Thursday, December 02, 2010

Greece Police Cracking Down On Prostitution

Berkeley Brean on Twitter: "Just talked to greece pd about prostitution busts. New chief, new captains, new focus on the problem. Decided this year to take them down ... Talked a woman who lived next to one of the "spas". She was told it was a hair salon. Got suspicious when she watched the bald guys go in."

WHEC-TV reports: "Greece Police are cracking down on the oldest profession in the world.

In the past year, police arrested four woman for prostitution. Police say they were turning tricks under the guise of acupuncture and massage parlors. Three of those businesses are now closed.

Two of the women were in Greece court this morning to see if statements they made to police can be used against them.

News 10NBC's Berkeley Brean is talking to the police to find out if the latest effort will shut down the "profession" in the town for good."

SCATS ~~ I thought this trouble was all settled after the Tub 'n Tan sting. I wonder if any higher ups in Greece have been seen visiting these fine establishments, too ... ?


SCATS said...

Yesterday, it was a pervert/bus monitor. Today its prostitutes operating as acupuncturists and "massage" therapists ... yet again. I thought this problem was dealt with when the Tub 'n Tan and other Rub 'n Tug shops were shutdown under Rahn's watch. I guess anyone who believed that was a fool!

The details about the perverted conduct of the bus monitor were divulged by Berkeley Brean on Twitter. It's beyond sickening and disgusting. It really leaves me wondering WHO, if anyone, ever looks out for the students attending Greece schools. They NEVER seem to be the top priority in any decision-making.

Why doesn't our Chamber of Commerce step-up and address these troubles in our Town and in our schools? Oh I know why! They are too busy having breakfasts with the politicians they back to do their bidding. And the politicians are too busy covering up for public employees committing crimes on the taxpayer's dime. Nice, huh?

Anonymous said...

Raid town hall. That might get rid of quite few of the towns w_____s

SCATS said...

To 3:01PM ~~ They might as well raid District Offices at the same time ... a two-fer.

Anonymous said...

The dignity and self-respect left Greece a long time ago, we make the city look good.

Anonymous said...

I don't frequent any of these places. I live outside of the district!!!

3rd Floor of DO

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where we go now?

SCATS said...

To 10:43AM ~~ Try going home to your spouse or significant other ;)

Anonymous said...

If you're unhappy with your government in January, blame yourself for November. People get the government they deserve.

They had their chance. They blew it.

Anonymous said...

I said it before, and I'll say it again; Greece needs a good whorehouse. Town Hall and GCSD can't provide the screwin Greece requires, and there's a long standing tradition of whores and politicians in Greece.

No more of this pussifootin massage parlor tanning salon whore in the back room nonsense, open a decent above board whorehouse right in the center of town and do it now. That poor developer has that empty courthouse over there in the plaza, and there is no reason Planning & Zoning can't fast track the permit. After all the building has already had plenty of Greece residents and others screwed in Town Court.

What's the difference, some pretender judge in a black robe or a whore in a robe?

It could do wonders for Town Morale!

Anonymous said...

The biggest whore in the whole town runs it, and he's giving himself a big fat raise to compensate for exactly how well he's been screwing the taxpayers and residents of this TOWN. Let's start looking at where other "Auberger" family members WORK and how much they get paid!