Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Waste $$ On A Website That's Not Kept Current?

This pet peeve of mine concerns both the Town of Greece and the Greece Central School District websites. Why waste taxpayer money developing and maintaining these sites if you aren't going to keep them updated in a timely fashion?

Case in point: GCSD's website still doesn't have the video of the Oct. 12th BOE meeting available for viewing. That's two weeks ago, folks! Is it really that hard or time-consuming to keep these uploaded on a regular schedule?

The Town of Greece website keeps Auberger's doings at the Senior Center updated, but the Police Department's Weekly Blotter is often several weeks behind. As I recall, Chief Todd announced this feature as part of his efforts to communicate with the community a few months ago. If you can't keep it current, get rid of it!


Anonymous said...

Technology is no longer a priority for the school district. Remember that, the next time it is part of a budget vote. Technology is simply an attractive word to add when trying to pass a budget.

Anonymous said...

All you whiners stop complaining. This could be Victor.

SCATS said...

To 1:15PM ~~ Actually, I think a lot of Greece's problems stem from the fact that we have people in the Chamber, Rotary and Greece Town govt. who want people to believe (think "image" or "perception" as opposed to the stark reality) that we are Victor, or Pittsford at the very least. If they'd look around, they'd see Greece's "brain power" has gone from a more highly educated technical/engineering background to blue collar/services, as has the salary people are paid.