Monday, November 08, 2010

Holiday Inn Fire Remembered By Facebook Group

Justice Still Sought

"The individual or individuals responsible walked away from this thing that night, and nothing's been seen since. They essentially have walked free. One thing that was pretty disturbing was that you try and Google search this or you start looking around, there's nothing there. It's very hard to find anything about this fire." ~~ Anthony Niccoli, maintains Facebook group "Holiday Inn Fire Truth 1978"



Anonymous said...

Nothing to be found on Google about Swine1's major arson investigation of a nonarson fire, imagine that.

Unfortunately the night the former Town Supervisot lost his favorite barstool and bar, Swine1 skewed the entire investigation by calling the fire an arson. From that point things went downhill fast.

GPD hired the only contractor who answered his phone to bring a generator and string up lights, and conducted the biggest overtime operation in Department history. Swine also rented a motel opposite Ridgemont to serve as the investigations headquarters for weeks, and Greece Cops inhabited the motel collecting fat paychecks.

With the investigation going noplace faster and faster some public spirited citizens with a lot of money and little desire for Swine to further embarras Greece brought in the man considered to be the best arson investigator in the country. He was driven from the Airport to the scene by Don Riley, and told Riley if he said anything about the fire before the investigator saw the scene he would insist on being driven back to the airport, because he didn't want any opinions entering his mind he couldn't base on facts.

That investigator walked around, looked around and smelled around, and clearly stated the Holiday Inn wasn't an arson. Of course Swine1 disagreed.

Just about everyone who collected fat checks is either retired or dead, and the paperwork was probably burned when Swine retired.

Anonymous said...

The only other person who says it wasn't arson is the fireman who "discovered" it. How quaint!

Anonymous said...

Who is Swine1? I've lived in Greece my entire life and have no idea who that is?

Anonymous said...

Swine 1 -the po-po chief.

Anonymous said...

Who was chief of police then?

Anonymous said...

The initials are GP, enuff said

Anonymous said...

Gerald Bullet hole through my house wall and bullet hole through my office window/door P.

We wouldn't want any name calling and probably shouldn't mention Swine1 went on to GRATE suckcesspool on the BOE after retiring from his PoPo carear.

Better be careful cause his boy Patric is a command officer @ GPD.

Anonymous said...

For those who don't remember the Holiday Inn was undergoing serious renovation when the fire broke out. There were 2 or 3 trailers at the South end of the property holding furnishings from empty rooms, and mattresses had been piled inthe South stairtower for weeks when the fire broke out.

The place was a disaster waiting to happen, and it did. Given the height of the building and huge windows in every room nobody should have died in that fire. Unfortunately the building wasn't equipped with a Fire Alarm or sprinklers.

Anonymous said...

i had always heard it was a troubled special ed kid.