Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cell Phones Connected To Behavior Problems

New study of nearly 29,000 children suggests children exposed to cell phones in the womb & after birth have higher risk of behavior problems by 7th birthday.

SCATS ~~ Will this become another excuse to label kids Special Ed in the future? Soon, being "Special Ed" won't be "special" at all. It will be the usual!


Anonymous said...

I agree, SCATS. We mainstream kids who have special needs to avoid labeling them, but we find labels for almost every child, except the ones who go to school, do their homework, work hard, graduate. Every one needs an excuse and if they don't have one, we give them one.

Anonymous said...

This makes perfect sense!
Fact: Cell phones are banned in Greece schools. Students aren't supposed to have them.
Fact: teachers and other employees typically have, use and carry cell phones.
Fact: discipline is a growing issue, according to Greece teachers.
Fiction: parents are responsible for the discipline problem.

The real cause of discipline problems in school are the cell phones carried by GCSD employees. They create behavior trouble for the kids!

Anonymous said...

More people are using cell phones and children are becoming behavior problems? More people are using laptop computers too. More people are driving big cars. More people are listening to Justin Bieber. How did they do the study to follow the behavior of children who weren't exposed to the cell phone in the womb? Did Bunsen Honeydoo perform the experiment?

Graehaven said...

LOL, cell phones are NOT the problem. Parents not kicking their kids' butts for bad behavior IS the problem.

Always has been, always will be.

Calling good things bad, and bad things good, is another problem.

Having no moral compass in the family life is another problem. Having no family life to speak of is another problem. Mom and dad (if there are even both present) are so busy working to pay bills and buy toys, they don't have time to invest in or discipline "junior."

Anonymous said...

How about somebody does a study asking what recreationaldrugs mommie & babydaddy were using at conception, what recreational drugs mommie used during pregnancy, and how screwed up that made the love trophy's arrival to the air breathing side of the planet?

Is it that big of a jump to get to the reality mommie spends more time on her damn phone than she does with the rugrat?

One more thing- Hang the damn phone up and DRIVE!

SCATS said...

Re: "One more thing- Hang the damn phone up and DRIVE!"