Friday, December 31, 2010

Is RCSD Executive Session Flap Relevant To GCSD?

Today's D&C article about a planned executive session by the RCSD BOE caught my eye. First, it states: "The state's Open Meetings Law mandates that elected boards meet in public, and grants few exemptions that allow them to meet in an executive sessions."

Really? That certainly has not been the case in GCSD for a number of years! Nearly every meeting held by the Greece school board is preceded by a closed door executive session! If the topic might make any mention of a personnel issue or contract negotiations, etc. the entire topic gets shutdown for any public discussion and becomes relegated to a closed door meeting.

Then there's this quote made by Attorney Van White, an RCSD BOE member : "If we go and do an executive session to discuss what people perceive to be a substantive topic, that doesn't do much to instill confidence in how we make our decisions." Beyond infrequent lip service, such concern over the community's trust never seems to make it onto the radar screen in Greece Central's BOE meeting room.

Week after week, month after month, our Greece Board of Education shuts out the community on discussions ranging from the search for a new superintendent to the status of negotiations on a multitude of contracts. After 4+ years, we've yet to be told directly what the sticking points are that keeps the district from settling a contract with GTA!

How does that impact the level of confidence Greece residents have in the BOE? I think it creates the atmosphere that fosters the "NO vote" on school budgets in May ... Greece's "no confidence" vote which then gets ignored by the BOE who believe that because they were elected to office they know better than everyone else.

No wonder we have the negative image we've been tagged with in the news. It's well-deserved!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

ATTENTION: Supervisor Auberger, Captain Chatterton & Chief Baxter:

Anonymous said...

At 8:47 AM this morning Greece Police Truck #810 was parked in front of Golden Touch barber shop off Latta Road, unoccupied and with its engine running. I pulled into the parking lot and ran three parallels. Two officers were inside the shop. One getting a haircut, the other reclining on a sofa.

On my third parallel I observed what appeared to be the owner of the shop approach the shop window and look out.

My question is whether these officers were on duty or not. Was protocol violated?

A digital camera is now in the glovebox.   12/30/2010 10:39 AM

SCATS ~~ Isn't it good to know that Auberger & Baxter totally cleaned up Greece PD?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Faulty Recall?

"One of the pledges I and this Town Board made in the 2009 campaign was to find ways to increase the open space in Greece for the benefit and enjoyment of our taxpayers and residents." ~~ Kirk Morris, 4th ward (D&C)

SCATS ~~ Let's see ... I recall the pledge "to keep taxes low" ... and the one "to keep the union devil out of office" ... and the one to "not dredge Braddock's Bay" ... but I'm not recalling any about increasing open space in Greece. Can anyone produce a piece of campaign literature that supports Morris' contention?

Monday, December 27, 2010

How Is The Greece School Board Performing?

"Laundry List" Of Issues

The above list was formulated with O'Rourke's help back in July. Nearly six months later, it's been left largely untouched, NOTHING accomplished, nothing close to being "resolved." Only a phony "forum" on school options/choice was held.

Now the interim supt. is facing serious health issues and the Greece Board of Education has a monster budget they are trying to ignore. I can find NOTHING positive about the near future for this school district. Who is to blame? What will it take to make a difference? Or is Greece Central postured to accept last place in the county as their ultimate destiny regarding measurable educational goals?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mall Fight Witness Recounts Incident

13WHAM reports: “I really thought someone was going to get hurt,” says Mark Valle who witnessed the entire thing while shopping. He says he heard shouting, and then was suddenly pinned by a woman pushing a cart with a baby in it.

"Next thing you know we’re getting pushed into the display case because they’re rampaging and screaming at each other,” said Valle. “Two people were fighting and other people were holding people back, but they were screaming and cussing.”

Greece Police say Tamiya Jackson pulled out a “sharp instrument” during the fight. Another witness who asked not to be identified described it as a “blue and gray wire cutters" and said Jackson was flailing it at the other woman.

“They knew each other. They may have made arrangements to meet at the mall for the purpose of arguing or fighting,” says Captain Pat Phelan of the Greece P.D. He didn't know what the fight was about.

“I could put 50 cops in the mall and I couldn’t prevent that,” said Captain Phelan. "If somebody wants to get in a fight there’s no way to prevent everything.”

