Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Greece Dems Blast Town Budget Practices


(Rochester, NY—November 30, 2010)

The Greece Democratic Committee warns voters not to be tricked by the recently approved 2011 Greece Town budget.

The 2011 budget, which was reviewed and approved in a 23 minute meeting on November 4th, two days after Election Day, relies on reserve funds to balance the budget.

“Expenses are climbing, but they plan to keep the town tax rate flat by dipping into reserves,” says Dave Garretson, Leader of the Greece Democratic Committee. “They over-taxed us in the past, so they can pose as phony budget hawks in an election year. Then they’ll sit on the next budget until after Election Day of 2011.”

All four Town Board seats are up for election in 2011.

During the 2009 campaign, Town Supervisor candidate Dan Maloney spotlighted the town’s overly-big reserve funds, far in excess of recommendations by the NY Comptroller’s Office. Mail pieces from Maloney and other Democratic candidates focused on the issue.

In the 2011 operating budget, expenses are projected to climb $1.3 million, an increase of 2.54 percent. However, the budget relies on collecting no additional taxes. The town estimates that non-tax income will increase $683,279. The shortfall, approximately $655,000, will come from reserves.

County Legislator Dick Beebe of Greece agrees, saying “The Town of Greece over-taxed us in the past, and the funds are being hoarded by the current administration. During local election years, they use it to cook the books, in the hopes that tax payers won’t notice. Instead of using that hoard of money for election year trickery, our Town Board should return it to the rightful owners, the tax payers of Greece.”


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that democrats are speaking up on issues. We need a two party system in Greece.
This issue deserves closer examination
The Greece budget is not very transparent. We need to have a better look at what exactly is going on.

Next: How about addressing the economic decline in Greece which is so obvious even the D and C was forced to notice it.

Anonymous said...

Is the amount of reserve funds made known each year when the budget is approved by the board?
Was this money the result of over taxation or under spending?

Anonymous said...

"Someone" had the foresight to sock away extra money. Now that times are tough and taxpayers can't afford increases, it is being tapped.

While other communities (including school districts) are scampering to find ways to fund budgets, Greece is sitting pretty.

"So what!?!" that the fund reserves were in excess of what the State Comptroller believed was appropriate. It ended up being exactly what all communities should have been doing.

I don't get you Greece people. You find ways to spin good news into reasons for self loathing.

SCATS said...

To 7:01PM ~~ Since you don't mind paying out money a year or more ahead of schedule, please pay my taxes for me.

The Greatest Generation said...

If you were as smart as your town's budget people, you'd be able to pay your own taxes from the savings you put away before the economy fully tanked.

Since you apparently aren't, you are asking me for a bail-out.

As a self-sufficient, self-motivated American, I must insist that you redirect your begging to the Obama administration. ;)

SCATS said...

To 11:19PM ~~ I can pay my taxes, no problem. However, I resent being taxed ahead (i.e. over-taxed!) and unable to use MY MONEY for a full year before the town needs it!

The Greatest Generation said...

So to summarize:

1. the state comptroller's recommendation was dead-wrong for the economic times. Instead of following it, the town of Greece did the right thing in establishing a properly funded savings account to help average-out future budgetary needs and you're upset because they used your money (the only thing they really have to work with).

2. you asked me to pay your taxes, even though you can pay them yourself anyway.

You are the poster child for the very "entitlement generation" that got us into this mess in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You people kill me! You had the chance of a lifetime last year and you did NOTHING. You were served up Auggie on a silver platter and you did NOTHING. NOTHING will change next year either.

SCATS said...

To 6:09AM ~~ Your wrong assumption about the Comptroller is the issue here. You act as if taxing us in advance for more than we owed was the only way to rectify the problem. It isn't and it wasn't. Auberger & Co. need to reel in reality in how they run this place. Covering for multitudes of lawsuits created by their own incompetance needs to be dealt with ;)

Anonymous said...

to 7:01 Katherine is that you? The only thing that we Greece peasants loath is the ruling class, namely you and the other entitled royalty at town hall." Honey fetch my pitchfork and lantern" its time to take care of business.

SCATS said...

To 6:19PM ~~ Please don't bother her. She's busy covering up for Town Hall's inability to rid Greece of prostitution. If only she could just get certain clients to stop frequenting those fine establishments ...

Anonymous said...

Poor Democrat political hacks. With Dick Beebe and Dave Garretson as their brain trust, they're going to do about as good as they always do... each and every year until they stop rolling out the same ol' failures to run for office.

Looks like they have their own version of closed snd clubby. So sad.