Friday, October 01, 2010

Odyssey Open House: Herd Them In, Herd Them Out ...

If you believe that parents are respected by teachers in the Greece Central School District, you might change your mind after reading these posted "tips" to Odyssey teachers for getting parents out of the room and even out of the building on the night of Parent/Teacher Open House. I wonder if the 8PM end time is in the contract? My suggestion: don't waste your time on this orchestrated union version of Show 'n Tell. Make an appointment for conferences with several individual teachers instead (humanities, math, science, foreign language). I know they won't like this suggestion, but it's your kid!

*Highly Recommend
1.Parent Teacher Sign Up Sheet - sends the message you are not doing this now
2.Warm-Up - What should I know about your child? How can I contact you?
3.Activity – Have parents do a 5 minute independent lesson (matching vocab, T/F, draw, math problem, listening, physical activity, etc.)
4.Ticket Out The Door – 3 things I learned about this course; 2 questions I have ; 1 thing I can do to help support my child at home

*Strongly Suggest:
1.Samples of student work – video, audio, projects, writing samples
2.Student text/reading material
3.Important dates – exams, projects, etc
4.Curriculum map

Try to…
1. Position yourself in the back of the room where the parents have to walk through activities to get to you.
2. Develop a line that you can say to excuse yourself when parents say more than hello.
“I’d love to talk with you further. Feel free to email me, call and or sign-up for a conference.”
“I’ll let you go see some of your child’s teachers before it gets too late.”
“I’d love to talk with you further, but I have a long line of parents who would like to say hello. Please sign-up for a conference.”

There will be someone at the front desk if you need assistance for anything. An announcement will be made at 8:00 PM telling parents that Open House is over.

Will they have security escort them out of the building, too?


Anonymous said...

It's like an educational version of speed dating.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to one of these? Greece lets the kids off for two days in November so the teachers can meet with parents one on one. The Open House is not the time for a discussion of how your child is doing. The lines to meet the teachers are very long, and one of the reasons is that some parents insist on having their conference then and there. The purpose of the open houses are to let your kids show you their classroom etc. and meet the teacher. Meet as in shake hands and be reminded to sign up for a conference.

SCATS said...

To 9:14AM ~~ I used to go to Open House until I felt like my presence wasn't really wanted. These instructions to the teachers put onto paper exactly what parents feel but couldn't prove. It's a dog & pony show, a complete waste of time, in my opinion. Parents would do better TO INSIST on the individual conferences with the teachers I mentioned. I know that will also put a monkeywrench into the plans of staff at conference time, but that's too darned bad. It's for the kids.

Anonymous said...

I thought Odyssey was where "parent involvement" was valued. Apparently I heard that wrong!

Anonymous said...

When 47% of your "teaching" staff is recruited from the bottom third of college graduates and you have a UNION that prevents teaching, you have to script everything.

Anonymous said...

The script for teachers would be amusing if it weren't so sad! And this comes from Greece's most esteemed school?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget , Doc. is playing with marked cards . A Stacked deck . I wonder how that happens ? Esteemed school? , maybe on paper .

Anonymous said...

It happends the same way her husband keeps his coaching job at Odyssey .

You people compain about everything said...

Structure is good.
Odyssey enjoys much academic success.
Odyssey enjoys much popular acclaim.
Susan Meier should be superintendent.

SCATS said...

To 9:01AM ~~ You forgot to mention:

Odyssey is the most segregated HS in the district.

Odyssey has the wealthiest student population of any MS/HS in the district.

Odyssey's existence creates multi-"microchasms" among the town's populace.

Anonymous said...

"It's a dog & pony show, a complete waste of time, in my opinion. "

Uh, Open Houses ARE Dog and Pony shows. Always have been. That's their purpose.

SCATS said...

To 2:34PM ~~ Now, now! If parents don't go, they are labeled as part of the tuned out group who don't care about their children or their education. In Greece, parents ALWAYS lose. The only ones who ever lose more are the kids, followed by the taxpayers who foot the bill for all of the fluff ;)