Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cuomo: Vows To Curb Education Spending

NY Spends Most Per Pupil,
But Performance Is 40th In US

"And the answer can't always be: more money, more money, more money." ~~ Gov. Elect, Cuomo

"The attempt to link poor performance to money or to imply that throwing money at the problem is the only thing that education advocates see as necessary is a simplistic view of what we all do. It really denigrates those who have worked really hard at trying to address the achievement gap and provide a quality education for every child." ~~ Richard Iannuzzi, NYSUT Pres. (SOURCE)

SCATS ~~ I'll believe Cuomo when I see my property tax bill fall to someplace ranking us in the middle around the nation with our educational outcomes climbing to at least that level, too.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope some school board members read these comments.
I too scats will believe it when I see it.
Too many politicians are owned by these unions.

Charlie Hubbard said...

There is a posting on the d+c comment section of this article from someone named 'nyntrouble' that outlines the enormous financial trouble our schools are in. It is not hard to figure out how we got in this mess.
Scats; if you have a way to post those comments that would be great.


Anonymous said...

He can not change what is union driven salaries, and that being a huge expense his words ring h0llow.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I took a look & that person's comments are very good, but also rather lengthy. I suggest people go to the link on the story (posted on the front of this BLOG/thread) and click on the "COMMENTS" section at the bottom of that page to read for themselves.

Anonymous said...

We love you! Thanks for taking a stand and always meaning what you say!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the county tax rate is held constant for 2011. There have been arguments about the cost of increasing salaries for teachers that prevent the BOE from holding costs on our school taxes. Doesn't the county have the same issues of unions, Taylor and Triborough? Yet the county seems to be able to hold taxes year after year after year...

SCATS said...

To 7:39AM ~~ I guess great minds think alike! I was also thinking that I find it rather odd that our town taxes and assessments keep rising, too, in light of Maggie's ability to keep the county coffers at a stable level.

george hubbard said...

Re: Town of Greece tax rate.

1. D&C Nov 2 reports:

1a. Tax rate 2010 = $6.41 per $1,000 assessed value.

1b. Tax rate 2011 = $6.40... for $54M budget plan... excluding special districts.

1c. Planned tax levy to remain flat at $30.1M for 2011.

SCATS said...

To George Hubbard ~~ My point about Greece is that the ASSESSMENTS don't seem to "remain flat." Half the town was reassessed last year and the other half should be getting new assessments early in 2011. If your assessment rises, your taxes just went up ;)

Anonymous said...

If state aid for education is cut, you better be ready for your school taxes to go up!

SCATS said...

To 1:11PM ~~ Why shouldn't the school district start to cut non-mandated programs, services, employees, and close schools and cutback transportation to some logical level?

Anonymous said...

Since we parents and our childeren are all above average, I would settle for having my taxes drop to only 20% ABOVE the national average (a 32% drop in what I would pay!)

Dave Garretson said...

The cost of town government is rising. Town tax rates are flat because Mr. Auberger chose to dip into reserves (previous over-taxation) to cover the rising expenses. Look for next year's re-election mailers to tout the fine job they did of keeping your taxes low today... without mentioning they did it by over-taxing you in the past.

SCATS said...

To Dave ~~ They are CURRENTLY overtaxing us all. It's how they are able to afford to pay a cool $1 million+ for Loszynski, the plethora of ongoing lawsuits, court cases, the beefed up GPD, etc. I know a year ago, Auberger's literature professed that we needed to elect him because the union boss would raise our taxes. Guess what? Auberger allowed his assessor to get 'er done for him!

Anonymous said...

People always complain about assessments going up and want to keep assessments low and at the same time want to sell their house for more than they bought it.

If the "value" of your property increases, the amount of your assessment should increase as well. The fact that the town only reassesses periodically means that for the number of years in between you are generally getting a discount on taxes(assuming the tax rate stays the same).
Each year, with the exception of the last few, your house has appreciated in value. It is only fair that you pay tax on it actual value, just like everyone else.

SCATS said...

To 3:27PM ~~ Your comments ASSume much! Are you aware that Greece's assessments appear to be very haphazard in how they determine "value?" Are you aware that if you were to track home sales for certain areas, you'd see that homes are OFTEN selling for LESS than the assessed value? Are you aware that two homes (same age, style, street, etc.) that were assessed to be within $3000 of each other when the Town of Greece switched to the market value method are now nearly $20,000 apart in their assessed value for no apparent reason? In fact, the one with the lower assessment has had significant upgrades while the other one has had one minor one! Are you aware that the Town's assessor can't figure out how to properly code split levels even though the ORPS website explicitly states the rules?

Selling a home for more than you bought it for is considered to be the norm unless your neighborhood goes into a state of decline or some significant local environmental issue pops up. Increased assessments where the economy is lagging, where jobs are nonexistent, where foreclosures are rising etc. makes no sense at all!

george hubbard said...


1. 2010 Combined Town and County Tax Bill shows:

1a. 2010 Greece Tax Levy = $30.9M.

1b. 2010 Greece Tax Rate = $6.406651 per $1,000 assessed value.

2. D&C Nov 2 reports preliminary Greece budget:

2a. 2011 Greece Tax Levy (prel.) = $30.1M... (calc: -2.59% from last year)

2b. 2011 Greece Tax Rate (prel.) = $6.40 per $1,000 assessed value... compared to $6.41 last year... (calc: -0.16%).

3. Assuming no change in Taxable Assessed Valuation from 2010 to 2011, % change in tax rate should track % change in tax levy.

Q#1: Why is reported % change tax rate less than % change in tax levy?

Please check my numbers... comments invited.

SCATS said...

To George ~~ i can't answer your question. I want to know what services they cut (and haven't told us about, they NEVER do) since the budget amount "calls for an overall spending increase of about 2.5 percent, or $1.3 million more than this year." Add to that the fact that GPD has cost us (and continues to cost us) more & more with scandals, lawsuits, new cars, additional officers, promotions, new equipment, changed location for precinct 2 ... etc.

Anonymous said...

Really, administrative salaries still need to be cut in Greece, especially assistant principals at the elementary school level. What do they do, exactly?!