Friday, November 19, 2010

Greece PD Beefs Up Mall Security For Holidays

13WHAM reports that the Greece Police Dept. will patrol on foot, on bike and in squad cars throughout the parking lot and will be there when the mall's stores are open late at night.

SCATS ~~ Will the mall be paying the extra cost of this, or will it be on the backs of Greece's taxpayers once again?


Anonymous said...

Regardless of who pays for it, we cannot afford to let the safety of the Greece mall become a question in the minds of shoppers. We have only to look at the Irondequoit mall to see what happens when a reputation becomes questioned.
I would think it wold be a good investment on the part of the town and the mall to provide police any time the criminals might think the pickins' are easy and stop the crime in its tracks.

SCATS said...

To 10:31AM ~~ Regardless who pays for it??? Let me remind you that the folks who run the behemoth Greece mall are getting tax breaks in return for providing new jobs which they failed to create! It is their responsibility to provide the security, not the Town of Greece's job.

Irondequoit mall sunk because of more than a questioned reputation. Greece's mall is well on its way to the same fate. Why? Because bad things do happen there, despite curfews, extra security and "good press."

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for years. Nothing new. And Wilmorite pays a hefty chunk of change towards the cost of extra officers, if not all of it.

SCATS said...

To 12:40PM ~~ You're correct that it has been going on for years. I'm not sure if this year they plan to use additional cops over & above the past. It sounds like it.

I'm one of many that I know who very seldom go to this mall. When I do go, it's in & out of the destination store, no window shopping, no walking the corridors.

Anonymous said...

The mall is totally out of control these days. I was there last week, I am not sure the exact day, it was either Monday or Tuesday between 6:30 and 7 with my mother who is in her late 60's. We were at bed Bath and Beyond and she wanted to go to Marshalls. We didn't even get both our feet in the door when we heard screaming, and swearing followed by us witnessing a fight between a group of minority girls. A group of possibly 6 girls attacked a girl right in the middle of the store. These girls did not care who was around, there were little children as well as elderly shoppers. They knocked racks over and shoved people out of their way. The large group of girls ran out of the store after a few male employees attempted to break it up, and yes they were hit in the crossfire. The girl that was attacked was beaten and cut on her face, however instead of feeling any remorse for her all I was feeling was disgust due to the fact that she immediately got on her cell phone and was swearing like a drunken sailor to whomever she as speaking to on the phone decribing that she was jumped and wanted them to get down to the mall immediately to retaliate, I am not up to speed on my lingo but the employee that was next to me said that she was referencing that she wanted her friends to come down to the mall with a gun to pay them back. At this time no police or security had arrived and after about 10 minutes of her swearing profoundly a woman who I assume was the store manager asked just yelled at her to leave. She ran off, still no police or mall security. My point to all this is that the entire group of girls involved in this were all allowed to leave with no reprecussions. Which lead me to believe that this will just continue at some other location in the mall or parking lot or even a neighborhood. God can only hope that some innocent bystander does not get caught in the crossfire. My mother was shocked and a little scared that teenagers find this sort of behavior acceptable and are allowed to get away with this. groups like this are the reason that people will not shop at the Greece Ridge mall. I know I will not take my childen or parents to this mall ever again. I will drive the extra miles to Marketplace or Eastview. To the employees it seemed like this was not the first time they had witnessed such an event and I am now convinced it will not be the last. So yes I do agree that more police presence needs to be seen at the mall, I was even a little apprehensive walking to my car, and all my mother kept repeating was that she couldn't believe that she jsut saw it, and that it was like something you would see on t.v. not in our own community. Shocked I wasn't but dissappointed I was.

Anonymous said...

How many rental cars will Tod stick the taxpayer for to do the job this year?

OOPS, I wasn't supposed to mention that.