Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Taped Call Ties Arena & Montrois To Attack Against Spahn In Chad Rahn Misconduct Case

13WHAM reports: Prosecutors say following his arrest for illegal drug activity, Frank Arena wanted to get even with the anonymous tipster who called 911. They allege Arena called a friend, Chad Rahn, who used his credentials as an Irondequoit Police officer to find out the tipster was Christopher Spahn.

Arena and Matthew Montrois are accused of breaking into the Spahn’s home in Greece, assaulting and robbing him. “Mr. Spahn’s version of events is quite bizarre,” said attorney Kevin Kuhn who represents Montrois. “His credibility will be attacked vigorously at the trial.”

But prosecutors say other evidence ties both men to the alleged crimes. It appears both men took part in a phone call after the alleged crimes, a call made by the victim and secretly recorded by police.

“It’s our allegation there are incriminating statements in that phone call,” says Monroe County Assistant District Attorney David Dys. Its alleged Arena agreed to return items stolen in the robbery.

Montrois and Arena are expected to go to trial January 10th.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again with Team Green endrunning the rules. The case probably sucks, so Team Green is playing fast & loose to contaminate the jury pool.

Team Green damn well knows the rules of tapeing a call, and they sure know if the Popo man made the recording it falls under both Miranda and the more restrictive Ryan rules.

Hell, lets just go beat a confession out of the next suspect.

Anonymous said...

It was not a call that was taped but a conversation in person with the man who was attacked wired up and talking to his attackers. Part was on the phone and most was in person.
He was "wearin' a wiyah Tony." They should have asked him if he wanted a schwitz. See the indictment not the news story.
As long as he knew he was being taped and there was a judge's ok that evidence is good. Don't you watch Law and Order, counselor night owl? You have such recognizable pet names for those for whom you seem to have nothing but disdain.
I hope you are not implying that they are screwing this case up on purpose so that informant will see his attackers go free? If that is the case then God help us! People should never turn anyone in. So much for cleaning up crime in Greece and Monroe County. The city is a wasteland already.

SCATS said...

To 6:32PM ~~ Just an FYI ... Although you are probably correct, at least in part, there was more than one phone call referenced in the 13WHAM article cited. I'm not clear on how many total calls are involved in this case, are you?

Anonymous said...

See the 3rd ciecuit on recorded evidence.

A citizen wired up is an agent of the Police, ergo Miranda attaches. Ryan is even tougher.

Team Green is running bluff!

Prove ne wrong with facts, not your favorite TV program.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are hoping to get the 2 thugs to turn against the big fish. Then there is no need for the recorded evidence. Maybe it is better for the public safety to not have a police officer that abuses his position. And why would a police officer be a friend to someone that grew pot?
The person that was assaulted and almost killed might be a good enough witness without the taped evidence.
The 2 accused attackers have not submitted alibis. Maybe they are all abandoned by the usual people that would provide them. Including the accused police officer.

SCATS said...

The MOST interesting part of this will be to see & understand Rahn-the-cop's relationship to Arena-the-drug-dealer.

Anonymous said...

"Ryan is even tougher." Who is Ryan? He was mayor but not now.