Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Greece Town Board Meeting ~ 6PM

AGENDA for the closed, clubby & corrupt bunch

6:30PM ~ Public hearing to consider the request submitted by Frank V. Sansone to rezone 11.28+/- acres from R1-12 (Single-Family Residential) to R1-8 (Single-Family Residential), on property located at 981 Latta Road.

6:35PM ~ Public hearing to consider the Town’s proposed purchase of a parcel of real property (9.3 +/- acres) as part of the Town Board’s Open Space Acquisition Initiative.

6:40PM ~ Public hearing to amend the Greece Dog Law (Local Law #14 of 2010).

6:41PM ~ Public hearing to amend the Secondhand Dealers’ Law (Local Law #15 of 2010).

SCATS ~~ Amend the dog law how??

On a different note, it's been brought to my attention that Greece Town Board member Kirk Morris became the new Deputy Clerk under Cheryl Dinolfo (look beneath her photo on the County Clerk's website). Getting elected in Greece to Town Board GUARANTEES that you'll have a job somewhere in the County Office Building (i.e. Helfer, Bilsky, Barry, etc.).  I know he 'used' to be employed as chief of staff in Robach's office, but this job offers him stability he won't get in an appointed position. Email him at: Kmorris@monroecounty.gov


Anonymous said...

DOG LAWS: NYS is turning over licensing dogs to the local towns. Where NYS would set fees (and the towns would get some portion for handling the transaction, The towns will now have the ability to reschedule dog licensing ( and in my humble opinion-there should be CAT licensing too) fees to meet their financial needs.

Anonymous said...

I believe Morris worked for the state at the workmans' comp board at one time too - and didnt his sister, mother and father all work for the town years ago, I think his mother still does.

SCATS said...

To 8:47AM ~~ Oh yes! Now I recall hearing about that awhile back. If only we could get them to outlaw dogs ... meow :D

SCATS said...

Addendum to the posting about Kirk Morris ~~ It was suggested that I should point out that he is also Chairman of the Greece
Republican Committee & Jerry Helfer is their "Leader."

Andy Conlon left his county job & is now working for Robach, too.

Anonymous said...

This is off track. However, GCSD capital improvement project had massive financial abuses with Christa in charge. Now the airport has financial abuses, and low and behold,Christa in charge of the building project. Seems like the fox is guarding the hen house.

Anonymous said...

....and under Kirk's name is Diana Christodaro. She's on the Greece Zoning Board.
....and under her name is Mike Molinari, Auberger's son-in-law.

Anonymous said...

and dont forget auggie's girlfriend (assessor's office) and her kids, one works in DPW.