Saturday, January 29, 2011

Injured Child? Don't Expect District To Call You!


Were you aware that there is no policy in place in the GCSD that pertains to parental notification if a child is injured during school hours? There is only a policy that allows parental notification if a child is being sent for emergency treatment. Also, if your child is bullied or assaulted during school hours, there is no policy for parental notification as well (as long as your child did not defend himself). However, if your child defends himself, parental notification will happen because your child is now in trouble over the Zero Tolerance policies. I believe we have a right to know if our child is injured or assaulted during the school day prior to their arrival home with a “note” or “incident report” from the nurse about the injury they sustained at the hands of another student. Recently, my 6 year old was assaulted by another 1st grader. His head was slammed into a lunch table and his neck was injured on the edge. My son has a medical condition and is on a heavy dosage of medications, including chemo, which affects his clotting of his blood. The school is completely aware of this and the risks that were involved, yet they failed to contact me. I had to rely on the information of a 6 year old to explain the events with an “incident report” in hand after he got off the bus. This is NOT acceptable!

SCATS ~~ I'm aware that the Greece Central School District behaves as if they own your child from the time the bus picks him/her up until the time they drop them off. What happens in between is a well kept secret!

Has WGMC Turned Over A New Leaf?

In September 2009, SCATS questioned whether WGMC's planned Wine & Cheese fundraiser was appropriate given Greece Central School District's Zero Tolerance Policy on drinking.

Now, I see WGMC is planning to host a more family friendly & less controversial Pancake Breakfast fundraiser in March.

SCATS is hoping this is a sign that WGMC understands that they realize GCSD policies pertain to them, too. Time will tell ;)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving Up ... and Out?

The D&C reports: The Wheatland-Chili Board of Education has announced three finalists for superintendent of schools. By the Jan. 7 deadline, 30 applications were received. After screening interviews were conducted by the district's search consultants, seven semifinalists were interviewed by the Board of Education and a representative of the teachers and administrators.

The three finalists are: Cynthia DeDominick, superintendent of Madison Central School District, Madison County; Deborah Hoeft, assistant superintendent for student services at Greece Central School District; and Deborah Leh, assistant superintendent for student learning at Clarkstown Central School District, Rockland County.

Finalists are scheduled to return to the district today for interviews with three school-community groups. After the interviews, the board will meet to decide on the next stages in the hiring process.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greece Athletes Disrespectful @Hockey Game

From My Email:

"I was at the Storm hockey game a few nights ago (Thunder vs Lightning). So mostly Greece students and people present. Very little if any respect shown for the flag shown during the National Anthem. Talking and screwing around, hats on, adults talking not paying attention not facing the flag. What ever happened to standing at attention and the hand over the heart like the old days."

SCATS ~~ It sounds like our athletes are doing more to give Greece a black eye these days than just about any other persons/incidents based upon reports I keep receiving. WHERE ARE THE COACHES?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Special Ed Incompetence To Cost GCSD $1 Million?

Anonymous said...

Although I admit to being biased, you may want to post this under a new heading for maximal visibility.

Once again, special education in GSCD, under the helm of Deb Hoeft, proves it's gross incompetence, the great cost of us all.

This news was attempted to be hidden from the citizens of Greece. It was assuredly an agenda topic of BOE executive session. Due to failure to abide by New York State Medicaid policies and procedures, GCSD has been charged, in recent weeks, to PAY BACK to New York State Medicaid a sum of very near ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! The reason? REQUIRED Special Education policies (of which Deb Hoeft was in charge of creating and implementing) were not in place to properly bill Medicaid for specialized services to students (such as speech therapy and physical therapy)over the last many years in GCSD. How did this happen? Last year New York State Medicaid audited GCSD, and found that since these required policies and procedures (which are spelled out to all school districts as bulleted points!) were not in place, Greece is required to pay back services billed to NYS Medicaid..which comes to a colossal 1 MILLION DOLLARS. Here's the kicker, had Medicaid been billed correctly for these services, under competently implemented and supervised procedures,(or simply following Medicaid's BULLETED, OUTLINED, CLEAR AS DAY POINTS!) the audit would have revealed that all services were billed correctly and reimbursable, and GSCD would NOT be in it's current position of needing to pay back ONE MILLION DOLLARS to NYS Medicaid. This is literally throwing away ONE MILLION DOLLARS in state aid that has already been paid to Greece. It was line itemized in past budgets. It now has to be given back. I wonder where this ONE MILLION DOLLARS will come from??? How about from payroll? How about starting with the payroll of the person whose JOB it was to be sure Medicaid policies and procedures were being followed so that GCSD would not have to GIVE BACK ONE MILLION DOLLARS. And whose job was that? Deb Hoeft, What do you have to say for yourself? Not much considering you were hoping this news would never see the light of day.   1/26/2011 8:20 PM

SCATS ~~ History repeats itself so fast in the Greece Central School District it almost makes my head spin!


