Monday, February 07, 2011

BOE Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, pending litigation & the employment history of particular person(s).


Budget - Fund Balance Update

Communication Committee Recommendations
School Attendence Committee Recommendations

GESS Cabinet Retirement Incentive MOA (W/A) ~~ WHO THE HECK IS GESS?
GASA Retirement Incentive MOA (W/A)

Approval - Minutes February 1, 2011 (W/A)

SCATS ~~ It appears our out-of-control school board has taken to holding secret meetings, meetings they fail to post notice for, meetings for which there is NO AGENDA, not even for approval!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this meeting was posted on Board Docs but it was only listed as an executive session meeting to discuss the employment history of a particular person(s). I was actually wondering why you did not post something here reminding us all to attend or listen.

SCATS said...

To 2:11PM ~~ They also met Jan 27th (a Thursday) and did not post that one either. In fact, the Jan. 27th meeting minutes aren't even up for approval tomorrow night. The meeting from Feb. 1st is up for approval of the minutes, but it only states it was for an Exec. Session. They are getting sloppy ... VERY SLOPPY.

Anonymous said...

GESS is the group of "Exempt" (from being union represented) staff. Assistant Superintendents, Directors, etc.

Apparently, somebody wants to leave and get a bonus for doing so.

Don't you wish you could write your own paycheck, too?

Anonymous said...

SCOATS, almost every BOE posting has this expectation of executive session to discuss employment history of a particular person or persons. Is there something wrong with our district that every meeting involves this level of micro-management? Do all the other BOEs in the county/ state need to discuss employment history at each and every meeting? As a policy setting board, itr seems that many of these issues would fall under a set of guidelines that the Supt. or the PR dept. could deal with routinely.
Or is this merely a loophole that allows the BOE to conduct business outside of the pubic view so the show can go smoothly????

SCATS said...

To 6:57AM ~~ I thought it might be the exempted employees, but I guess I never heard of them referenced that way before. Thanks for the insight.

To 7:57AM ~~ Don't be so negative! Why would anyone ever think the Greece BOE might be conducting business in the backroom? (wink, wink!)

Anonymous said...

I wonder why there is no mention of the 50 page report from the committee studying reorganization. Rumor has it that it has been received by board members and, as expected, is fifty pages of absolutely nothing of substance. Considering that this committee was chaired by Ms. Hoeft, this is not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it interesting that our esteemed BOE spent more time discussing their use of some stupid BOARDDOCS program, than they spent reducing the requirements for classes for seniors at our high schools.

SCATS said...

To 8:11PM ~~ Worse than that is the fact that although the majority of the BOE want to continue using paper, they also want to continue using BoardDocs, an service we pay for!