Thursday, September 30, 2010

What The Heck Is A "Microchasm?"

From "These are a series of tragic incidents, it's not the norm here. It's a microchasm of what's going on in society." ~~ Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter regarding the growing number of homicides in Greece this year.

SCATS ~~ Did Baxter really say "microchasm?" Or was the reporter unfamiliar with the word "microcosm" and guessed at the word Baxter uttered? If it was the latter, why didn't the reporter clarify what was meant with Baxter? And what the heck was the editor doing when this slipped by? Our education system is failing us!!


Anonymous said...

Everyone makes mistakes or misstatements.

I am more concerned with the point you make in the previous post. The obsessive and paranoid need to reassure people, that they are safe. This tactic seems to me to have Auberger's fingerprints all over it.

Well say this is a domestic or family incident.
That kind of violence is on the rise here and is equally a threat to people. Often these are the result of economic and social issues. Domestic and familial violence is not an isolated incident nor does it occur in a vacuum, nor is it trivial

SCATS said...

To 10:31AM ~~ Yes, people make mistakes. If Baxter said it, that's fine. I suspect that it was something the reporter misunderstood though, likely due to a lack of vocabulary building in school. The editorial blunders I'm seeing in the mainstream media is becoming staggering in volume. TV subtitles on news stories are taking on the appearance of teen texting messages. Soon, we may not be able to communicate in an intelligent way in a written form.

I agree about the issue of needing to reassure people. It sounds very familiar ... in fact, it's the SAME MESSAGE used when Rahn was in charge ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS wrote: "The editorial blunders I'm seeing in the mainstream media is (sic) becoming staggering in volume."

See? We ALL make "misteaks." (Even SCATS!)

SCATS said...

To 12:09PM ~~ I've never said I don't make mistakes. When I do, I try to correct them ASAP.

By the way, just an FYI ... I have NO spellcheck available in my comment field on my screen. In fact, until recently, I had none on the screen where I compose the BLOGS. I also have no proof-reader/editor, so I think I've done a pretty bang-up job for the most part ... typos excepted ... darned claws slip off the keys sometimes!

SCATS said...

UPDATE I've discovered that the Greece Post has changed their most recently updated/posted version of this story to now read "microcosm" without making mention of why they changed Baxter's quote. It leaves me wondering if they decided to ask Baxter what he said, or if they are just blaming the reporter for a little faux pas that gets to disappear from their online news without explanation. Interesting that they accepted NO responsibility while making it appear the reporter erred!

Bimboe said...

A "microcasm" is what you get with only a little "fourplay".

SCATS said...

To 9:03AM ~~ You sound very experienced with that!!! Who are the other three?