Saturday, October 02, 2010

Ride To Parking Lot Precedes "Walk To School"

The Greece Post reports: On Wednesday, Oct. 6, over 75 students from West Ridge Elementary School will pay tribute to international walk to school day by traveling to school together on foot and bicycle.

All students and parents will be participating in a school-wide walk to school event to celebrate the 13th annual International Walk to School Day, an event that has grown into a month-long celebration including students and their teachers worldwide.

Students and parents will be meeting in the parking lot of Ashley Furniture (1960 Ridge Rd. W., Rochester, NY) at 7:45 a.m. and walking to West Ridge Elementary (200 Alcott Road).

SCATS ~~ So let me get this straight ... school-of-choice students, who are usually bussed all over town, are going to get driven to Ashley's Furniture so they can celebrate "walk to school day?" Is it just me, or does driving to meet-up in a parking lot detract from the purpose of walking to school? Why don't they do this everyday and save us some of the extra money we're wasting by busing kids to schools-of-choice?


Anonymous said...

Of course, this is all dependent on the weather. If it's too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, then the observation will be postponed until the weather is more cooperative.

Anonymous said...

What a friggin' joke!

Is this supposed to be a "going green" event or a fitness event?

Make them walk to school everyday!!

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that by their plan to park and walk, they are illustrating how far away from school all of them live. And that is not necessary since there are so many children that live close to that school. Enough to fill that school.
And our whole school district by policy does not respect the spirit of "walk to school" by bussing all of the k-5 students no matter how close they live to their school. And by bussing not just within the close boundaries of each school but bussing criss-cross across the district to schools of choice, signature schools and babysitter district schools.
It is absurd. It is Greece.
They might as well accomplish the fitness aspect of the program by waiting until the students arrive at school and walking them to the mall and back. The whole school.
Remind us again when this farce is happening so we can see how they are going to protect the children as they cross parking lots and walk on streets with no sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

It is also ironic that those same parents would also oppose having the students walk farther to a centralized bus stop.

Anonymous said...

Oh gee folks, you just don't understand.
First, some Dipstick er I mean District employee had to set all of this into motion. Given the speed at which District employees accomplish, we can figure a week to plan, another 2 days to visit neighboring parking lots to determine which would be most suited, a day talking to the furniture stors ownership, and pretty soon you got a whole week wasted and then some.

Then some other Dipstick employee had to do a media release while another copied handout sheets so all the rents of all the love trophys can coordinate in the right parking lot. Better be a damn bagle shop there and it best be open too.

This is almost as funny as a certain intersection in N.W. Greece where the special darlings from the private road are driven to sit waiting for the schoolbus. So far those powerful parents have changed their darlings pickup because the special (stupid) kids aren't smart enough to cross the road, and forced the Town to install not one but 2 streetlights everybody in Town pays for.

It's just another P.R. stunt.

Would there even be an oil shortage without School Bussing?

Anonymous said...

To night owl at 12:47 please dish. Which intersection? It won't be disclosing any child's identity because it is only a street name.