to close and consolidate schools, reduce bussing get rid of dead weight teachers and then and only then look at cutting education programs.

Anonymous said...

4:04- I love it. I'm writning one later tonight after the kids are in bed.

Anonymous said...

I am not an educator in Greece, but work for another district. My child was chosen in the school choice lottery for kindergarten at one of the 3 schools, always mentioned as one of the elite schools on this site. I do have to believe that it is in fact a lottery, as my child was picked and we have no ties to the district.

Anonymous said... gives a flyin' hell about your kid and the lottery!?!?!?

How does what you wrote have anything to do with whether or not it's a legit lottery?!?!

I hope the child flurishes in the special lottery school, clearly he or she will have some genetic obsticles to over come. Is it any surprise you work in education?!? Did anyone here or anywhere ever say that these schools were ever made up (here comes the KEY word)---- entirly--- with district employee kids? Or any other group's kids for that matter? The one thing I will tell you about your kid 8:49... there's about a 93.5% chance he or she is WHITE!

Anonymous said...

Way to go 4:04 PM