Sunday, February 27, 2011

16% of Greece Properties Are Tax Exempt

In depth article discusses the politics behind tax exemptions

Explains how COMIDA, STAR, veterans, educational, religious and other tax breaks/exemptions cost the rest of us more.

"The state legislators go down there and they're everybody's pal. They authorize tax exemptions and it doesn't cost them anything ... For every dollar of exemption granted, everyone else's taxes go up." ~~ Monroe County Legislator Paul Haney, D-Rochester.

STAR is cited as the most used tax exemption in Monroe County. It doesn't cut school taxes, but spreads it out to all taxpayers throughout NY state.
"A decade after the program's full phase-in, you are channeling more than $3 billion a year of state personal income tax receipts into STAR, effectively subsidizing property taxes for most homeowners without reducing them for property owners in general. This has been a costly lesson in what doesn't work." ~~  E.J. McMahon of the Empire Center for New York State Policy

SCATS ~~ Previously, I think I compared tax exemptions like STAR to buying milk on sale for the same "reduced" price every week. After a certain period of time, you discover it isn't really a sale at all, it's the price!

BY THE WAY ~~ The "AVERAGE HOME" in Greece is assessed at $120,000. Without any exemptions, not even STAR, the taxes are nearly $100 per week! It's time to stop escrowing property taxes so that morthage holders get the reality check that comes with paying a tax bill every January & September!


Anonymous said...

What does that mean that 16% are tax exempt? Do you mean they are completely exempt like churches and schools. It would be closer to 100% of the residential properties if you counted the STAR and enhanced STAR and veterans exemption. The only residential properties that would not qualify for star would be if it was the 2nd or 3rd property etc of an owner and they already had one that was getting the STAR. Also vacant land residential zoned properties would not qualify.
And if you sell your home and move somewhere else you would have a year that you could not qualify as you would have to reapply at the new property. Even if it was in the same town?

The non-residential which includes apartments and condo-which are assessed at 50% of the market price/value- and commercial do not get the STAR or do they?

And the condos for instance can be sold for 160,000 and the tax rate is based on 80,000. They are considered apartments in the code.
And many of the commercial properties in greece pay absolutely no school or town/county tax. Does anyone know why?

SCATS said...

To 11:44AM ~~ I believe they mean COMPLETELY EXEMPT ... That figure comes from the insert the D&C shows on the first online page to the article.

Anonymous said...

Some condos are treated differently. On Kirkdale Circle off Kirk Rd the market and selling value of those properties are around 160K and the tax value is at around 75K.
On Flower Dale Circle off ridge the properties also condominiums are market value of about 100K and tax value of 100K. So a property in the first instance (1400 sq ft ranch attached) is taxed total 2000 for school and county and the flowerdale tax bills total 3500. Why is there a difference?
Also the lower tax bargain property is considered "non residential apartment" and the higher taxed..although lower selling considered "residential".

Anonymous said...

Having homeowners be aware of what the taxes are would help, but most people could not put aside that money without the bank's help. It is forced budgeting.
Maybe a "truth in propaganda" law would be helpful. Inform the homeowner how much the total tax is on their property. So many times the suburban districts are told what their school tax would be only for the average house and not for the other houses. Also they make it seem like that is the only tax on your house. There is also the county and town tax in January. Most first time homeowners don't know what they are paying for tax. They think it is just part of the mortgage payment and don't realize the total impact until they see an adjustment that sometimes only comes to $40 a month a couple times a year. That is why they are so cooperative to vote yes on budgets. Also they are busy with their kids and being bombarded with sob stories from the schools. When they have a $2500 per month mortgage payment that includes principal interest and taxes, 20 or 40 a month doesn't seem that bad. And they can't understand why those of us that pay twice a year because we have paid off our houses are complaining.

SCATS said...

To 5:33PM ~~ Maybe we should be rethinking giving mortgages to people who can't budget without being forced ... ? Or if they can't figure out the change in their taxes with a school budget plan approved ...?

I was amazed that for many years, folks with a mortgage couldn't even obtain a copy of the tax bill from their bank (Yes, I know I just dated myself ... ).

Anonymous said...

The QUESTION should be Who the hell is cutting sweet deals?

The former Odenbach ship plant on Dweey Ave at Ling Rd has an assessment below $100,000. A chunk of that property was sold recently to Danis Decorating for more than the total assessment on the property.

WTF is going on in the Assessor's office?

Anonymous said...

That former plant is located at 4777 Dewey Ave and is owned by a company called 4800 Dewey Ave which has the tax bills sent to a person that seems to own Genesee scrap which is or was located in that warehouse and and on Steel St. Its tax value is $515,000 according to the Monroe County tax records and encompasses 33.60 acres.

Another property just to the south is located at 4771 Dewey Ave and the owner is now M&R Holding of Rochester with offices on River St. The other name Danis did buy it from the present owners and sold it back. That property is 2.8 acres and is valued for taxes at $225,000. They receive no exemptions or tax breaks.

Why would someone pick that property out of Greece for being treated preferentially when they get no tax break at all and there are hundreds of commercial properties in Greece...especially at the corner of Latta and Long Pond...that pay no tax at all.

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

To 9:55AM ~~ I strongly suggest that you (and anyone else who feels the need to confer kudos on another media source) go to the appropriate website, and tell them directly how you feel. Most other "competitors" don't permit comments mentioning this BLOG ;)

Anonymous said...

1139 when I last looked at the County records for 4777 Dewey it was assessed at $66,000. When you look into the records you will find it is owned by the estate of Louis Atkin who also owns Genesee Scrap and multiple other businesses and properties.

The highest assessment on 4777 Dewey was a result of the Cuomo state wide reassessment, and Atkin managed to beat that down through litigation by claiming the property was worthless due to the contamination issues the taxpayer is paying to clean up. If you know the history of the property you also know the contamination came from the bumper replating business Atkin had operating there in the 60s and not the shipbuilding or airframe building for DOD in the 40s & 50s.

When Town officials were made aware of the true source of the contamination they elected to keep it quiet and let the Feds foot the bill.

SCATS said...

Regarding the Dewey Ave property, I've been asked to post the following link:

Anonymous said...

Louis Atkin is still alive. Some other Atkin's are deceased and the property was turned over in 2000 to Louis Atkin of Genesee scrap who is doing business 4777 Dewey as well as Steel St.
There are more sweet deals going on also at the corner of North Greece and Latta. The not so old but former firehouse is owned by the politico barber. Soon he will own all of that zip code. He already has his own post office which is inexplicably used by our school district as their home address.