Monday, December 06, 2010

Rahn Case Headed Back To Court

“Mr. Rahn will have served a significant portion of this illegal sentence before his appeal can be decided.” ~~ Merritt Rahn's attorney, Jeffrey Wicks

Appeal claims that Rahn’s trial attorney, John Parrinello, could not properly defend Rahn due to conflicts. (D&C)

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SCATS ~~ Could we check to see if Supervizor Alzheimer's recall is any better now?


Anonymous said...

Mr Wicks has proven himself a fine appelate lawyer by his writing. He has also proven Team Green played Fast, Loose & Dirty in charging and trying Rahn.

Given Mr Green's almost certain appointment to a Federal Judgeship Mr Wicks effort may fall into the file cabinet for some time so the so called media doesn't pick up on the dirty trial tactics. Federal Judges awaiting appointment in Rochester have been treated thus in the past.

The trial itself was conducted in a manner to give the jury far too much to be able to consider, another tactic employed often by Team Green. Bear in mind Team Green was assisted by Howard Relin on this case. The prosecution was pure vendetta piled atop minimal facts and glued together with a ton of illusion.

The Jury was hoodwinked both before they were seated and during the trial.

Rahn may well serve his full time before this case sees a hearing in Court. When the case comes to Court, if there is any honesty from the robed side of the Bench, all hell will break loose. Mr Rahn may well have one HUGE case for a false conviction. Mr Rahn will then have nothing left to loose, and $$$$$$ to gain, be they from the Town or the County.

I have little doubt Mr Rahn has well protected records of his own, and I damn sure hope he uses them in the future.

Anonymous said...

RE: 12:47
That maybe is the case that the Jury was hoodwinked before and during the trial over Augie's part on the hiring of Pignato but he was tried for more than just that.

There was the gun indictment which he was found not guilty and don't forget about everything that Rahn did and did not do for the Joseph accident. As I recall, I never read anything that even suggested that the Town super was involved in the decision making over Joseph.

Rahn lied and/or decieved the First District Attorney when giving him the information about the accident and any injuries. Rahn had the authority and enough information to make a different decision with Joseph. He told his own officers that Joseph did the smart thing by leaving the scene of the accident if he was either drunk or high on coke.

Rahn had 12 charges against him. Three were thrown out before the trial ended.
As for the Pignato part of the case, that was one charge still going against him.
That left at least 6 or 7 charges that involved the Joseph part of the trial.
Don't forget that the jury found him not guilty on the last gun charge.

So can you explain how all those charges were not his fault and who was at fault? Maybe that waste Schamey or Mackin or maybe the officers that were in the monthly meeting, Augie?

You can believe what you want but I find it very hard to believe that Mr. Rahn was thrown under the bus for every charge that was against him. He deserves to do his time, I truly believe the Judge was still doing him a favor by not sending him to jail for 11 years.

Anonymous said...

So what happens to Augie? Did he commit any crime by wanting Pignato hired? Did he have any part in making up the false background check?

I think if Trowbridge and Rahn let the cards fall the way they were instead of fabricating the facts and left truth in the background check, then it would of been all on Augie in hiring Pignato. Maybe then he would be on trial for his part in the hiring of Pignato.

Was it a crime to just give Rahn a verbal repirmand ove the lost of his service revolver?

What was his involvement and what crimes did Augie break with the Joseph case? Well maybe Joseph was hired just like Pignato and Augie wanted this to happen also. Is there a crime commited, I doubt it.

I guess you might be able to say that Augie did not break the law but he is by far a low life blood sucking bastard who is always sitting pretty when the domino's start falling on his subordinates.

Anonymous said...

If he could have he would have used his information that would have dragged the rest of them down to hell with him. That was to protect himself and his family.
And the information he does have probably implicates himself in more crime.
And the DA tried to get Parinello off the case because of the possibility he could have been a witness and Rahn refused getting him off his case. Since Rahn was not mentally incompetent did they keep Parinello on the case to be able to use that as the appeal? Smart. That means the judge was on board to make this a verdict that could be reversed on appeal.

Anonymous said...

RE: 12:47
You think that the jury was hoodwinked, deprived from all the facts, deceived by the Green Team?

Well I disagree, I think the whole town of Greece was Hoodwinked in thinking that we had an honest Town Board, honest Chief of Police, honest Town Supervisor, honest politicians, ect...

I really like to think we have an honest Chief now and when Augie gives another dishonest direction to his staff, he will say;"NO, I will have no part in your corruption"

SCATS said...

Re: Auberger's role ~~ There were some 30 odd witnesses called in this trial. Only one had memory/recall issues: Jack Auberger. His use of that tactic was nothing short of giving false testimony - lying on the stand. For that reason alone, he deserves to share Rahn's cell.

When he did talk, it was to say he had to "put his trust in the people he hired." Well that doesn't work out either. Rahn showed him he couldn't be trusted when Rahn's gun was stolen & then turned up in a crack house 10 years prior. Auberger apparently "forgot" about that and trusted him for the next 10 years!

Anonymous said...

This whole entire case about Rahn will eventually fall back on our Town Supervisor. John Auberger has a fat chance in hell if he thinks he would be re-elected again into any office or any position in Monroe County. He might not have broken the law but he surely knew what was going on and had a role in some of it as well.

Rahn broke the law and has been doing it for sometime, why don't you think he brought anything else to trial to get himself off, because he would have been charged with another crime more than likely.
To blame the Green Team or the Judge is ridiculous. It was Rahn and others in GPD that broke these laws.
As they say, The buck stops here!

Mr. Auberger, your time will come and hope you had a good time sitting back watching because sooner or later you will have no one else to blame but yourself and be where Rahn is and belongs.

Anonymous said...

NO! The FBI and Wicks wants to subpoena the FORMER head of the DPW and ask him some questions about not only the hiring practices, but the PRIVATE vehicular repair shop that Auggie had him running to fix all of the TRUCKS and CARS that Town EMPLOYEES (including the DPW's kid and Assemblyman GOP Head Reilich's kid) SMASHED up, and the payola that occurred to the "VICTIMS" to keep their mouths shut, including young women, who, have stories to tell. Let's get him in, and get him talking! Today would be nice!

Anonymous said...

1:08 Be QUIET and return to the batcave.

Nobody is supposed to know about the secret checkbook used to buy replacement cars for those wiped out by Reilich's kid driving a town plow drunk on Ridgeway Ave. The boy has been reassigned as a janitor in Town Hall, and he can only cause minimal damage there. All reports, including calls to 911 and the assigned CR# were expunged by a computer hickup. Even the repair records on the town plow were reconfigured.
THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE, Please move along.

The DPW boss retired due to ill health. He got very ill when the stink of his kid being on the payroll and not showing up got too bad to supress. Stupidvisor Hairberger himself told the Party Chair he was ill.

Anonymous said...

Well folks, Merrit won't be home for Christmas, and you can bet when the dust finally settles the taxpayers will well compensate him for his little State Visit. This case AIN'T going away!

Another case you should be watching closely to see if Mike himself can blow it is the current trial of the shooter of 2 RPD cops. The Defense is beating the crap out of Mikeboy.