Saturday, November 20, 2010

Timely Editorial Hits Mark On Several GCSD Budget Topics


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Essay from November 18, 2010 Greece Post pg. 10A

SCATS ~~ Kudos to Mr. Valik for speaking his mind in a logical, concise manner on these issues that are costing us wasted $$ to fund! When will our school board get the spine to do what needs to be done?


Anonymous said...

Three years of volunteering. Three years
of advocating for policy measured by conscientious
fiscal restraint, strategic planning,management,
and execution, programattic performance measurement,
data-driven decision making, and budgetary reform
that would save the district and taxpayers

And for what? To have all of the above fall
upon deaf ears by a BOE focused only on
self promotion and avoidance of hard work.

Anonymous said...

If history is any guide, then never. This school board doesn't know it's head from its donkey.

Anonymous said...

Writer just doesn't understand the concept of "chump change".

So let's get on with the real money
expenses like salaries and benefits. Oh, I forgot, those can only go up.

Now the writer can see first hand how useful those committes can be!
And they wonder why so few show up for the community meeting on selecting a new superintendent.

SCATS said...

To 11:25AM ~~ I think you've caught on ;)

Anonymous said...

Mr Valik articulates a too common frustration with the BOE. Ideas and suggestions are made and the BOE is not willing to process them, evaluate them, or even react to them politely. If they are not ideas from the selected sources (the COC or town power structure) then they are simply ignored. It is to our mutual discredit that the ordinary folks who want to contribute ideas and effort to help solve problems have a very short life. Pity for our taxpayers, shame for our elected officials who should know better.

Anonymous said...

Stenglein's motivation is in my book questionable. She was or still is a hockey parent. Nuff Said. Having heard her speak at some of the board meetings I don't think that her bulb burns very brightly. Just one persons opinion.

Anonymous said...

Stenglein is a politician and a fast talker. I trust neither.

A friend in Hamburg said...

You folks in Greece will love this one!

SCATS said...

To Friend in Hamburg ~~ OMG that's absolutely awesome! LOL Thanks for the laughs ;)