“The mall is safe,” he added.

Three separate witnesses said the fight ended in the fountain, nearly getting out of hand. “Security didn’t break it up, a shopper did,” said Mark Valle. “He actually went into the water and split them apart. Then other parties – like the family – actually went in."

The shopper who broke up the fight confirmed that account. He did not want to be named but said, “There were six girls in the water fountain and a few others pushing and shoving around it. The entire incident lasted about two minutes and quickly dissolved once police arrived."

SCATS ~~ According to GPD,  the mall is "safe" BUT they admit they can't prevent such incidents that make it potentially unsafe? Double-speak!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Frivolity

Craigslist Posting Claims "Huge Brawl @Greece Ridge Mall" Tuesday Night

"What is this mall coming to according to a caller on the Wease show a group of 25-30 young women had a huge fight and most of them ended up fighting in the wading pool right by the Santa display,

One girl was trying to stab another girl with box cutters and chasing her through the water while hundreds of shoppers looked on.

Lets see if this makes the TV news or do they try to keep it quiet."

SCATS ~~ Apparently 13WHAM reads craigslist, too!

One Way COMIDA Keeps Your Taxes High

The D&C reports: "IBM Corp. won approval on Tuesday of a tax break that will help it invest $40 million to upgrade its data center in Greece...

Although IBM doesn't figure to add workers in Greece, the upgrade will retain 550 jobs at the data center in the Canal Ponds Business Park.

The center needs improvements to its heating and cooling systems and to its uninterruptable power supply, according to Wayne C. Spinei, IBM program manager for economic development. Those infrastructure projects will cost about $5 million.

The bulk of the investment, $35 million, will be for the purchase of computer hardware and software and related equipment over five years. Most of the business at the facility involves outsourcing for the giant company's customers, Spinei said.

COMIDA approved a sales tax exemption for IBM's investment.

Spinei said keeping the data center in New York state has been a competitive challenge for IBM because power is cheaper in Boulder, Colo., and Durham County, N.C., two places where other IBM data centers exist.

Electricity costs 8.5 cents per kilowatt-hour in the Rochester area, compared with 6.6 cents per kilowatt-hour in Boulder, according to COMIDA documents. Spinei said the tax break will help the local data center stay competitive.

Judy Seil, COMIDA's executive director, did not offer the usual cost-benefit analysis for the project, saying it was difficult to initially estimate the benefit to taxpayers."

In summary:  1) COMIDA gives IBM a sales tax exemption to buy computers & related equipment (from WHO?).  2) In return, IBM does NOT have to create any jobs. 3) Figuring any cost-benefit to taxpayers is admittedly "difficult" for COMIDA to do.

SCATS ~~ So why the hell is COMIDA giving them a break on buying paper clips, pencils & envelopes when the property tax payers (YOU & ME!) will be left making up the difference?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Greece Town Board Meeting ~ 6PM

AGENDA for the closed, clubby & corrupt bunch

6:30PM ~ Public hearing to consider the request submitted by Frank V. Sansone to rezone 11.28+/- acres from R1-12 (Single-Family Residential) to R1-8 (Single-Family Residential), on property located at 981 Latta Road.

6:35PM ~ Public hearing to consider the Town’s proposed purchase of a parcel of real property (9.3 +/- acres) as part of the Town Board’s Open Space Acquisition Initiative.

6:40PM ~ Public hearing to amend the Greece Dog Law (Local Law #14 of 2010).

6:41PM ~ Public hearing to amend the Secondhand Dealers’ Law (Local Law #15 of 2010).

SCATS ~~ Amend the dog law how??

On a different note, it's been brought to my attention that Greece Town Board member Kirk Morris became the new Deputy Clerk under Cheryl Dinolfo (look beneath her photo on the County Clerk's website). Getting elected in Greece to Town Board GUARANTEES that you'll have a job somewhere in the County Office Building (i.e. Helfer, Bilsky, Barry, etc.).  I know he 'used' to be employed as chief of staff in Robach's office, but this job offers him stability he won't get in an appointed position. Email him at:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Has Our Former Supt. Grown A Pair?

