Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No News Is BAD News

The Board of Education of the Greece Central School District has been especially mum since Frank Oberg became their President in July. There's a palpable and misguided effort under his leadership for the school board to keep their collective heads buried in the sand. It works something like this: "If I/we don't speak to an issue in public, then it won't exist as an issue in the community." Like sweeping dirt under the carpet, it doesn't work. Sooner or later, they will run out of space to hide the accumulated dirt gathered in their closed door sessions, causing it to ooze out in all directions as the community becomes aware there is much trouble brewing under that obviously filthy taxpayer funded rug. 

Currently, at least two major issues have been stuffed under the BOE's carpet: the search for a new superintendent and the status of the GTA contract.

The community has been left totally in the dark about the long delayed GTA contract that was agreed to by the union, only to be rejected by the BOE. The biggest question looming over the school board at this point is: Why reject an agreement that YOU and school district attorneys negotiated for more than 4 years only to reject it AFTER the fact? Obviously, someone dropped the ball here. The community deserves to know who it was, what went wrong and what they are doing to fix it!

On the issue of the superintendent search, the school board decided to abandon their search for a new leader over the summer recess from school, an idea that I think was ill-conceived. It seems to me that June-Sept. would be the time of year when those who are out of a job would be looking for a position. Whatever reason for this inane decision to take a break from the search, they supposedly renewed their efforts in Sept. Unlike the first time around though, there has been no fanfare in the way of requests for community input, media involvement, or shared brochures on qualifications sought. Instead, there has been an empty vacuum expelling loads of hot air in the board room, as they try their best to reveal nothing about the BOE's status on resolving the problem of having no superintendent to lead Greece Central out of the educational doldrums of being near the bottom of the barrel in various academic arenas around Monroe County.

Ignorance may be bliss, but no news is very bad news in the Greece Central School District. It's just a matter of time before the dirt starts creeping out from under their backroom carpet. What excuses will we be given when that inevitably happens? It's only a matter of time. Tick ... tick ... tick ...

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Anonymous said...

Oberg claiming to be a reformer for open govt, is acting just like another republican honcho who shuts out the public. Right out of their play book