Christopher Patino & Mustafa Said

Hero: one who shows great courage
Samaritan:  a person who is generous in helping those in distress

SCATS ~~ Move over J-MAC! These two are the real deal :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama On Education ...

"It's not just the winner of the Super Bowl,
but the science fair."

"We want to reward good teachers
and stop making excuses for bad ones."

SCATS ~~ Gee, these messages sound a lot like past BLOG topics!

Was It For The Kids?

With NO DISCUSSION at all, the Greece School Board voted 8 to 0 to suspend the policy requiring students to take at least 6 credits per year unless exempted by the school principal (pg. 5, Course Offering Guide).


Items of note:
  • The Greece School District's Capital Project Needs Total Nearly $170 Million!
  • "Statistically, December is the optimal time to get a capital improvement project approved, for whatever reason." (Because the snow birds (senior citizens) are in Florida!)
  • The BOE plans to push for athletic facility capital improvements.

Town Leaders Absent @Grand Opening

The new Family Dollar Store at 500 Stone Rd (the old Eckerts Drugstore location) held its grand opening Saturday.

Notably absent were all from Town Hall.

Maybe they liked it better with this eyesore sitting vacant??

Monday, January 24, 2011

Was It REALLY Necessary To Close School Today?

In past years, school remained open on days with colder temps, lower windchills & whiteout conditions! Today, the roads were clear and the sun shone most of the day!

WHEC-TV reports: "A spokesman for the Greece superintendent said the decision to close was based purely on temperature and wind chill and concern for kids who have to walk to school.

Greece has 1,000 walkers. They bus all pre-schoolers through fifth grade but kids in sixth through eighth grade are bused only if they live more than a mile from school and high school students -- it's a mile and-a-half."

SCATS ~~ All 1,000 so called "walkers" are in grades 6 through 12 and many of them do NOT walk!  There are hundreds of high school students driving to school daily throughout this district. There are hundreds of middle school students getting rides to and from school with parents. The two things we can learn from the news reported above today are:


2 - THE FEW KIDS WHO MUST WALK TO SCHOOL caused everyone to lose a day of instruction.


Greece School District Bullies Employees

Anonymous said...
I have experience with being bullied by administrative employees at GCSD...After meeting standards for two years and being a successful teacher, I was forced to resign or I would would have been fired in my Tenure year. I was told that the district's standards had suddenly changed and I no longer met them. Funny I was never told of these changes and the union was of no help!!! This was after I had to take personal days due to court appearances for my divorce. I was bullied by the adminstration all that year and harrassed on my job. My divorce is now final and I am free now to pursue this.   1/24/2011 10:14 AM

SCATS ~~ But we can rest assured that Frank Oberg & his merry band of 8 other boardsmen will ensure that no one else gets bullied! Oh wait! I almost forgot ... they do plenty of it to others when they aren't being victimized themselves ;)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Special BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the Board will go into an Executive Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, employment history of partricular person(s) & pending litigation.


1 - Suspension of Policy ("Students are required to take at least six credits per year unless exempted by the school principal.")  in Course Offering Guide, Top of pg. 5

SCATS ~~ WHY would this be in the best interests of the students? Isn't this another educational watering down of curriculum?

2 - Capital Project Planning and Discussion

SCATS ~~ Watch you wallet alert!!!

3 - Bullying Discussion

SCATS ~~ Will the Greece Board of Education talk about why they permit themselves to be bullied into submission by small groups of loud special interest types every year at budget time? Will they tell us their plan for overcoming their own fear of dealing with school-of-choice parents when they know they MUST start tackling school choice options, transportation, school closings and other tough issues that represent areas where the Greece Central School District could save millions of dollars WITHIN THE YEAR?

