Tuesday, November 02, 2010


The pre-budget hearing revealed that the Greece Central School District projects a 3.9% increase in spending (no dollar amount stated), equivalent to a tax rate increase of about 7.8% for the 2011-12 school year!

Items of note:
  • Just 6 BOE members bothered to attend
  • Only 1 resident spoke at the hearing
  • Resident Gary Elling contends that 90% of GCSD students "expect to go to college"
  • Interim Supt. O'Rourke says only 80% of GCSD students graduate
  • Gary & John need to "do lunch" over these numbers ;)
  • In the last 10 yrs. the number of unexcused student absences rose 352% & the number of students receiving  free/reduced lunches rose by 118%
  • 24% of Greece School students are minorities
Quote of the night: "We have a number of administrators who would gladly trade the SRO's for the (return of the) drug counselor." ~~ Interim Supt. O'Rourke

SCATS ~~ NOW you tell us?? Why didn't someone speak up before the BOE micro-managed the SRO's back onto the payroll?


Anonymous said...

It would seem that Chris Sloane has some explaining to do, seeing that she spoke on behalf of "school leaders who convened over the summer" and advocated for the reinstatement of the SRO's

Anonymous said...

Who were the three BOE members that didn't attend?

Anonymous said...

Already dissent among the GCSD "leadership"...nothing new here

Anonymous said...

And yet Boily goes on television proudly proclaiming how pleased he is to have the SRO's reinstated!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes....By Jove I think we've got it!
1 drug counselor + 1 $250,000 Super
will put all our troubles behind us...
You'll see those attendance rates soaring
in no time!!!!

Anonymous said...

What are the SRO's doing these days?

It would appear not much, judging by what O'Rourke had to say!

Anonymous said...

When will there be an SRO update to the BOE? Frank?

Anonymous said...

24% are minorities but less than 3% are allowed into Pinebrook. Those Pinebrook children are being deprived of the diverisity so valuable for young development.

Anonymous said...

Can you hear me now? It's time to CLOSE a school or two or three!

SCATS said...

To 7:51AM ~~ Don't try to hold a school employee accountable! It's not allowed!!

To 7:52AM ~~ I don't know. They don't do roll call on the radio. I do know that Oberg, O'Connor & O'Toole were there the "O" people.

To 7:52AM ~~ Dissent and we don't even have a "leader" yet!

To 7:54AM ~~ You believed anything Boily said!?

To 10:50AM ~~ It's the "luck" of the numbers ;) Maybe we should ask a board member's kid to pick NY State Lottery numbers for us so we can all "win" ... ?