Monday, December 13, 2010

Hamburg Begs For Help!!

Can We Help Save Their School District
From The Same Disaster
That Befell Ours?  


Hamburg is going to appoint Steve Achramovitch tomorrow night at a special school board meeting. I can't believe our school board didn't simply pick up a computer and google his name. I started my blog because Hamburg is so corrupt so I guess I should not be surprised by their actions. What do you recommend I do? How can I prevent Achramovitch from taking the reins? HELP!


SCATS ~~ Any ideas fellow Grecians?? Let's help these poor people!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Concerned Hamburger, if the appointment is going to the Hamburg School Board tomorrow night for a final vote, you can rest assured it is now too late to do anything to stop it. It is now a done deal.


Doug Skeet

Truthteller said...

Mr. Skeet is essentially correct, but there is one strategy remaining.

It requires you to expend effort on the telephone. Re-read word #2.

Call your Board of Education members (ALL of them, not just one) individually and p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-l-y to make the point that you believe should be made.

Do NOT assume:
1. They did their due diligence
2. They did NOT do due diligence

As contradictory as the above non-assumptions may seem, without a personal and real-time voice (not e-mail) conversation, you have no idea either way so there is no way to know what to do about it.


Boards of Education will hire people despite "baggage" because there are so few candidates for the positions that are open. They may actually know...but don't mind (yikes!).

Secondly, you have the RIGHT to reach out to each one individually to ask what went into their decision. Once you know, you can act more decisively.

Finally, you have the RESPONSIBILITY to give them information that they may not have otherwise uncovered on their own.

Make the calls NOW. Don't think about it. Do it. As an added bonus, ask others with similar beliefs and information to call too.

Why isn't the phone in your hand already? :)

Truthteller said...

By the way, though your contact may not convince a majority of members, it may sway enough to cause there to be a 5:4 "yes" vote.

Those are powerful messages to Superintendent candidates that say "we're going to keep an eye on you".

Superintendents will often withdraw under such circumstances, especially when told so in an executive session just before the open board meeting and public vote.

Kelvin Williamson said...

There can be no appointment if there is no Board of Education meeting.

Play this video every hour through the day. It can work if enough people do.

Anonymous said...

You're closer to Canada then we are. Move
while you still can!!!!

Anonymous said...

My advice is to start a blog like this one where the truth can be surfaced and the public voice can be expressed. Maybe the blog master of this one can give you some hints on getting it started, but please find a way for the public to get the info and react to it. The BOE will argue that they don't listen, that they have thick skins, but occasionally there are signs that the public will makes a difference. Good luck!

Graehaven said...

The cake is baked.

Looks like Hamburg residents are as uncaring as Greece residents are. We spend FAR too much on public education, and no one cares.

SCATS said...

To Doug ~~ Making a flap still makes a point, especially if their BOE is used to smooth sailing.

Truthteller ~~ THANK YOU! Good idea!

To Kelvin W ~~ Love it! lol

To 7:34AM ~~ I like that idea! I think I may try it myself!!!

To 7:37AM ~~ Already done ;) He/she took the idea and ran with it a few weeks ago. The link is in Concerned Hamburger's name on my blog post out front, should you care to take a look :)

SCATS said...

Here's an interesting article related to the situation in Hamburg ...

Anonymous said...

time to call in the hamburgler

Hamburg SB said...

Mr. A is now the Hamburg Supt. God help us all.

SCATS said...

To 7:43PM ~~ God help you all! May I suggest administering a hefty dose of truth serum (sodium pentathol) 1 hour prior to each BOE meeting ... ?

Anonymous said...

So, what did your board members say when you called them? Did they know about his history? Tell!

SCATS said...

To 6:09PM ~~ It's my understanding that most of their BOE member's numbers haven't been made available. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

From the school's own website, we find that 43 people were "snookered" and the board voted in support of SA unanimously.

I'm thinking that Greece let a good one go. See clip below:

There were 20 applicants for the Hamburg superintendency. The School Board interviewed 11 applicants and selected five finalists. These finalists were then interviewed in October by a 43-member Superintendent Search Advisory Committee whose membership consisted of central office and school staff/administrators, community members, PTSA members, alumni, union representatives and students. Committee members provided feedback to the board after their interviews. These committee responses strongly supported Mr. Achramovitch as the lead candidate.

SCATS said...

To 5:48AM ~~ We're glad to be rid of him! As the jargon in the field goes, we've successfully "passed the trash" and he's all yours now. Please check back in 6 months time, after he's settled in and you've begun to discover that what he says doesn't match reality.

PS ~~ Let us know if he actually relocates to your district, instead of pulls off some sort of commute stunt.