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Gimme a break, Jim Alesi!! ~~ OMG! Are you serious with your lawsuit against a "homeowner" who failed to prevent some moron (in this case you!) from entering their "home" while it was under construction and falling off a ladder while you nosed about during your trespassing escapade?? I hope the judge throws this case out! And I hope the voters toss your sorry arse to the curb along with it, too!

Gimme a break, Dave Damelio!!  ~~ It's bad enough you allowed public funds to literally go up in smoke - cigar smoke - at the airport, one of the first places in Monroe County to ban smoking. Adding insult to injury, you wasted more tax $$ visiting strip clubs on our dime! How can it be that it took Maggie Brooks so long to see your issues? Oh yeah, I forgot. She also didn't realize for many years that county library patrons were viewing porn in public on taxpayer funded computers! Let's vote her in again!! NOT!!!

Gimme a break, Democrat &Chronicle!! ~~ You can't find ANYTHING of interest for story material in Greece without having to: 1 - ask us for ideas and 2 - send your people out here on some sort of special mission, as if we're on a continent far, far away?? Why not try doing some INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING, just like you did in the Damelio story? Try looking under some of the stones Loszynski left unturned. Start with looking at campaign contributions given to Auberger by people who get some tidy tax credits for doing business here after the fact (HINT: Nissan/COMIDA/Angelo Ingrassia). Yeah, I know ... too many of your elite editors rub elbows with the Greece Rotary/Chamber crowd over scrambled egg breakfasts ... I'll dream on.

Gimme a break, Frank Oberg!! ~~ Your whining about Greece Central's budget woes in the Greece Post this week gets no sympathy from me at all! Since becoming school board president last July, you've helped fuel the financial beasts that are driving everyone out of this district (read that as can't afford the property taxes!) by adding items back into a defeated budget, by not permitting a revote on your retooled budget, and by adopting contracts with more salary increases for people who don't have to perform, or even show up for work! And you do this while thumbing your nose at policies YOU helped put into place! Your grumbling is so much "yesterday's news" ("We're running out of places to cut. We're going to have to get into the meat and potatoes (of the budget) to make cuts.") that the folks who publish the Greece Post didn't even bother posting the budget "story" (fairytale??) on their website! If you actually meant any of what you said, there would be a revamped transportation program going into place, several schools would be closed and school choice/options would be on their way out for having outlived their usefulness and the community's ability to fund them. None of that is happening, so I say "POPPYCOCK!" to your phony concerns!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maggie, Auberger, COMIDA & Corruption?

On Wed. January 19th, the D&C reported that: "On Tuesday, the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency approved a property tax break for Ideal Nissan, now in Irondequoit and relocating to Greece. Angelo Ingrassia, president of Ideal Nissan, said Nissan USA asked him to move the franchise to Greece from 1600 E. Ridge Road in Irondequoit ... The dealership will be built at 4036 W. Ridge Road. Ingrassia said he employs 35 people now, and expects to add 13 workers within three years. Judy Seil, COMIDA's executive director, said the $313,000 in tax incentives will produce $716,000 in new tax revenue."

Today a SCATS BLOGGER wrote: "SCATS: Guess who gave $500.00 to friends of John Auberger on 4/2/2010 Angelo Ingrassia owner of the dealership Image Nissan which is cited in the D and C article." 1/20/2011 2:33 PM

SCATS: I have verified that the above information is absolutely correct! Is a campaign contribution part of the cost of doing business in the Town of Greece? If you are nice to Auberger, will Maggie reward you with a COMIDA tax break? Why does this remind me of the recent cigar-gate scandal? Hmmm ...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks For Raising Our Taxes Again, Maggie!

COMIDA approved assistance for five local economic development projects, including:

4036 W. Ridge Rd. LLC will be constructing a 16,700-square-foot automobile facility on West Ridge Road in Greece. The facility will be the first and only electric vehicle charging station in the town. The facility will be heated solely by waste oil from vehicle oil changes. The $4,530,000 project is projected to create 13 new positions within three years. The applicant seeks approval of the JobsPlus property tax abatement. The JobsPlus job creation requirement is four. (Greece Post)

SCATS ~~ Just what we don't need - another car dealership on W. Ridge Rd. This one subsidized on the backs of the taxpayers!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greece Town Board Meeting Tonight @6PM

No Tentative Agenda Posted

Monday, January 17, 2011

Todd Baxter's First Year

In February, it will be the one year anniversary since Todd Baxter took his oath to become Greece's police chief. One year ago, he appeared to hit the ground running, juggled community meetings, a murder/suicide case followed by a triple homicide and began rebuilding the Greece Police Dept. all at the same time.

