Friday, November 05, 2010

Oberg Refuses To Comment On BOE's Rejection Of GTA Contract

“I thought we put together a very responsible offer. I was surprised, I thought it was reflective of the times and had some benefit to our members as well as the economics around us. After four years it’s very difficult. I think we’ve invested a lot of time and energy and the offer was one that acknowledged both parties’ needs. It was very frustrating to see that four years of work was not acknowledged.” ~~ GTA Prez. Don Pallozzi

“The reason I voted for it was because I thought that it would be good to have a contract settled. There are a variety of opinions on the contract" and “being a former teacher I realize I need to distance myself and I need to step back and let things happen. I didn’t go around asking “why” too much.” ~~ Dave Ferington, BOE member, former teacher, only BOE member to vote in favor of the contract (SOURCE: Greece Post)

SCATS ~~ What Pallozzi didn't say is that he is most frustrated to not get full release time (i.e. NO classroom/teaching time!). What Ferington didn't say was that he can't ever really "distance himself" from the union that continues to feed him in his retirement. What Oberg refuses to say is that he has accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as BOE Prez. ~~ other than p*ssing people off with his 'chump change' type remarks and adding back in what he voted to remove from the budget previously.


Charlie Hubbard said...

The idea that while doing that work for the union Mr. Polozzi was being paid by Greece taxpayers. That should pi## off every taxpayer in this community.
One of the problems is it is 'that' type of 'we have always done it' paridime also paid with 'chump change'. It is 'that' type of thinking and WASTE of taxpayer $$ within public education that must stop.
This is also the type of item that is the reason for organizations like the Monroe County school board assoc. whoe's sole purpose is to justify this type of irresponsible spending via 'everybody does it'.
Are we in the education business or the union business?

Anonymous said...

The union always gets the press to publish the "starting salary". However they are never willing to acknowledge those $85,OOO salaries those teachers can reach based only by getting older.

I am sure there are young teachers that are underpaid and many older teachers that are over paid based on their performance. However that is never acknowledged in any employment contract.

The kids pay the price for this lack of a relationship of pay to performance. Some day that may change. There are those at the federal level think that time is now. I hope it happens.

Anonymous said...

I usually have a difficult time coming down on any volunteer in our community, this BOE and most recent members are deserving of such criticism however! Sadly, up until a few months ago Frank Oberg would not have been on my list of those deserving of bashing. I see now he is a fraud! Turns out the only thing keeping "O" honest was "H" and "M".
Way to ruin your legecy you clown!