Or Is He Hiding Behind The Skirts Of His New BOE
While Crying About His Lack of Control?

Good afternoon:

I hope all is well on this last Friday before the holiday break.

The purpose of this communication is to make you aware of and ask for your assistance regarding a very important issue in the school district. It has recently been brought to my attention that inappropriate comments have been made about faculty, staff and students of the District. These comments have been posted on, among other places, websites frequented by members of the Hamburg community. It is not yet clear to us who posted these comments but we do know some of them are disparaging of members of the faculty and staff and in some cases harassing of staff and students.

Certainly, you will agree that such comments, either about faculty, staff or students is entirely unacceptable, in violation of our district policy, and could possibly be criminal in nature. We are taking these matters very seriously and have already contacted law enforcement to investigate. They will determine the source of the inappropriate comments and what further action is warranted.

I am bringing this to your attention for two reasons. First, if you have any information about who might be posting inappropriate or harassing comments on-line about students or staff, please contact me immediately. Together we must ensure all members of the Hamburg CSD community are safe, are treated with dignity and respect, and are free from any harassing behavior.

Second, I am requesting you all review the District's computer use policy, the District's harassment policy, and the District's civility policy which are attached at the end of this message. Given the prolific nature of on-line content, it is always a good idea to refresh memories of these policies and what is expected of all of us when it comes to on-line use and content.

Thank you for your attention and consideration of this very serious matter.

Enjoy the weekend and the upcoming holiday.


SCATS ~~ I'm told this memo was sent to Hamburg CSD employees. I couldn't help but laugh at this ridiculous attempt to intimidate people into silence! As long as employees/students aren't using district computers and/or time when they should be working or attending school, there's NOTHING to worry about. And Steve calls this "a very important issue in the school district" ... he has nothing more pressing to attend to?

Teamster Says D&C Got Contract Info Wrong!

hay1jax said...

I tried to call the D&C and tell them to retract this. I don't know who told them this information, but I am a school Bus driver in Greece and the contract that was voted on gives only our step raise for 2010(which we already got. I got .25!!) and we get the same for 2011. ONLY our step raise. In 2012 we get a 3%! Which does includes the current step, so it isn't even 3%! Our health care stayed the same for 2010 and 2011. In 2012 we have to pay 2% more!!! Now we will have people all over town mad at us for the D&C's lies!!! No one in America is getting 6-9% raises!!! Sheesh!!   12/19/2010 1:21 PM

The original article stated: Members of Teamsters Local No. 118 ratified a new contract with the Greece Central School District last week, and the agreement was unanimously approved by the Board of Education on Tuesday.

The union represents about 750 of the district's custodial and cafeteria workers, bus drivers and clerical workers. According to the union, the three-year agreement provides for wage schedule increases between 6 percent and 9 percent, retroactive pay to July and maintenance of a "superior" health plan."

SCATS ~~ I'm told via a comment on Facebook that when contacted, the D&C couldn't locate their story, so they could not retract their statements! Maybe they should read SCATS to get their "news" !!

Class Time Vs. Conferences

Why Should One Take 
Priority Over The Other?

BOTH Are Equally Important!

Take the survey and tell them you value BOTH!!

Take it often!!


How Much Pay Is TOO Much Pay??

The D&C Reports: Former Greece Central School District Supt. Steve Achramovitch will be paid just $170,000 per year under the new contract he signed with the Hamburg Central School District.

Achramovitch received a salary of $209,000 while in Greece, but accepted $39,000 less to work in Hamburg.

Greece is now offering up to $250,000 in salary during the search for Achramovitch's replacement. That's $41,000 more than Greece Central  paid to Achramovitch, and $80,000 more than Achramovitch accepted in Hamburg!

SCATS ~~ How much is TOO much?? If he's happy taking less elsewhere, are we being played for fools by offering more to replace him?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Parents Beware: Kinney Posts Bail!

YNN Reports: A Greece school bus monitor who is accused of sexual abuse says he's innocent.

Paul Kinney, 68, was due in court Friday to be arraigned. The case was postponed.

Kinney had been in custody but was released on $50,000 bond. He's accused of molesting a girl under the age of 10 on a school bus last month.