For the first time in memory, GPD's inner workings became much more transparent to the folks who foot the bills: the Greece taxpayers. For several months, there was a refreshing openness about crime and law enforcement in this town. Then, sadly ... predictably even ... things in GPD slowly changed back to the more secretive ways of the past by the time school started last September.

One year later, the status quo we became accustomed to under Merritt Rahn's reign appears to have come full circle. The crimes that make it into the headlines disappear without follow-up once again. Other incidents fail to make the news at all. We are left wondering ... and talking amongst ourselves to fill in the gaps, just like before. Once again, politics has replaced transparency within the Greece Police Dept.

I'm deeply disappointed that Chief Todd Baxter caved-in to Supervisor John Auberger's political spin machine. We needed a tough, no nonsense leader who values transparency to rebuild trust in this town's PD. We had it, but it was so fleeting.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

BOE Holds "Special Meetings" @Applebee's

Anonymous said...

If you really want to know what the Board Members are thinking you need to follow the group after the Board meetings and join them at whatever local establishment they are going to. Tuesday evening six of them went to Applebees. You could listen in on O'Toole and Race talk about how important they are, VanOrman just sticks to her normal constant rambling and thanks everyone for coming and for all they do for the district and the men just have a few drinks. Apparently this is why the meetings have ended so quickly the last few months because the board members have their own private meetings afterwards. Isn't six members of the board in one place a quorm and considered a meeting? Wait till the next meeting follow them when they leave and see where the extended meeting takes place, that's how we'll know the ral opinions of the Board.  
1/13/2011 7:41 AM

SCATS ~~ Let's see, O'Toole offered to give the Supt. her typed up list of budget recommendations privately at Tuesday's meeting, too. It's obvious from the lack of discussion before they vote on issues that they are having MOST discussions away from the public eye.

The Greece Central School District
Board of Education Is
Thank you, Frank Oberg!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Greece Central School District Hotline Numbers

At last night's BOE meeting, Gale O'Toole complained that the Greece School website's page for the Safe School Hotline number was inoperable. Well Gale, you should have looked on SCATS!

We blogged about the district's hotline  numbers in Feb. of 2009 and they are archived in the BLOG Index under the easy to remember title of "HOTLINE NUMBERS." We're here when the Greece Central School District fails to do its job ;)

1 ~ GCSD's Employee Ethics Line
1-877-841-GCSD (For employee use)

2 ~ Safe School Helpline
(I'm told you must use Ext. 359)
(For parent, student, community member use)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Special Interest & Budget Lobbying Begins!

 BUDGET GAP = $7,000,000 !

Resident's Forum ~~ Whiners want Athena tennis courts moved and/or revamped and a sports facility "Master Plan" implemented to "benefit the whole community." (Of course, they only mean their portion of the Greece community, because they really don't give-a-damn about anyone else.)

GUSS Rep. Bill Maloney ~~ Read lengthy list of positions GUSS members hold. (An apparent attempt to impress us with why they deserve the new contract/raises the BOE is slated to approve, likely without much discussion or adherence to policy!)

Greece School Board directs Supt. O'Rourke to use 2-3% as the target for the tax rate increase in creating his budget proposal. Proposed budget to be presented to the Greece BOE on March 8th.

GUSS contract approved by a vote of 8 to 0. Contract covers years 2010 through 2012 with approx. increases of 3%/yr. (The BOE failed to discuss any benefit to the district, the cost to the district or to follow their policy yet again!)

O'Rourke ~~ "We are already well into planning for the next school year with regards to schools-of-choice." (Interpretation ~~ We are stuck with NO changes for at least one more year!)

Oberg ~~ "Bullying can't be tolerated in our society or in our schools." (Unless it's done by the Board of Education ;)

Greece Woman Robbed While Walking Dog

The D&C reports: A woman was robbed this morning as she was walking her dog in a Greece neighborhood.

Just after 8:10 a.m., a woman in her 30s was walking her dog on Pomona Drive, near Castleton Road, when a sport utility vehicle drove down the residential road, said Greece Police Capt. Steve Chatterton.

