Sunday, November 14, 2010

BOE Plans Exec. Session Monday Night

The Greece School Board will meet in Exec. Session @5:30PM on Nov. 15th for the purpose of discussing the employment history of particular person(s).

SCATS ~~ Gee, I wonder who they could possibly be talking about now ... ? Will any of them bother to show up at the community forum 'do over' regarding the Supt. Search scheduled for 7PM? Since community members who cared already gave their input, the BOE will be safe when they profess that "no one was interested ... no one came ... we tried."


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are talking about the theif that is working on the thrid floor! What a crime that iS!

Anonymous said...

If The Board had any sense of integrity or an ounce of wisdom they would be meeting tonight to fire Deb Hoeft for her colossal incompetent mishandling of the situations described in the "Another Day, Another Civil Rights Law Suit" topic on this blog.

And since she's not yet tenured since her promotion to assistant superintendent, it would be easy.

The community should demand she be fired. She's the root of all problems (too many to mention) and wasted money (too much to count) in special education.

SCATS said...

To 8:09AM ~~ This is Greece. They'll probably wait until she gets tenure, then decide they want her gone.