Kinney spoke to reporter Cristina Domingues Friday at his house. He did not want to talk on camera and said things would come out in court. He told her, “I know I'm innocent.”

Prosecutors say a bus surveillance camera captured the alleged abuse.

Kinney was fired from his job with the district.

The arraignment is scheduled for next week.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Truly Inspirational People!

Teamster's Get 6-9% Pay Increases

According to the D&C: Members of Teamsters Local No. 118 ratified a new contract with the Greece Central School District last week, and the agreement was unanimously approved by the Board of Education on Tuesday.

The union represents about 750 of the district's custodial and cafeteria workers, bus drivers and clerical workers. According to the union, the three-year agreement provides for wage schedule increases between 6 percent and 9 percent, retroactive pay to July and maintenance of a "superior" health plan."
SCATS ~~ Why didn't our Board of Education tell us this Tuesday night? Is it possible they didn't know what they approved?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Odyssey Is A Slap In Face To Taxpayers

Anonymous said...

I know that I am going to be persecuted here for saying what I'm about to say, but I'll do so and show myself the door. I am the proud parent of two children who presently attend Odyssey. I have been totally pleased with the experience at the school to date and my children are thriving. That said, I admit that the way this school is filled and perhaps even it's existence is a slap in the face to taxpayers as a whole. To be honest, I feel I can admit this now as my children have just about finished their time at the school. Like some others here, I also used to defend the way the Greece went about selecting children there, as well as Pine Brook, yes we got them there years ago as well. Knowing now what I refused to acknowledge then, I was looking out for my family first, pure and simple. I do not necessarily apologize for that either, but denying it would be dishonest. I’ve seen the discussion of the racial make-up of Greece’s different schools here and elsewhere, and it’s more than a valid issue. My son plays an unmentioned sport at Odyssey. Following a game against another Greece school years ago, he actually mentioned that he had no idea so many black people lived in Greece. I was floored, but the statement made me think. Now when I see the statistics about how the schools breakdown, frankly I’m embarrassed I ever defended it. I’m not intending to come across as something I’m not here, but just thought I would share the thoughts. It’s a great school, as was Pine Brook, but I admit it’s that way for a reason. The people who try to praise the school because they have "developed a new system of learning" or "figured out how to reach our kids" are not being honest with themselves, or anyone else. Odyssey has done one thing right above all else in my opinion: It’s gotten rid of the distractive kids for the most part. Those who believe that classroom distractions don’t go hand in hand with the economic demographics or in some cases the racial demographics of a student body have been living under a rock. I also realize that’s really not a credit to the school so much, as it is the system. I see the few writers on this blog who attempt to defend Odyssey and the other lottery schools, and I’m reminded of myself years ago. My advice to them would be to try to get the best for your children, but be cautious in vocalizing your support for what’s in place. With the enrollment in Greece as low as it is today, this method of filling schools is more that obsolete. Just one person’s thoughts.   12/16/2010 9:34 AM

SCATS ~~ Thank you for saying what we already know to be true! Coming from a school-of-choice insider, it makes a huge difference!


Greece School Board Hits A New Low

During the last two months, the school board for the Greece Central Central School District appears to have hit a new low. Despite a heaping plateful of topics that beg for their attention, they've departed from the practice of holding several meetings each month. Instead, they tried to make do with holding only the regular monthly meeting and a phony 'forum' on school choice. 

Maybe that would have been workable, had they actually done something. But they did very little, aside from rubber stamping everything. In fact, both the Nov. and Dec. regular monthly meetings seemed to have been tailored to look like meetings of the Greece Town Board, the "closed, clubby & corrupt" group of Supervisor Auberger puppets. In record time, School Board Pres. Frank Oberg had them plow through the monthly agendas with next to no discussion on any topic. The votes also mirror the Town Board's with "yeas" across the board, no matter the topic.

Even a new contract was approved for the Teamsters union without a pause in the meeting action of dispensing with the agenda in record time. There was not one single word of discussion before it was adopted by a vote of 8 to 0. No one told us what issues were overcome, if any, to reach agreement. No one told us what benefit to the district this proposal brings. No one told us how much this package would cost taxpayers. We've been given no clue about any changes at all.

