Friday, December 31, 2010

Is RCSD Executive Session Flap Relevant To GCSD?

Today's D&C article about a planned executive session by the RCSD BOE caught my eye. First, it states: "The state's Open Meetings Law mandates that elected boards meet in public, and grants few exemptions that allow them to meet in an executive sessions."

Really? That certainly has not been the case in GCSD for a number of years! Nearly every meeting held by the Greece school board is preceded by a closed door executive session! If the topic might make any mention of a personnel issue or contract negotiations, etc. the entire topic gets shutdown for any public discussion and becomes relegated to a closed door meeting.

Then there's this quote made by Attorney Van White, an RCSD BOE member : "If we go and do an executive session to discuss what people perceive to be a substantive topic, that doesn't do much to instill confidence in how we make our decisions." Beyond infrequent lip service, such concern over the community's trust never seems to make it onto the radar screen in Greece Central's BOE meeting room.

Week after week, month after month, our Greece Board of Education shuts out the community on discussions ranging from the search for a new superintendent to the status of negotiations on a multitude of contracts. After 4+ years, we've yet to be told directly what the sticking points are that keeps the district from settling a contract with GTA!

How does that impact the level of confidence Greece residents have in the BOE? I think it creates the atmosphere that fosters the "NO vote" on school budgets in May ... Greece's "no confidence" vote which then gets ignored by the BOE who believe that because they were elected to office they know better than everyone else.

No wonder we have the negative image we've been tagged with in the news. It's well-deserved!


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Anonymous said...

Well since you ask SCATS;
No change in assessment here,
Total taxes up about 12 bucks
2 dollars of that are thanks to the Town Wide Lighting District, even though I live on a road with NO streetlights.

Evidently the Union Foremen over at North Greece need a new Dynagym or something because they raised their price too.

Town wide drainage went up bigtime, but somethng else went down.

All in all the Litterbox is safe for another year. Then I get the big reduction for being over 65, and you get to pay for it.
Thanks in advance & Meowfurnow.