Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NJ School Supts. Face Salary Cuts Based On Enrollment Caps

Gov. Christie made good on his plans to introduce rules limiting how much school superintendents are paid — an action that would shave $9.8 million off the salaries from about 360 school executives when their contracts expire.

Superintendents would see their salaries tied to the number of students in each district under the proposed rules, but could earn bonuses based on student performance under terms set by the school board, according to Christie’s office. The bonuses would last for a year and would not count toward pensions.

"Raises will no longer be automatic but will be earned, based on how students are performing in a school district," acting Education Commissioner Rochelle Hendricks said.


SCATS ~~ With Greece Central School District's enrollment down to 12,000 from 14,000+ previously, we could save a bundle! Will someone please tell BOE Prez. Frank Oberg that NJ is saving millions of dollars by reducing 'chump change' amounts wherever they can?


Anonymous said...

Christie for President!!

SCATS said...

To 9:55AM ~~ He would have to become a Greece resident, not likely to happen ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid as tempting as it seems, I am a bit more of a free-market person. The salary should be based on performance. A job position can usually be set within a range, based on comparable work in other locations (ie other superintendents) and the number of applicants received. If you don't get any applicants, raise the offer. If you always have lots of applicants, you're paying better than you need to.
Most importantly, jobs should have goals (as has been stated here before)with yearly deliverables that lead the district where it want to go. Meeting the goals is the way to move up in the pay range.
Capping the salaries is a good way to lose good people who can get paid more for their skills elsewhere. It does keep the costs contained (if one salary can really impact that!) but it comes with a big risk.

SCATS said...

To 12:46PM ~~ In the case of GCSD, they attracted plenty of candidates (10 or 12 following initial contact from approx. 30) the last time around, a pool that the BOE whittled down to a group of 3 finalists. They decided none of them were good enough, in the end. I submit the trouble is with our BOE, not the contenders ;)