Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Special Interest & Budget Lobbying Begins!

 BUDGET GAP = $7,000,000 !

Resident's Forum ~~ Whiners want Athena tennis courts moved and/or revamped and a sports facility "Master Plan" implemented to "benefit the whole community." (Of course, they only mean their portion of the Greece community, because they really don't give-a-damn about anyone else.)

GUSS Rep. Bill Maloney ~~ Read lengthy list of positions GUSS members hold. (An apparent attempt to impress us with why they deserve the new contract/raises the BOE is slated to approve, likely without much discussion or adherence to policy!)

Greece School Board directs Supt. O'Rourke to use 2-3% as the target for the tax rate increase in creating his budget proposal. Proposed budget to be presented to the Greece BOE on March 8th.

GUSS contract approved by a vote of 8 to 0. Contract covers years 2010 through 2012 with approx. increases of 3%/yr. (The BOE failed to discuss any benefit to the district, the cost to the district or to follow their policy yet again!)

O'Rourke ~~ "We are already well into planning for the next school year with regards to schools-of-choice." (Interpretation ~~ We are stuck with NO changes for at least one more year!)

Oberg ~~ "Bullying can't be tolerated in our society or in our schools." (Unless it's done by the Board of Education ;)


Anonymous said...

How about one of our elected BOE members actually propose a budget with a 0% increase.
We seem to have survived this year. Why can't we make it another year.

Cut whatever you have to. Tell the GTA that they can either accept what they were paid last year or we cut the number is positions which would equate to the same $$ savings.

Let's have them take one for the team.
A 3% increase in salaries and benefits equals almost an additional $6 million dollars!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They all sound like parrots!!!
How about a rational, coherent, individual thought?
Very disappointed in our BOE!

Anonymous said...

It did not sound like they got 3 percent. It sounded like they got 3 percent last year and were taking 0 this year. Which doesn't sound like that bad of an idea perhaps GTA could make a move like that.

SCATS said...

To 11:13PM ~~ I thought Nadolinski mumbled "approx. 3% each year." If I'm wrong, please show me the document & I'll gladly make the change. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

The document is surprisingly posted on board docs.
3% raise for 2010
Something like $1000 raise for 2011
3% raise for 2012
Must be nice.

Does the original contract give the "step increases" in addition to the raises?

It would have been nice if the BOE had actually adressed the $$ impact this new agreement would have.
To say that it is 3%, and "falls within the board's recommendation", means nothing.
How much $$ did we just spend? What will be cut in order to pay for these wage and benefit increases?

Anonymous said...

Why don't YOU show the document that shows YOU'RE right, SCATS? Funny how you hold someone to produce a "document" that they very likely can't - yet, you don't hold yourself to the same expectation. Since YOU think Nadolinski mumbled "approx 3% each year", why don't you put the video/audio link on here to verify YOUR opinion....or, better yet, the document.

Charlie Hubbard said...

What an irresponsible exercise in political BS. How in gods name can you make a responsible determination on the tax rate until you at least know what the state-aid figure is? Not one word about the effects on the 'quality' of the product being produced - just don't take away MY fetish item. POLITICAL BS.

The contract; the entitlement train keeps rolling - again no mention about how this additional spending will improve 'quality'.

A simple exercise; we approve contracts with 3% increases and have a target of 2% tax increase?????? We must be looking for MORE from Albany. Is nobody watching the news?

Again, not one word about 'results' being tied to 'spending'.

Anonymous said...

It is now clear that both the school board and the teacher's union would rather see larger class sizes than lower pay raises.

And this also confirms that any tax cap will start out as a minimum increase not a maximum.
Here we go again. I'll pass this on to Cuomo and friends!

Is there any way we can not waste tax payer money holding a budget vote and just acknowledge that the budget will be defeated so the board can go imediately to their now famous "contingency" budget?

SCATS said...

To 6:45AM ~~
1 ~ It is the Greece school board's job TO TELL US THIS INFORMATION AS PER THEIR POLICY!!

2 ~ I was taking notes as an audience member, listening carefully.

3 ~ I do not have control of the school district's audio/video link! If/when they decide to post it, feel free to go there and listen ;)

4 ~ 6:27AM beat you to the punch by verifying my statements, for which I am appreciative, 6:27AM ! Looks like I'm exhonerated yet again! How about an apology, from you 6:45AM?

5 ~ I'm extremely careful with my word choices and posts. I think before putting fingers on the keyboard. It's why I seldom have to eat my words :D

Anonymous said...

Is the 3% in salary or total compensation?
Is medical still based on percent and if so how did they anticipate a cost for next year?
I also Scats heard no dollar figures given but I'm sure the board knew!!!!!!

SCATS said...

To 11:22AM ~~ The statement was made that the "BOE was given details weeks ago." The community is left in the dark.

Anonymous said...

That sounds about right. Give a new contract to the GUSS middle managers. They work hard screwing up all the capital improvement projects. Its also not easy hiring sexual deviants to sit on a bus with our kids. They are SOOO qualified to do their jobs that they deserve a raise. How about canning all of them and hiring some people who actually have a clue on how to run a business.

Anonymous said...

After hearing the job titles read by the union head it made me think how this union contract would be and should be a reflection of what those in the community are getting with similar job titles. A perfect opportunity to bring some balance between the private and public sector.
I am sure the board looked at it this way.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to know what the Board Members are thinking you need to follow the group after the Board meetings and join them at whatever local establishment they are going to. Tuesday evening six of them went to Applebees. You could listen in on O'Toole and Race talk about how important they are, VanOrman just sticks to her normal constant rambling and thanks everyone for coming and for all they do for the district and the men just have a few drinks. Apparently this is why the meetings have ended so quickly the last few months because the board members have their own private meetings afterwards. Isn't six members of the board in one place a quorm and considered a meeting? Wait till the next meeting follow them when they leave and see where the extended meeting takes place, that's how we'll know the ral opinions of the Board.

Anonymous said...

you said you were at the meeting tuesday evening, were you the gentlman in the front row in the black coat taking all the notes?

SCATS said...

To 7:43AM ~~ What can I say?

Anonymous said...

You posted the GUSS MOA (contract changes) January 9th. and the contract is posted on the district web.
There are no Steps For GUSS (The Only Unit to give that back years ago)
Medical is 70/30. At least GUSS gave soma little, unlike teachers.

SCATS said...

To 9:24PM ~~ Thank you for clarifying that.