Have they forgotten the scathing words in the Comptroller's report about how this method for doing the district's business is not OK? Why are they thumbing their noses at policies many of them helped create? Why has Frank Oberg become the very sort of person he ran for office to defeat? Has he been intimidated into conforming with the status quo? It appears he has.

Yes, the Greece Board of Education has hit a new low, and Frank Oberg has led them there. And what he hasn't told us matters very much: Our interim Superintendent O'Rourke is very ill and is missing time at work to care for his health.

Instead of playing hero, why don't we allow/urge this poor man to go take care of his health and step down? Certainly we can manage, since we're doing nothing anyway.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Will 3rd Time Be A Charm?

Hamburg Appoints
Steve Achramovitch
Superintendent of Schools

New contract expires at end of 2015.

“Steve is financially astute, legally experienced, educationally well-read, thoughtful and inspiring. He has worked for us tirelessly and enthusiastically. He really cares about people.” ~~ Dr. Joan Calkins, Hamburg BOE Pres.

SCATS ~~ Boy, has Steve ever snookered them! And to think, he was their top choice out of 20!

BOE Meeting NOT Cancelled

Despite cancellation of after school activities, tonight's regular monthly BOE meeting will still convene at 6:30PM as planned.

Tune into the meeting on 90.1FM on your radio to hear all of things the BOE probably won't be discussing tonight. That list includes:

Last week's school choice forum
GTA Contract issues
Update on the Supt. Search
Information concerning the health & status of the Interim Supt.
Board & district goals
Enhanced STAR Income Scale discussion
Reigning in budget/spending
And a multitude of other items that are just too hot to handle ;)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hamburg Begs For Help!!

Can We Help Save Their School District
From The Same Disaster
That Befell Ours?  


Hamburg is going to appoint Steve Achramovitch tomorrow night at a special school board meeting. I can't believe our school board didn't simply pick up a computer and google his name. I started my blog because Hamburg is so corrupt so I guess I should not be surprised by their actions. What do you recommend I do? How can I prevent Achramovitch from taking the reins? HELP!


SCATS ~~ Any ideas fellow Grecians?? Let's help these poor people!!

Cities & School Boards Seek 1 Yr. Pay Freeze

Recommend that NYS Legislature declare a fiscal state of emergency to allow suspension of contractual salary increases.


SCATS ~~ Isn't this just another Band-aid on a festering wound? It's time to amputate something!


BOE Meeting Tuesday: Will They Ignore The Elephant In The Room?

Or will Frank Oberg tell the community why we should replace the Interim Supt. ASAP?

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, pending litigation & the employment history of particular person(s).

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 ~~ Regular Meeting, 6:30PM

Agenda Highlights
Approval - Teamster Contract (W/A)
2010 Property Tax Refund Report
GTA Retirement Incentive
Course Offering Guide Approval (W/A)
Revision to 2010 - 2011 School Calendar (W/A)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Do YOU Vote In Fire District Elections?

An average of just 59 voters cast ballots in these elections in Monroe County over the past 5 years.

"The townspeople don't care. The only way the townspeople care who the fire commissioners are is if their house burns down and no one shows up. They should care because they're paying fire district taxes. But as long as the fire company shows up, they're happy." ~~ Leo Murphy, Penfield Fire District secretary
According to the D&C, a $100,000 home in the Pittsford Fire District was taxed about $67 this year, while a residence of the same value in the Ridge Road Fire District in Greece owed $427.
"The only issue out there is 'What are you going to charge me on my next tax bill?' and most people like myself pretty much don't bother to question it. If it ain't broke, what am I going to fix?" ~~ Jeremy Carter, Pres. Northgate Neighborhood Assn.

SCATS ~~ I'm glad you asked that question Jeremy! What's "broke" is YOU, the non-voter, who  failed to inform yourself about the voice you have in this aspect of local government. It's apparent from reading this detailed story that keeping the voters clueless and away does pay!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Local Media/Reporters Need Reality Check!

  30 Speakers Out of 100 Attendees
Does NOT Equal
"Overwhelming Support!"

The WHEC-TV website's headline for last evening's phony forum on school choice in Greece refers to "Overwhelming Support" for retaining that choice. Today's D&C coverage for the same meeting describes "the overwhelming message" delivered.