The woman, who lives in the neighborhood, told officers that three men in their 20s were in a Chevrolet Blazer when one of the men exited the SUV, approached her and stole her purse, Chatterton said.

No weapon was displayed, he said. The woman was not injured.

Chatterton said there have not been any similar incidents in the area in recent weeks.

The SUV was described as an older model red or maroon Blazer with silver rims or hub cabs. At least one of the hub caps was missing.

SCATS ~~ One more incident, one more victim, one more day of denial that we have a problem in the Town of Greece. No problem in recent weeks? We're now accepting crime by how often it occurs in a shorter time frame! Children are standing at bus stops at 8:10AM!!

Northgate Neighborhood Meeting Wednesday @7PM

Aldersgate Methodist Church
Dewey Ave.

Glen Greibus and Bill Empey of the Homeland Security Management Institute at MCC will speak January 12th about Citizen Preparedness. Are you prepared for a serious emergency?

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Greece BOE Meeting, Tuesday @ 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, pending litigation & the employment history of particular person(s).


Supt's Reports
Budget Parameters Discussion
2011 - 2012 Staffing Projections

Financial Oversight
Approval - GUSS Contract
Bond Refunding Resolution

New Business
Bullying Discussion
Supt Search Update

SCATS ~~ Don't you just love how the agenda says they will APPROVE the GUSS contract when it hasn't  been discussed in public before? Closed, clubby, corrupt!

Friday, January 07, 2011

More Suspected Sex Abuse Victims Interviewed

WHEC-TV reports: Greece Police are investigating cases of several more suspected victims of former Greece School Bus monitor Paul Kinney.

Police interviewed the potential victims and their parents today.

The evidence that led police to these potential victims is captured on school bus security camera video tape.

GPD Capt. Steve Chatterton Moves On Up!

SCATS congratulates Greece Police Dept.'s Capt. Steve Chatterton & his wife Andrea on the recent purchase of their new $255,000 home!!

Andrea who began working for the Town of Greece in 2010 as a Clerk to a Town Justice ($34,589) and Steve who was promoted to the position of Captain in GPD ($136,894) in Spring of 2010 are frequent past contributors to the Auberger campaign fund. Their new home is situated in the Hilton School District.

Brown-nosing in the Town of Greece
certainly comes with its privileges!

(Figures provided by and the Monroe County Clerk's Office)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gov. Cuomo's Message To BOE Prez. Oberg

"The people of this state simply can NOT
afford to pay any more taxes, period."
(Gov. Andrew Cuomo ~State of the State speech, 1/5/11)

New York is #1 in school spending, but #34 in results.
Gov. Cuomo's Message to Maggie Brooks, Jack Auberger & Company:

"New York has NO future as the tax capital of the nation. Our young people will NOT stay, businesses will NOT come."

13 of the 16 highest taxed counties in the US are located in New York State
Listen to speech excerpts

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cuomo Cuts His Own Pay To $170K

Does Greece Need To Spend
 For A New Superintendent?

SCATS ~~ The Greece school board must show us why we should spend even one penny more than Cuomo will make to attract a new school district superintendent.

Monday, January 03, 2011


YNN Reports: Greater Rochester International Airport Director Dave Damelio has resigned.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks made the announcement in a statement just before noon Monday.

Damelio's resignation comes after a New York State authority’s budget office review of the airport authority's spending practices.

Damelio faced scrutiny after the report exposed more than $21,000 spent on cigars, bars, and restaurant catering.

A county spokesman said Damelio used the money for business relations.

Brooks said Damelio was resigning to pursue other professional opportunities.

Brooks has tapped current County Budget Director, Susan Walsh to replace Damelio. She will assume the position immediately.

SCATS ~~ Isn't it absolutely AMAZING (not to mention coincidental) at how these sorts of people are presented with other such wonderful unnamed "career opportunities" just in the nick of time to save them the embarrassment of being accountable to the taxpayers? Where have I heard this before ... Oh I know! Several Greece Town Board members in the past suddenly "resign" when in hot water ... and during GPD's scandals ... yada, yada, yada ...

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hang Onto Your Wallet Alert!

2011 Town & County Tax Bills Arrive

Town Tax - flat
Fire District & Lights - up about 6% 


Saturday, January 01, 2011

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR !! ***