Monday, December 06, 2010

School Choice 'Forum' Rules Stifle Input

Another Phony 
Greece Central School District
'Forum' *

Public forum on school choice, signature schools & secondary option

Olympia High School Auditorium

December 9th, 6:30-8:30PM
"I can assure you they will be prepared to stay later if need be ... this will be a listening session ... " ~~ Interim Supt. O'Rourke at BOE meeting held 11/9/10
SCATS ~~ There was absolutely NO MENTION of requiring speakers to sign up in advance or of limiting that input/listening time to 3 minutes when O'Rourke announced this "forum." After 20 yrs. of festering, do you think it's possible for people to sum up their thoughts on this controversial issue in so little time? They do NOT want to discuss anything! It's a large part of Greece's dysfunction!!
*By definition, the word "forum" suggests "discussion."


Anonymous said...

They don't plan on making waves, Scats. That requires a spine. This is a show, meant to con people into thinking they did something. My prediction - of the few who show up, school of choice parents will overwhelm anyone else just by the numbers. Fixing any of the bigger problems in Greece (like this one) requires more than committees, consultants, money and forums can muster. There's only cowards "working" on the troubles and they won't change anything. Ask Oberg.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with 4:22PM. The so called forum will be loaded down with school of the chosen parents and teachers who will tell the B of E how their kids love their schools while the rest of the parents who's kids were not "chosen" will probably not bother to show up because they know what they say won't matter.

The B of E (if they had any spines) would just abolish the schools of the chosen without the dog and pony show. This mess has gone on far too long and divided too many parents and neighborhoods for 2 decades. Enough already. Do your job B of Ed.

SCATS said...

To 8:41PM ~~ Crying into a mic works when nothing else does, especially if the tears are a student's ;)

Anonymous said...

The media at channel 13 are already planning interviews at the schools of choice. One today planned for the chorus at pinebrook. The parents had to get their kids there ahead of the regular chorus time in "dresses if possible". If they weren't able to get there ahead of 8 am they were told they "wouldn't be included in the news" braodcast.What are they trying to prove?

SCATS said...

To 8:44AM ~~ Let me guess ... Patrice Walsh is fanning the flames?