I sure hope people read further into those stories to get to the truth about what the media defines as "overwhelming." According to the D&C, "More than 100 people attended the forum at Olympia High School, and nearly 30 spoke."

13WHAM's take on the underlying issue reveals the truth, the reality, in the quote from Interim Supt. O'Rourke who said, "Those who can pick their child's first choice are delighted. That's a minority of people."

More Reality: this meeting was just the latest dog & pony show put on by the Greece Central School District under the false pretense of providing a "forum" on a hot button issue - school choice. There was NO DISCUSSION, NONE!!

That this meeting was so poorly attended speaks to the fact that the people in Greece learned long ago that participation in such circus acts is nothing but a waste of their time. The Greece community speaks their minds at the polls and on this and other BLOGs knowing their message will only be heard in selected locations outside the reach of the BOE and/or district office.

The use of the word "overwhelming" by the media to describe anything less than the overwhelming apathy shown in the ridiculously low attendance figures for this "forum" shows that our local reporters are far from impartial in how they portray the news!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

School Choice: Divides & Conquers Neighbors

Greece Central School District's Options 
Pits The "Haves" Against The "Have Nots"

For the current year, 184 students were accepted into Greece's secondary option, while more than 1,500 students remained on the waiting list. For signature schools, 223 were accepted and 562 remained on the waiting lists. The reporter failed to report the figures for the large numbers who remain on wait lists specifically for entry into schools-of-choice, also called lottery schools.

"This goes to the core of one of the problems in our town. It's huge when you have kids on one street going to four different high schools and four different elementary schools. Parents don't know each other, the kids don't know each other and I think that has contributed to the breakup of our neighborhoods." ~~ former school board member Charlie Hubbard


Anonymous said...
The media at channel 13 are already planning interviews at the schools of choice. One today planned for the chorus at pinebrook. The parents had to get their kids there ahead of the regular chorus time in "dresses if possible". If they weren't able to get there ahead of 8 am they were told they "wouldn't be included in the news" braodcast.What are they trying to prove?   12/08/2010 8:44 AM

SCATS ~~ Ah yes! The ole "good press" before the hailstorm of negativity that will be unleashed at tomorrow night's phony 'forum' ;)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Watch Out, Athena Show Choir!

Certified Official & Umpire Shortage Threatens Sports Programs

WHEC-TV reports: "Frank Marafino is the officials’ coordinator for all local sports. He says 40 years ago, teachers made up 60-percent of high school officials. That number as dropped to less than 10-percent. Also, Kodak employees with flexible work schedules also made up a large number of officials but times have changed -- jobs are more demanding and fewer people are willing to invest their time and money to get trained.

“The harassment they take from players, coaches and fans that's why we're losing people a lot of people don't stick with it for that reason.“ MJ Vrooman assigns all of the girls’ lacrosse and field hockey games in Section V. He says, “On any given day I don't have enough officials to cover ..."

Another problem -- officials are retiring and a new generation is needed to take the field. Marafino said, “Anyone that's played in sports and are looking for a way to stay in the game, they will help you become a good official. It’s their willingness to put in the time that it takes.”

SCATS ~~ According to this,  parents aren't the only ones doing fewer extras for the schools. Teachers no longer officiate, despite getting paid to do so.

Uproar In American Education

Anonymous said...
The following CNN video interview is worth watching. It's inspiring to see that there are intelligent people and organizations out there speaking for students who understand that teacher union practices and tenure are are the scourge of American education.  12/07/2010 10:13 PM


PISA Test Scores: Stunning Outcome As Shanghai Tops List
PISA scores are on a scale, with 500 as the average. Two-thirds of students in participating countries score between 400 and 600. On the math test last year, students in Shanghai scored 600, in Singapore 562, in Germany 513, and in the United States 487.

In reading, Shanghai students scored 556, ahead of second-place Korea with 539. The United States scored 500 and came in 17th, putting it on par with students in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and several other countries.

In science, Shanghai students scored 575. In second place was Finland, where the average score was 554. The United States scored 502 — in 23rd place — with a performance indistinguishable from Poland, Ireland, Norway, France and several other countries.

SCATS ~~ To say the United States has lost its competitive edge in world academic arenas would be a gross understatement! If you ask a Greece teacher, it's ALL the parent's fault.

Cell Phones Connected To Behavior Problems

New study of nearly 29,000 children suggests children exposed to cell phones in the womb & after birth have higher risk of behavior problems by 7th birthday.

SCATS ~~ Will this become another excuse to label kids Special Ed in the future? Soon, being "Special Ed" won't be "special" at all. It will be the usual!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Rahn Case Headed Back To Court

“Mr. Rahn will have served a significant portion of this illegal sentence before his appeal can be decided.” ~~ Merritt Rahn's attorney, Jeffrey Wicks

Appeal claims that Rahn’s trial attorney, John Parrinello, could not properly defend Rahn due to conflicts. (D&C)

Read the Appeal

SCATS ~~ Could we check to see if Supervizor Alzheimer's recall is any better now?

School Choice 'Forum' Rules Stifle Input

Another Phony 
Greece Central School District
'Forum' *

Public forum on school choice, signature schools & secondary option

Olympia High School Auditorium

December 9th, 6:30-8:30PM
"I can assure you they will be prepared to stay later if need be ... this will be a listening session ... " ~~ Interim Supt. O'Rourke at BOE meeting held 11/9/10
SCATS ~~ There was absolutely NO MENTION of requiring speakers to sign up in advance or of limiting that input/listening time to 3 minutes when O'Rourke announced this "forum." After 20 yrs. of festering, do you think it's possible for people to sum up their thoughts on this controversial issue in so little time? They do NOT want to discuss anything! It's a large part of Greece's dysfunction!!
*By definition, the word "forum" suggests "discussion."

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Who's In Charge Of the Greece Central School District?

It's my understanding that the interim Superintendent has been diagnosed with a very serious illness and that his secretary has left the district to accept a position elsewhere. The lights to O'Rourke's office have been off and the doors locked during his absence.

No wonder there have been no meetings since Nov. 15th and none scheduled until Dec. 14th ... a whole month in between!

Friday, December 03, 2010

It's About Time ...

Article tells how over-stressed and over-booked parents are pushing back at school's requests for their time.

"With the holidays approaching, the call for parental help at school has reached a fever pitch, but this demand is not just seasonal. As local and state economies continue to struggle, budget cuts to rich and poor school systems are increasing the reliance on unpaid parent help. The need is so great that some school districts, like a couple of specialty schools in Prince William County, Va., have made it mandatory to commit to a small amount of volunteer time, and others are considering it."

SCATS ~~ That Steve Walts really knows how to build a "World Class School District" doesn't he? If the Greece PTA's were to dissolve, would anyone other than the few at the top know or care?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Resident Suing Town Of Greece For Flooding Issue

More of the Same: Closed, Clubby & Corrupt

WHEC-TV reports: Four floods in 14 yrs. cost Greece homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in damage to her house, her furniture, carpet and appliances. They offered her $12,000 for an out-of-court settlement, but failed to offer her any permanent solution for a faulty retention pond situated on Town-owned property next door. Greece officials say it is "a nuisance lawsuit."

SCATS ~~ You gotta love Supervisor Alzheimer's methods for handling trouble! When an angry resident calls with a problem, fail to respond. Don't return the call. Or take the call, but never follow-up. If that doesn't work, threaten them or divert the focus to another topic. Find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that person may have ever done wrong and use it against them. When the resident shows they are persistent and serious and they hire a lawyer, downplay the issue and label it insignificant, a nuisance or annoyance. After losing the case in court and paying out the wazoo, reassess properties, raise taxes, swallow and repeat the entire process, over and over and over again. Oh, and this is only relevant to things Supervisor Alzheimer can actually recall ;)

Greece Police Cracking Down On Prostitution

Berkeley Brean on Twitter: "Just talked to greece pd about prostitution busts. New chief, new captains, new focus on the problem. Decided this year to take them down ... Talked a woman who lived next to one of the "spas". She was told it was a hair salon. Got suspicious when she watched the bald guys go in."

WHEC-TV reports: "Greece Police are cracking down on the oldest profession in the world.

