Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Certified Official & Umpire Shortage Threatens Sports Programs

WHEC-TV reports: "Frank Marafino is the officials’ coordinator for all local sports. He says 40 years ago, teachers made up 60-percent of high school officials. That number as dropped to less than 10-percent. Also, Kodak employees with flexible work schedules also made up a large number of officials but times have changed -- jobs are more demanding and fewer people are willing to invest their time and money to get trained.

“The harassment they take from players, coaches and fans that's why we're losing people a lot of people don't stick with it for that reason.“ MJ Vrooman assigns all of the girls’ lacrosse and field hockey games in Section V. He says, “On any given day I don't have enough officials to cover ..."

Another problem -- officials are retiring and a new generation is needed to take the field. Marafino said, “Anyone that's played in sports and are looking for a way to stay in the game, they will help you become a good official. It’s their willingness to put in the time that it takes.”

SCATS ~~ According to this,  parents aren't the only ones doing fewer extras for the schools. Teachers no longer officiate, despite getting paid to do so.

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Graehaven said...

You will see more and more of the deterioration of supplemental programs (like sports) due to the fact that people are "waking up" and realizing that their country is going to h*ll in a hand basket before their eyes - on a daily basis.

All the things we use to deem important will be ignored, as pure survival becomes a daily struggle.