Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Robach Says He "Created The STAR Program ..."

..."and reduced class sizes"*

SCATS ~~ Gimme a break Joe! We know you're desperate, but just because the Fair Campaign Practices police can't get you on election day doesn't mean you have to imitate Al Gore with his "I invented the internet" type hogwash! Tell us how you reduced class sizes when Greece just raised theirs!

* Heard/read on ad aired during noon news today


Anonymous said...

and he created the Internet

Anonymous said...

He did reduce class size. The Middle class has dropped by a sizable portion.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the "Universe revolves around Greece" philosophy, Joe Robach serves many school districts. His support of education is deeply appreciated in those places where he is held in high regard.

SCATS said...

To 3:59PM ~~ That was Al Gore ;)

To 4:37PM ~~ You make an excellent point!

To 5:08PM ~~ There's a fairly big gap between "supporting education" and "reducing class sizes." Show me proof of the latter, I dare ya ;)

Anonymous said...

Joe do you always refer to yourself in third person? Unfortunately Joe has little integrity, and a childish sense of entitlement.
During the last election cycle when he had a serious challenge (not your fault Robin that the party doesn't care) he pouted his way through the campaign like a little boy and stomped around mad at anyone who opposed him.
Joe is not too honest either. He has personally lied to me on a number of occasions. I won't even start on Alfalfa his assistant.
I'm sure he is held in esteem whererever those who need to suck up to polticans for their survival are found.

Anonymous said...

Robach has been trying to be all things to all people. As a result he no longer has any core beliefs.

If he doesn't have a check (free money)to hand out to some group he does what?
Truly on an ego trip.

Anonymous said...

4:37 Love it!

Al Gore is an adviser To Joe.