In the past year, police arrested four woman for prostitution. Police say they were turning tricks under the guise of acupuncture and massage parlors. Three of those businesses are now closed.

Two of the women were in Greece court this morning to see if statements they made to police can be used against them.

News 10NBC's Berkeley Brean is talking to the police to find out if the latest effort will shut down the "profession" in the town for good."

SCATS ~~ I thought this trouble was all settled after the Tub 'n Tan sting. I wonder if any higher ups in Greece have been seen visiting these fine establishments, too ... ?

An Insider's Perspective on Greece Central's Problems

Anonymous said...

As a GCSD staff member I can honestly say that sickeningly I am not surprised that this (bus monitor arrested) happened. The quality of people that GCSD hires is like nothing I have ever experienced or anything you would even believe unless you worked there. It seems as they purposely hire (and tenure) the most incompetent, immoral and untrustworthy persons imaginable to fill positions. And to those people who drive their kids to school and think they are in safe hands once they get behind the school house doors, you really need a slap in the face reality check. Abuses can happen in school just as easily as on a bus, and they can take many forms. And guess what? The district will not hesitate to sweep such things under the rug and look the other way to avoid bad press. That is, unless they are forced to act, such as with this poor girls' family who called the police and forced action. I wish I were joking when I say that you would find higher quality personnel (as a ratio) at your local gas station than in GCSD, but I'd hate to offend gas station attendants by saying so.    12/01/2010 11:03 PM

SCATS ~~ This is some of what this BLOG has been saying for almost 5 years!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Greece Dems Blast Town Budget Practices


(Rochester, NY—November 30, 2010)

The Greece Democratic Committee warns voters not to be tricked by the recently approved 2011 Greece Town budget.

The 2011 budget, which was reviewed and approved in a 23 minute meeting on November 4th, two days after Election Day, relies on reserve funds to balance the budget.

“Expenses are climbing, but they plan to keep the town tax rate flat by dipping into reserves,” says Dave Garretson, Leader of the Greece Democratic Committee. “They over-taxed us in the past, so they can pose as phony budget hawks in an election year. Then they’ll sit on the next budget until after Election Day of 2011.”

All four Town Board seats are up for election in 2011.

During the 2009 campaign, Town Supervisor candidate Dan Maloney spotlighted the town’s overly-big reserve funds, far in excess of recommendations by the NY Comptroller’s Office. Mail pieces from Maloney and other Democratic candidates focused on the issue.

In the 2011 operating budget, expenses are projected to climb $1.3 million, an increase of 2.54 percent. However, the budget relies on collecting no additional taxes. The town estimates that non-tax income will increase $683,279. The shortfall, approximately $655,000, will come from reserves.

County Legislator Dick Beebe of Greece agrees, saying “The Town of Greece over-taxed us in the past, and the funds are being hoarded by the current administration. During local election years, they use it to cook the books, in the hopes that tax payers won’t notice. Instead of using that hoard of money for election year trickery, our Town Board should return it to the rightful owners, the tax payers of Greece.”

Greece School Bus Monitor Charged With Sex Abuse

UPDATED @Noon ~~ WHEC reports that the Greece Central School District has fired Kinney: “Greece Central School District officials take the charges against Mr. Paul Kinney very seriously. Upon receipt of a parent complaint on Monday, Mr. Kinney was relieved of his duties. District officials performed their own internal investigation and worked with the Greece Police as part of their investigation. Parents of students who ride Bus #857 were given a letter on Tuesday informing them of the allegation of inappropriate behavior. Greece Central School District officials will continue to work with police. Based upon our own internal investigation Mr. Kinney’s employment with the Greece Central School District will be terminated.”

WHEC reports that 67 yr. old Paul Kinney, of Greece was caught on tape sexually abusing a 7 yr. old who was alone with him on a school bus. The girl told her parents and they called police. More charges are pending and authorities fear there could be more victims.

SCATS ~~ It seems as if the more kids we get on free/reduced lunches, the more Greece parents need to worry about the adults working in the district. Yes, I know there's no correlation there. It's just an excuse to change the focus off the issue. See how these things work? It's fascinating to see that this story didn't hit the airwaves until AFTER the late news, even though it's obvious that it was known much earlier in the day!