Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Greece Central School District Hotline Numbers

At last night's BOE meeting, Gale O'Toole complained that the Greece School website's page for the Safe School Hotline number was inoperable. Well Gale, you should have looked on SCATS!

We blogged about the district's hotline  numbers in Feb. of 2009 and they are archived in the BLOG Index under the easy to remember title of "HOTLINE NUMBERS." We're here when the Greece Central School District fails to do its job ;)

1 ~ GCSD's Employee Ethics Line
1-877-841-GCSD (For employee use)

2 ~ Safe School Helpline
(I'm told you must use Ext. 359)
(For parent, student, community member use)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the numbers-What is the SCATS Hotline number?

SCATS said...

To 3:04PM ~~ You already have my "number" ... it's: