Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Baxter Wants To Cut Crime Rate;
Return Us To Rahn's/Auberger's "Safest Community" Status

“My goal is to take us back in the top ten of America." ~~ Chief Todd Baxter's Next Goal


SCATS ~~ With all of the $$ we've spent on the Greece PD in the past year, we should already be in the top 10 Safe Communities if it's an achievable goal ... and we should be there without having to fake it like was done under Rahn! Given what we've been told about the changed demographics in Greece, should we even think about going down this path knowing it was nothing but one of Auberger's phony political ruses before?

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Anonymous said...

Well Toddie did come from the Department who proudly stickered up all their cars with First in New York when they got certified, and then had to strip those stickers off when Urlacher went down.

Toddie certainly has experience in self promotion.