Friday, December 10, 2010

Local Media/Reporters Need Reality Check!

  30 Speakers Out of 100 Attendees
Does NOT Equal
"Overwhelming Support!"

The WHEC-TV website's headline for last evening's phony forum on school choice in Greece refers to "Overwhelming Support" for retaining that choice. Today's D&C coverage for the same meeting describes "the overwhelming message" delivered.

I sure hope people read further into those stories to get to the truth about what the media defines as "overwhelming." According to the D&C, "More than 100 people attended the forum at Olympia High School, and nearly 30 spoke."

13WHAM's take on the underlying issue reveals the truth, the reality, in the quote from Interim Supt. O'Rourke who said, "Those who can pick their child's first choice are delighted. That's a minority of people."

More Reality: this meeting was just the latest dog & pony show put on by the Greece Central School District under the false pretense of providing a "forum" on a hot button issue - school choice. There was NO DISCUSSION, NONE!!

That this meeting was so poorly attended speaks to the fact that the people in Greece learned long ago that participation in such circus acts is nothing but a waste of their time. The Greece community speaks their minds at the polls and on this and other BLOGs knowing their message will only be heard in selected locations outside the reach of the BOE and/or district office.

The use of the word "overwhelming" by the media to describe anything less than the overwhelming apathy shown in the ridiculously low attendance figures for this "forum" shows that our local reporters are far from impartial in how they portray the news!


Anonymous said...

There's our fearless, impartial, ever digging for the truth Meg again.

Anonymous said...

The real issue around SOC is what is the education value to the town and the students in GCSD? If there is no improvement in Grad rate or test scores for the students that are part of the SOC (students who would have dropped out are graduating)then I don't care if the cost is only one dollar. Any cost can only be justified if there is educational benefit. What is the benefit!!!

Anonymous said...

This reporting is a good example of managed democracy. Only the accepted range of opinion is seen as legitimate.Thus it can be effectively manged by the more elite groups in the area.

Meaghan only looks for what fits into managed democracy and not what folks really think.

When will she quit. The only problem is that someone even worse and more ignorant will succeed her,

Anonymous said...

Betty Mandly's quote sums it up...piss on the rest of the folks that don't get a private education on the tax payers dime. Its that I GOTS MONE attitude that we need less of in Greece. We have a school district funded by the homeowners and should be EQITABLE for all children.

Anonymous said...

I love the quote on WHEC that those schools SOC should be the model for others. Is that father so blind to the fact that when the "bad kids" troubled or poor performing are removed from the equation the schools would be able to MODEL the SOC? Foolish naive parents...

Anonymous said...


I agree that we should spend money in a manner which is EQUITABLE.

So I would assume that you would agree that taxpayers should not fund an teachers aide to specifically watch over little Tommy, who can't pay attention in class and whose parents have spent years getting him "classified" for special treatment

Anonymous said...

Look at this opinion.

Maybe she is resorting to hyperbole to be heard over the blog. This local blog and others are more up to the minute and interesting. How can she compete except by "shouting"?

Anonymous said...

to 12:04 there is a difference between a special ed student with autism lets say needed an aid vs. those little angles at PB whose parents don't want them in their neighborhood schools and around their community. In the case of the aid the money serves to include, as for SOC it uses $ to exclude .

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that this conversation would not be taking place were the non-SOC schools were effectively replicating what the SOC schools are doing so well.

The day we believe that this can't be done is the day we acknowledge that GCSD will never improve.

The day we admit that high free-and-reduced lunch counts and low parental involvement trump any chance or desire to go from good to great, this community has lost.

We are clearly at a crossroads. We can continue to debate this issue for years hiring more consultants,holding endless committee meetings/forums with more debate, conduct more transportation costs with more
taxdollars and more debate.

Or...The schools can begin to learn from one another. I'm no educator, but isn't that considered a "best practice"? Innnovation and collaboration are buzz words that don't mean the hair on the crack of your you know what until put into practice.

Anonymous said...

There is also a difference between paying for an aid for a child with a disability and paying for an aid for a child with behavior issues(most often because the parents refuse to raise them right).
By the way I am not defending SOC here just looking for a little consistency in thought. Waste is waste and the exponential increase in "classified" students and the resultant exponential increase in the cost to support IEPs is nothing but a money grab from lazy parents and our wonderful local unions.

SCATS said...

To 12/10/2010 11:22 AM ~~ There is NO value known, none, but admission of that is for behind closed doors in district offices only ;)

To 12/10/2010 11:39 AM ~~ I'm no fan of the reporter entioned but I know she has to satisfy her bosses knowing that the hot shots live in Greece and get their free lunches a la the Chamber of Commerce & Rotary Club.

To 12/11/2010 6:19 AM ~~ "To be heard over this blog?" Seriously!? LOL Half of her ideas for stories

To 12/11/2010 11:40 AM ~~ I believe it can't be done. Why? Because West Ridge was reopened as a "learning lab" where the successes were to be "shared." It's been 20 years! They do NOT want to share!! Why not? Because then they would no longer feel "special" after winning a lottery that is conducted in secret. Also, you can't make all of Greece's schools mirror the ethnic composition of schools-of-choice or the special needs numbers that are so low in them. I could probably come up with 10 more things, but why bother saying it all again? Greece Central doesn't care that the district as a whole is at the bottom in the county so long as certain sectors of the community get their private school experience on the backs of the masses.

Anonymous said...

What is NOT A secret is the lottery does not exist if you are a teacher, a principal, a BOE member, chamber member or family of local politicians. Wake up greece parents private education for those with connections...on your dime and at the expense of your children.

Anonymous said...

Or a complainer that needs to be shut up. Like newly elected board members that promised to change things and then get their new family's kids in the school of choice. Or former board members that are a thorn in the side and for sure shut up when child was accepted into the SOC. Handy way to obliterate dissent.

Anonymous said...

All the proof (I need) that this BS SoC/lottery school system isn't going anywhere: A blatenly wrong and finacially wasteful issue is being discussed in "forums", rather than being put to a vote come budget time. All the different plans and spending items that we are asked to select during budget votes, and yet this item is never put out there in the same way. Given the cost comparision between neighborhood schools and this crap now, it would be a landslide loser. The fact of the matter is, many of our districts older citizens (you know the one's our BOE is trying to look out for in their taxes, wink wink) don't even know what SoC is. I tried to explain the way the system is now to an older neighbor of mine, and honestly, he couldn't even wrap his head around what is taking place. Try telling a man in his late 70's that a million plus dollars get's spent every year for a "special" school. We vote on everything else, why not this!

SCATS said...

To 11:19AM ~~ I agree that putting this on the ballot ASAP would be a great way to dispense with the issue once and for all. Better make people use a thumbprint to vote with though. Or else lots of dead people will be turning up at the polls ;)

Anonymous said...

12:40 I want to know what your qualifications are in determining "special ed" from "discipline problems".

The School district was successfully sued a few years ago for mainstreaming too many kids. They are under close scrutiny to make sure that kids who need to be classified do get classified.