Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks For Raising Our Taxes Again, Maggie!

COMIDA approved assistance for five local economic development projects, including:

4036 W. Ridge Rd. LLC will be constructing a 16,700-square-foot automobile facility on West Ridge Road in Greece. The facility will be the first and only electric vehicle charging station in the town. The facility will be heated solely by waste oil from vehicle oil changes. The $4,530,000 project is projected to create 13 new positions within three years. The applicant seeks approval of the JobsPlus property tax abatement. The JobsPlus job creation requirement is four. (Greece Post)

SCATS ~~ Just what we don't need - another car dealership on W. Ridge Rd. This one subsidized on the backs of the taxpayers!


Anonymous said...

But if they don't give Nissan the tax breaks, they will build the showroom in Arkansas and we will all have to travel there to buy a car!

Anonymous said...

This a good example of why COMIDA and the empire zone don't work. Search far enough into this (local dealership owner or some such) and you will fins a republican crony connection. So much for Maggie's ethic board

Anonymous said...

$4,530,000 for 13 jobs is $350,000 per job. I'd like to apply for one of those jobs! When will they be taking applications?

Charlie Hubbard said...

Something this stupid was bound to happen. A tax credit for a car dealership.
Scats you are exactly right about how this must be paid by the rest of us.
This is brought to us by a 'committee' an 'unelected committee' an 'unaccountable committee'. As with most 'committees' they provide political cover for politicians who lack the backbone to come out and say 'they' are in favor of tax increases - not my fault.

We had a committee overseeing the water authority??
We had a committee watching over expendetures at the airport (cigargate)
We had a committee watching over the ice rink in Henrietta.
Now we have a committee raising taxes to help a car dealership.
What the he## are we doing? Is anyone watching over these people?
The answer appears to be NO and THAT better get fixed.
These items are as dirty as politics get.
I have been a strong supporter of Maggie Brooks but if this DIRT is not cleaned up - say goodby.
I would expect this type of crap from a liberal - but from a conservative I expect MUCH better.

Anonymous said...

...and the authority that runs Frontier Field and not-Paetec Park
...and the authority that manages the 10-year, quarter-billion spending spree on county communications equipment
...and the authority that manages the 20-year contract to Siemens
...and a number of others.

The authority money is paid by taxes but is off-budget. The next time you hear Maggie bitch and moan because of "unfunded mandates" remember that the amount going to all the authorities easily exceeds this amount.

SCATS said...

Maggie Brooks and John Auberger easily run the most corrupted governments around here! The only difference is, when confronted with their messes face-to-face, Maggie cleans hers up. Auberger claims he can't recall the messes he created, not even on the witness stand and under oath!

Anonymous said...

Guess who gave $500.00 to friends of John Auberger on 4/2/2010

Angelo Ingrassia owner of the dealership Image Nissan which is cited in the D and C article

SCATS said...

To 2:33PM ~~ It's like buying cigars to do airport business. It's just a normal expense to do business in the Town of Greece ;)