Sunday, February 06, 2011

Greece Police Department Plans Awards Dinner


WHEC reports: The Greece Police Department will be holding an awards dinner on Monday February 7 at 7:00pm. The dinner will be at the Brook House on West Ridge Road. More than 200 people are expected to attend.

The dinner will honor officers who received awards in 2010 from the Greece Police Department and other agencies throughout Monroe County. It will also recognize the "Officer of the Year" for 2010, the "Civilian Employee of the Year" and the "Citizen of the Year".

Because there was no formal recognition given, the "Officers of the Year for 2007, 2008 and 2009" will be given to those officers as well.

SCATS ~~ Let's see ... 200 attendees at $25/person (conservative estimate) is another $5000 of wasted taxpayer money on a dog and pony show. I'm not against honoring the "Officer of the Year" but there are other ways at less expense. I am opposed to trying to make up for Rahn's oversights several years after the fact.  And how did it become the PD's domain to choose "Citizen of the Year?" What's the criteria? Shouldn't that be Auberger's job?


Anonymous said...

So, SCATS, what are you going to say at your acceptance speech?

SCATS said...

To 11:35AM ~~ Very funny ;)

Anonymous said...

On a somewhat related note.. what did I miss? Where did the precinct on Fetzer go?

Anonymous said...

But don't the attendees pay for their own meals? Why is that wasted taxpayer money?

Anonymous said...

Not really the subject of this post, but I notice that the new Longhorn restaurant being built at 390 and Ridge Rd will create 85 jobs. Any word on how much help they got from the local tax assessors to create that many jobs? After all we spent almost 300K per job at the new Nissan dealership further out the Ridge. Or maybe the Longhorn folks just did the math and decided Greece likes to eat out and a good restaurant will be good business.
What a neat surprise it would be that a business actually operates on a theory of investment and gain.

SCATS said...

To 2:14PM ~~ They are relocating to 500 Maiden Ln ... "to save you money." (wink)

To 4:54PM ~~ Surely you must jest!

To 5PM ~~ You are clearly ahead of your time ;)

Anonymous said...

Great- So by moving that precinct, instead of one empty building there, and a hole where they took a house out at the corner... we will have two. Thats just fabulous. Really. Fab-u-lous.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Bob and I'm calling on behalf of the Greasy Police Officers who will be getting awards at the upcoming testicular dinner.
The boys in blue would really appreciate you helping sponsor this event, and being that they barely tip $100,000 a year they can't afford to feed themselves, their wives & girlfriends to say nothing of kids to come to the dinner and see them get a cheap plaque.

For a $100 donation you'll receive a decal you can put on the rear window of your car that will enable a Trooper on the Thruway to ticket you for a $274 donation to the Governor's Bail out NY Fund.
If you can't afford $100, and we understand many greece taxpayers can't, your plate number will be loaded into a small computer device Greece Cops will be carrying soon.

Now, how dumb are you and how much can I put you down for?