Monday, December 13, 2010

Cities & School Boards Seek 1 Yr. Pay Freeze

Recommend that NYS Legislature declare a fiscal state of emergency to allow suspension of contractual salary increases.


SCATS ~~ Isn't this just another Band-aid on a festering wound? It's time to amputate something!



Graehaven said...

1 year pay freeze? What a joke.

Here's how you solve it:

Pensions are DONE, GONE. If you've been hired in the last 10 years, the pension plan for you is officially eliminated. You're on your own (like the REST of us). You do NOT have to keep funding the plan either.

For those that are in the plan, your "guaranteed" level of retirement pension income is now subject to re-evaluation, based on the actual dollars in the plan. Guess what.... you ain't gettin' what you thought you was gettin'. Time to start your own plan, fund it yourself, and if you're smart, get a second job (also, like the rest of us).

Second... Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE gets a 20% pay cut, IMMEDIATELY. And there are NO raises until the hard times are past. Also, this is just like those of us who have had to endure a pay cut like this for the last 2 years. Welcome to reality.

Next.....a 20 percent work force reduction, IMMEDIATELY.

And finally, UNIONS are DONE.

This is the ONLY way to begin to solve this fiscal crisis. BEGIN, I said, because it's only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

"This is the ONLY way to begin to solve this fiscal crisis"

How about addressing the money going to those who do NOTHING to earn it, accept having more kids, before you look to cut off those that do earn it. If there needs to be a choppin' block so be it, but let's figure out where everyone stands in that line. I'm quite certain that the working person isn't have four kids who all grow up looking to beat the system like moms is.

Anonymous said...

Well said Grae

Anonymous said...

DARN GOOD START. Go for it!!

Anonymous said...

Very practical, Grae! Might work in a dictatorship, but welcome to America. Hope you stay long enought the catch on!

Anonymous said...

Does Grae. think we live in a dictatorship? Those comments are appropriate if he just wants to make noise but if he actaully wants to accomplish something I as say go back to the drawing board.

SCATS said...

To 11:06 and 11:09 ~~ I don't know where Graehaven lives, but anyone who lives in Greece, as I do, lives in a dictatorship.