Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mall Fight Witness Recounts Incident

13WHAM reports: “I really thought someone was going to get hurt,” says Mark Valle who witnessed the entire thing while shopping. He says he heard shouting, and then was suddenly pinned by a woman pushing a cart with a baby in it.

"Next thing you know we’re getting pushed into the display case because they’re rampaging and screaming at each other,” said Valle. “Two people were fighting and other people were holding people back, but they were screaming and cussing.”

Greece Police say Tamiya Jackson pulled out a “sharp instrument” during the fight. Another witness who asked not to be identified described it as a “blue and gray wire cutters" and said Jackson was flailing it at the other woman.

“They knew each other. They may have made arrangements to meet at the mall for the purpose of arguing or fighting,” says Captain Pat Phelan of the Greece P.D. He didn't know what the fight was about.

“I could put 50 cops in the mall and I couldn’t prevent that,” said Captain Phelan. "If somebody wants to get in a fight there’s no way to prevent everything.”

“The mall is safe,” he added.

Three separate witnesses said the fight ended in the fountain, nearly getting out of hand. “Security didn’t break it up, a shopper did,” said Mark Valle. “He actually went into the water and split them apart. Then other parties – like the family – actually went in."

The shopper who broke up the fight confirmed that account. He did not want to be named but said, “There were six girls in the water fountain and a few others pushing and shoving around it. The entire incident lasted about two minutes and quickly dissolved once police arrived."

SCATS ~~ According to GPD,  the mall is "safe" BUT they admit they can't prevent such incidents that make it potentially unsafe? Double-speak!!


Anonymous said...

How do the police stop these people from acting like animals?

Unless they reopen Midtown or Irondequoit Mall, this is the new reality.

Cut the boys in blue some slack on this one.

SCATS said...

Sandy? Last week it was Anne! Make up your mind, Don ;)

I would gladly cut them some slack IF they would stop with the double-speak. Just say "We can't prevent all incidents." PERIOD. When they start with the double-speak, they sound like Rahn's guys again.

Anonymous said...


Cut them slack????????
I just helped cut them a check for a cool million $$. That's enough "slack" for me.

Whatever happened to all the innovation we've been promised?

I find it incredibly ironic that the town of Greece has a FEMA link on their website but the general public never hears about interagency collaboration and tabletop exercises in the event of a mass-casualty incident, personnel trained in prevention, mitigation, intervention, and response to imminent threats.

Silence can be incredibly misleading, which lead me to believe that FEMA link is on their just for show.

SCATS said...

To 10:21AM ~~ Don't be silly. Just like Greece has NO trouble with gangs, only the city might ever need FEMA ... and certainly not on Magpie's watch! ;)

Anonymous said...

Scats, Capt Phelin said last night in the interview with Fox that they could have "50 cops" in the mall and wouldn't be able to prevent acts like this. Sounds like they are admitting that they can only try to prevent with a visible presence, and then react when people really want to get into a scuffle (in spite of the police)

SCATS said...

To 11:39AM ~~ I have the quote about the 50 cops in today's BLOG taken from 13WHAM ... the thing is, he followed it by stating that "The mall is safe." Well, I'm saying I guess it is safe UNTIL the next whackjob decides to have a gang fight next to Santa's line of kids. At that point, it's no longer safe. Since they can't prevent this kind of thing, I believe it makes people feel less than safe.

Anonymous said...

Like I said folks the responsibility for your personal protection does not rest with the Police. That responsibility is yours alone. The Police like to have people believe that it is their job but sadly it is not.

Anonymous said...

If we put police behind the cages of Seneca Park Zoo, would the animals there stop acting like animals?

On a side note, I'm just happy to see that nobody involved in the incident was involved in any way with any of our "lottery" schools. At least I can say that with 92% confidence.

Anonymous said...

Greece folk like to be treated that way, the politicians have done worse. So just keep handing your money over to the politicians and the thugs, maybe Santa will bring your self respect and dignity back.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a PMS break for Christmas.

SCATS said...

To 10:07AM ~~ Ha! I'm sure I'll hear from someone about allowing your sexist comment lol

Anonymous said...

4:15 you are right. The police of any municipality are not there to be our body guards. They may say serve and protect on their cars but they serve to protect the law. They are law enforcement agents. It may seem that they are protecting you and your property when they apprehend a felon but that is just a side effect of their responsibilities. So try to avoid places that are unsafe.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be pessimistic at this time of year, but we are seeing the behavior in our kids that we have celebrated in our movies and Tv programs too much. It is an attitude of "My way, regardless". We have to start showing our youth that we can get along and cooperate and not always be looking for the physical confrontation. Need new heroes in our movies and role models in our TV shows, I guess. Kids learn much more from what they see than from what they read or hear.

Anonymous said...

Young people could just model themselves after our fine town board and its ethos of "personal responsibility"
They only need to learn the three word credo: I don't remember

SCATS said...

To 12:53PM ~~ Or the three words from the BOE Prez ... "It's chump change!"