Sunday, November 07, 2010

BOE Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session @5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, pending litigation & the employment history of particular person(s).

SCATS ~~ Will GTA demonstrate in the cold on the sidewalks in front of Apollo? Or will they opt to show up en masse indoors to the warmth of the BOE meeting room? Will Don Pallozzi have anything different to say? Or will he merely mutter his same displeasure into the mic once again?

"By not saying anything publicly, the message is ambiguous and people are wondering how much we are really valued." ~~ Don Pallozzi, Prez. GTA (complaining about Greece school board's silence over rejecting the new contract Steve Achramovitch signed as he left Greece Central.)

"There has got to be a way we can find something that's agreeable to everyone, but we only have so much money and are under a lot of financial constraints." ~~ Julia VanOrman, Greece school board VP


Anonymous said...

If the last agreement barely passed the GTA membership vote then the BOE are kidding themselves if they think a proposed contract that has the teachers giving more concessions will pass a vote. I think the taxpayers are going to be stuck with that 2006 contract for a long time. It irritates me to no end that the BOE would not say what they found wrong with the agreed to contract.

Anonymous said...

No matter what happens, I'm sure that common ground will be established to support whatever is in the best interests of the students...

Pardon me, do you have one of those airline bags? I'm feeling very nauseous.

Tom Kackmeister said...

FYI Re:D and C reporting Sunday on the teachers contract situation: I have sent the following to the D and C attention appropriate editors:

Democrat and Chronicle:
Re: Sunday reporting on the Greece teacher’ contract:

Thank you for the article on the Greece teacher’s contract negotiation. Your writer (M. McDermott) once again included the details needed for the public to understand this story.

Your writer went beyond the union’s reporting of the minimum starting salary under the current contract which the union continually likes to emphasize. By pointing out that teachers continue to receive their step increases, the writer let the public know that teachers continued to get pay raises and also let the public know that those salaries go up to $83,000 (without any of the extras they can receive).

You also reported the preliminary budget for 2010-2011. Rather than reporting the projected spending increases as a “budget deficit”, you accurately reported what would happen “if the district were to do nothing next year but maintain programs and services at the same level as this year”. That is precisely the best way to report that projected budget. There is no “budget deficit” until there is a budget. Thank you for that! *

One point of criticism: your writer reported that this year’s budget adopted by the board was a “bare-bones austerity budget”. I strongly take exception to the characterization the budget as a “bare-bones” budget. For example, a bare bones budget would not including bussing costs to transfer students all over the district to schools of their choice, nor would it include all day kindergarten or the many after school activities and the many AP courses that are offered (et al). I am not saying I support eliminating those programs but only that the budget the board approved (overriding the budget voted down by the community in May) was millions short of being “bare bones”. I would not object if your had reported that comment as a quote although I still would have objected had you not sought out an opposing opinion.

Overall, a good job of reporting and I would hope all of your reporters would do as good a job.

Tom Kackmeister

* When it comes time for budget reporting I hope you will put any spending plans in the context of inflation rates and increases/decreases in student enrollment.

Anonymous said...

This contract dates back to 2001. Did any of the then BOE members vote against it?

SCATS said...

To 2:40PM ~~ This contract dates back to July 1, 2004. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

If anyone doubts the idiocy of Triborough, just look at our BOE/GTA "negotiation" difficulty. By eliminating the need for one side to negotiate in good faith, holding out for more benefits, and more, Triborough makes a mockery of collective bargaining.
It should be repealed, or at least amended to hold the current contract in force, frozen at the final year of the contract, with no further raises for salaries or benefits. Otherwise why would there be any need for negotiation?!?!?!?!?
Unfortunately, with the same business-as-usual, inept good-ole-boys in the state legislature (read that as Sheldon Silver, the only vote that counts), don't hold your breath for relief from this choke hold that the unions have on the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

To 7:36 The Triborough Amendment was added to the Taylor Law as a way to protect both sides in a labor dispute. Triborough has become a buzzword just like "change" was 2 years ago. If the amendment was repealed what would be the advantage for management to negotiate... you are a winner none! The municipality would never have to negotiate again they could stand by the repeal of the amendment and offer and give whatever they felt. The strongest part of the amendment actually applies to the unions they can't hold any type of job actions or strike. This applies to Police officers, firefighters, transit workers and yes even teachers. Imagine a strike in the months of april and may by teachers what would be the impact on the education of students in any district? So maybe before you spout off you should understand in its entirety the whole Triborough Amendment and just not jump on a buzzword bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but teachers would still be able to keep their jobs. Not so in the free market. Just ask the folks out at Motts (a union plant). Keeping a job when the country is in recession is a huge advantage; keeping a job at the same pay is even better!

Anonymous said...

The Buffalo City School teachers went on an illegal strike on the first day of school a few years ago nothing happened to them or the union. Nobody had the guts to hold them accountable. Oh and all of the heroic role model, we do it all for the kids teachers left the kids that they constantly tell us that they love locked out of the schools that they were transported to with no supervision. The bus drivers were also complicit in this. So much for the Taylor law when it does not benefit the GTA Union hacks and their whining union members. In my view Palozzi and the union should be prosecuted using the RICO act. Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization.

Anonymous said...

10:35 The Triborough portion that allows the contract to continue giving raises and benefit increases when no new agreement is in force is nothing more than a deal to male the no-strike clause palatable to the powerful unions in NY.
The part that needs to be "modified" (if repealed is such a bad word) is the part that continues raises and benefits to accrue in the absence of an agreement. Under this portion here is absolutely no reason to negotiate- all the power lies with one side. Keep the no-strike, keep the last year of the contract in effect, but stop the continued increases.
I'm not trying to "spout off" but I am trying to point out something contained in this amendment that desperately needs to be changed, and probably won't.

Anonymous said...

So Triborough makes both sides negotiate. But where is the benefit for the unions to negotiate under the current rules? The unions get raises every year without any increased responsibility or any increased performance required?
This is a bad deal for both unions and management.