Monday, November 08, 2010

GPD Expands Ranks To Get More Investigators

News 8 reports: The Greece Town Board approved spending $500,000 to hire five new cops. Chief Baxter says two of those will replace officers who will be promoted to investigator. They'll have eight investigators instead of six.

"You're the victim of a burglary, and I have an investigator that has 120 cases in a twelve month period, we're just not giving the service that we wanted to. For police officers per capita, we're well underneath.  My study shows that 105 is what my ultimate goal would be." ~~ Chief Todd Baxter


Anonymous said...

Maybe there would be fewer burglaries if there were more cops on the beat. Maybe a presence is needed in Greece neighborhoods and not just 2 days a week at the schools. Maybe the 2 week program in the Dewey Stone area should have been expanded in geography as well as time. Cops on the beat are still a deterrent to crime but do not cost as much as investigators. What happened to his idea with the police looking for properties not up to code? Was that found to be a civil rights violation?

SCATS said...

To 11:57PM ~~ Civil rights violation? Why would it be that? I suspect it's more because of a power struggle between Auberger & Baxter. Auberger is the #1 bossman, so he wins ~~ no code violations via GPD.