Thursday, October 07, 2010

Local Supt. Blasts Tenure

"If I could get rid of tenure for 24 hours, I'd have a bus waiting at school tomorrow morning. That bus would take away all of the teachers I can't let go because of tenure. I'd do it in a heartbeat." (Quoted from Evan Dawson's BLOG on 13WHAM)

SCATS ~~ And I'll bet he didn't mean a short bus when he said that !


Anonymous said...

I didn't hear this person saying he would renounce his pension & benefits achieved thought the work of unions.Nor did I hear this person renounce his/her most likely inflated salary?

Stop making unions the scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

It is the same as the union contracts that collectively bargain raises without merit or evaluations. That is what their unions want so the school districts give that to them. If we were allowed to not give them raises unless there was excellent performance as a teacher, there would be improvement.
And principals have tenure also.

SCATS said...

To 3:03PM ~~ As if union members don't have inflated salaries??

To 3:49PM ~~ Just try getting ANY accountability clauses into a teacher union contract. It costs dearly!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

Seeing as just 'one' person is willing to speak out says alot about this monopoly known as 'public education'.

Anonymous said...

just try getting accountability into ANY work place in this country.

Anonymous said...

Right from the horse's mouth.

The New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) might be getting a little dizzy from its own spin.

The issue is - what else? - teacher tenure!

On the one hand, NYSSBA admits that 1994 reforms to the teacher discipline law have streamlined the process. But even as NYSSBA acknowledges that the process for removing bad teachers has improved, the school boards group wants more. NYSSBA keeps trying to drum up support for the elimination of tenure.

Tenure, as we all know, does NOT guarantee a bad teacher a job for life. But it DOES guarantee teachers a fair hearing if they're brought up on charges. And life certainly would be simpler for school boards if tenure weren't around - they wouldn't have to prove any charges, and therefore, could dismiss a teacher at ANY time, for ANY reason!

In their quest to end tenure, NYSSBA officials keep saying that despite the recent successful reforms, it's still just too darn hard to remove teachers who are incompetent.

Next time that you hear that argument from someone (especially if it's a school board member), refer this person to page 23 of the Feb. 9 issue of the New York School Boards Journal. There, in a "3020-a update" column, author Jeffrey Handelman writes of a case in which a teacher was charged with excessive tardiness and incompetence.

While NYSSBA's own survey found that "many districts fail to bring 3020-a charges due to a lack of documented evidence," Handelman says, in this particular case, the district's case was "clearly documented." And just what was the onerous burden of proof the district coughed up? It was pretty basic stuff... time sheets and district memos telling the teacher what standards must be met.

This case clearly demonstrates that a school district really *CAN* dismiss a teacher under section 3020-a for charges other than gross misconduct! What's the "catch"? All it takes is a WELL-DOCUMENTED case! That seems to be the part that many administrators are unwilling (or unable?) to do.

That's an important point... and it's contained in NYSSBA's *own* newspaper! Yes, the system DOES work! It is, in fact, quite possible to remove a TENURED teacher for incompetence. The only catch: You've got to make your case!

Excuse me, but isn't that the American way???

SCATS said...

To 7:42PM ~~ Streamlined how? Why hasn't the cost been reduced? In Greece, EEOC charges were brought when Walts attempted to remove some bad apples. His targets were right on.

Anonymous said...

Administrators are protected by the same tenure rights. One bad teacher takes out a class. A bad administrator can take out an entire school. Some major housecleaning needs to be done there as well.

SCATS said...

To 8:31PM ~~ I don't disagree. Tenure no longer serves the purpose it was created for. It simply prohibits teachers and some administrators from being held accountable. Once granted, many teachers fail to perform to the standard they once did. Most administrators are former teachers and probably learned this while teaching.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am sure he doesn't care because no matter how bad a Stupidintendent performs he knows that he can get another job for $200,000+ somewhere else. Walts and Achromovitch have. I do understand that Achromovitch is an interim Stupidintendent but his salary would be that if strectched over a year. Yeah, it is all the teachers fault!

Anonymous said...

Tenure also protects teachers from abuse. Lets say you have a teacher who has consistently performed above standards, and has gotten many accolades from their administration. Maybe even the teacher would stand up to a district and advocate for your own student/child rights. But all of a sudden they are deemed to be a bad teacher because someone doesn't like them and made up lies. Then they have to defend themselves. This is exactly what tenure is for!!

Without tenure there wouldn't be any teacher in any district willing to stand up for their students. The district would just go about violating anything they want because there would be no backlash. Can you think of some things that GCSD has done wrong and been held accountable for?

An outsider looking in

SCATS said...

To 9:43AM ~~ I'm sorry, but I laughed ... laughed hard at the idea that there would be no teachers "willing to stand up for their students" without tenure! You can't possibly be talking about anywhere inside NY state!!

Do you realize how ridiculously silly you sound? If you don't, then try substituting the nouns for others. Let's say like: "Without tenure there wouldn't be any doctor in any town willing to stand up for their patients." Or how about: "Without tenure there wouldn't be any lawyer in any city willing to stand up for their clients." Or possibly: "Without tenure there wouldn't be any retailer in any mall willing to stand up for their customers."

Once again, tenure has outlived the purpose for which it was created, just like schools-of-choice have ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand who was being quoted??

SCATS said...

To 4:22AM ~~ According to the original BLOG written by Evan Dawson, the person who said it did so on the condition he could remain anonymous.