Sunday, November 21, 2010

Loszynski's Findings Spur Investigative Report On Greece PD Salaries

Town Clerk's response to D&C's request reveals administrative asst. in Personnel Dept. earns $43.39/hr and was "lowest paid employee with the skill needed to complete this task."

"This revelation sparked interest in all payroll information from the town, and that data was requested in October."

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SCATS ~~ It must be nice to land such a politically connected peach of a job in the Town of Greece! No wonder our assessments keep sky-rocketing!

FOIL Requests for Payroll Data

SCATS ~~ Very interesting to note that Monroe County with 4800 employees had no problem providing the info as requested but the Town of Greece with just 390 employees left the request still pending "after the request was downsized." Sounds like it's time to downsize some jobs AND the salaries of those that remain!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Kathy Firkins had to vet this info before it became public

Anonymous said...

At 43.39 an hour, this lowest paid person would get over $1600/ week! No wonder the teachers are upset. They should have gone to work as admin assistants!
Can we apply for job openings on line?

Anonymous said...

The salary is actually $90,000. This adminstrative assistant is probably Firkins don;t be dull.

SCATS said...

To 3:16PM ~~ I'm sure it was just a courtesy vetting, since several head honchos from the D&C live in Greece now and share the Kool-Aid cup with the Chamber of Commerce folks.

I think we should take bids on these jobs the way we take bids on contracted wservices and goods. Award it to the LOW bidder ;)

SCATS said...

To 5:22PM ~~ Are you calling those teacher salaries "chump change?" Oh wait! I forgot that starting pay in GCSD fits right in with Oberg's "chump change" remark. Nevermind ...