Sunday, December 19, 2010

How Much Pay Is TOO Much Pay??

The D&C Reports: Former Greece Central School District Supt. Steve Achramovitch will be paid just $170,000 per year under the new contract he signed with the Hamburg Central School District.

Achramovitch received a salary of $209,000 while in Greece, but accepted $39,000 less to work in Hamburg.

Greece is now offering up to $250,000 in salary during the search for Achramovitch's replacement. That's $41,000 more than Greece Central  paid to Achramovitch, and $80,000 more than Achramovitch accepted in Hamburg!

SCATS ~~ How much is TOO much?? If he's happy taking less elsewhere, are we being played for fools by offering more to replace him?


Anonymous said...

Yup! The USS GCSD, a Ship of Fools! Gotta love that Chump Change that Oberg is throwing overboard..oh yeah, it is for the kids! Lets see, would the correct punishment for wasting millions of tax dollars and getting lousy results be keel-hauling? How about just getting some intelligent board members next May!

Anonymous said...

Not that I am defending the BOE, or the chump change remark, or the proposed $250k salary for a supt.

But please remember that GCSD is about 5 times larger than Hamburg.

SCATS said...

To 6:44PM ~~ Anyway you look at it, Achramovitch was overpaid by Greece. Our results never go up, despite what we pay.

Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for. Supt's don't have a 9-5 job. Also, how many CEO's would take on a company this big with so many problems for $250k?

SCATS said...

To 12:16PM ~~ How many CEO's get to take on a corporation this big with such excellent pay & benefits but have FEW TO NO PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS??