Friday, February 18, 2011

Greece Police Move Into New 2nd Precinct

Nothing But The Be$t For Baxter!

"It's a larger space, it's newer as far as technology goes, faster computer data base information, a booking facility over here that's probably state of the art, the best information and equipment we've got into it, it's just a better facility for the officers. We outgrew the other space. What it also does is get us into a neighborhood that we've been trying to get deeper into the Dewey Stone neighborhood." ~~ Greece Police Chief, Todd Baxter ( Source )


Anonymous said...

If Greece is so safe, why do we need a state of the art booking facility?

Seems a few pair of cuffs and a cage would suffice, with such a low crime rate ;)

Anonymous said...

That would be already at the rub and tugs they closed down.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows we will pay for Auberger's sins with Rahn for as long as Johnnie stays in office. Just add it to Loszynski's tab.

Anonymous said...

Near to a convenient donut shop

Hidden in the woods
Taxpayers can't see how many copcars are parked in front of the building.

What taxpayers don't see they don't know about.

Anonymous said...

Good move, Baxter, Thanks.