Friday, November 19, 2010

Overview Of Supt. Search & The Greece Central School District

The Greece Post summarizes the Greece Central School District's second attempt to attract a superintendent that the board of education can live with.

It's interesting to note that GCSD has lost enough enrollments to have fallen in the rankings and become NY State's 9th largest school district.

Few residents came to the forum held Monday ~ no surprise here!

What are the search consultants doing differently this time? ~ "What we’re doing differently this time around, first of all, is the process and application window, which is much longer than before. I’m not just waiting for applications to be submitted; I’m talking to potential candidates. ...  It’s obviously the board and the constituent groups that interview the candidate, but I will also tell you that it is a two-way street. The candidates are interviewing the district to see if it would be a good fit for them. ... We’re going to see if we can have the second community forum later so that we can draw more of the community. We don’t get a lot of people in these forums." ~~ Jo Anne Antonacci

SCATS ~~ She forgot to mention that minority candidates need not apply, because our BOE won't ever consider hiring one, and that the successful candidate will be one that the teacher's union can manipulate to their advantage.


Anonymous said...

By suggesting a very high starting salary, asst. supers in small districts may not apply thinking they will get ignored anyway.

I say broaden the pay range DOWNWARD and see if that opens up a few more candidates. Those candidates may not be as set in their ways and could offer a fresh perspective! Lets hear from a few.

And I think the board should apply to the state education dept for an exemption that would let them hire someone without all the education baggage. It worked for New York city. Let's give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Why would ANYONE want to lead GCSD? Disfunctional Board, 90% apathetic & 10% crazy community, crabby union, history of lynching its own leaders, etc. Lowering the salary will definitely help attract someone. Nice logic.

SCATS said...

To 3:31PM ~~ According to those who speak up at school board meetings. most of this district's ills are caused by students on the free/reduced lunch programs. You forgot to mention them ;)

Anonymous said...

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SCATS said...

To 6:56PM ~~ Wel sed.

Anonymous said...

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